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                              Calendar of Events
Sept. 19 LHS Homecoming, for 9th graders who will attend LHS                      6:30 Haskell Stadium

Oct. 3 FSHS Homecoming for 9th graders who will attend FSHS                        6:30 Haskell Stadium

Nov. 12 9th grade All City Honor Band Rehearsal                                           2-3:30 Central

Nov. 19 9th grade All City Honor Band Rehearsal                                          9-11:30 Central

Nov. 22 9th grade All City Honor Band Rehearsal                                      10:30-noon Central

Nov. 23 9th grade All City Honor Band Performance                                      2:00 p.m. Central

Dec. 10 Winter Concert 7th, 8th, and 9th grade bands                                     6:00p.m. LHS

Jan. 23-24 John Philip Sousa Kansas Honors Band - selected students               Lied Center of Kansas

Jan. 28 Solo/Ensemble Festival at SW all grades                                                    TBA

Feb. 6 Oustanding Ensemble or Solo performs at Honor Roll Reception                            7:00 p.m.

March 5 Asia Night 7th grade band                                                           7:00 SWJH

Mar.6 Lawrence Band Festival 9th grade                                          10:00 Central Jr. High

Apr. 10 Band Tour 9th grade                                                                         TBA

Apr. 18 Worlds of Fun 9th grade                                           8:00a.m.-5 p.m. Kansas City

Apr.27 7th grade Band Concert                                                         7:00p.m. SW gym

May 13 8th/9th grade Band Concert                                                  7:00 SW Auditorium

Attendance at Bold events = 100 points. Students may be required to arrive 30 minutes prior to the
performance. Please schedule orthodontic visits after major concerts, as this will help students perform
to the best of their ability.
                       Southwest Jr. High School Band

This handbook has been written for the Southwest Junior High School Band students and their parents

with the hope of giving information regarding the various phases and activities of the music department

and contains the policies and regulations of the department. All members and parents are urged to read

the entire handbook carefully to avoid conflict with the policies and rules stated herein.

The music program is intended to be conducted in a manner that will encourage all students to achieve

these goals:

   1. Make a real effort to learn and improve daily.

   2. Cooperate with fellow band members and share with them the responsibilities and privileges that

       are a part of the music program.

   3. Follow all classroom rules, school regulations, and travel instructions.

   4. Demonstrate respect for those in authority.

   5. Read and play music with insight and expression.
                   Southwest Jr. High School Band

                                       Practice Tips
1. Set aside a particular time of day to practice.

2. Have a designated area where you practice, such as your room, basement, garage, etc.

3. Use a metronome if at all possible.

4. Quality is always more important than quantity. The most important aspect of private practice is

   being able to accomplish a certain goal.

5. Make sure to rinse mouth with water before playing.

6. Organize a definite warm-up procedure. Use scales, arpeggios, lip slurs (brass), rudiments


7. Study the music and decide what measures you cannot play, and then work out small segments.

   Practice what you cannot play.

8. If possible, take private lessons with a qualified instructor. Private lessons are not required

   but strongly encouraged. Some students need advanced study, while others need individual

   help with the basic fundamentals. Everyone benefits from private lessons. I have a list of

   teachers if you are interested.
                   Southwest Jr. High School Band

1. Instruments are needed for every rehearsal.

2. All instruments are expected to be clean and in Excellent repair with all accessories (oil, swab,

   reeds, etc.)

3. All school owned instruments require a $50.00 rental fee for the school year. If a student uses

   more than one school instrument, the fee remains the same. Percussionists are also required to

   pay the $50.00 fee.

4. Label your instrument case with name, address, and phone. Parents: please keep a record of

   you son/daughter’s instrument and serial number at home. If and instrument is lost or stolen,

   the police must have this information.

5. Students may use a combination lock for their band locker (not provided.)

6. If you are physically unable to play, please bring a note from your doctor, parent or school nurse.

   If you are at school, plan to sit with your instrument and finger the part.

7. Chewing gum and candy damage instruments and are not allowed! Always wash out you mouth

   with water before playing your horn.
                   Southwest Jr. High School Band


1. All students will receive a folder with music. Students will be responsible for lost sheet music

   ($6.00 per page.)

2. Keep a pencil with eraser in the folder. NEVER use a pen on music.

   7th Grade Band: Essential Elements 2000 Book 2 and Warm Up’s and Beyond
   8th Grade Band: Standard of Excellence – Book 3 and Artistry of Fundamentals
   9th Grade Band: Exercises for Ensemble Drill, Raymond Fussell

                                       Concert Dress
It is important that the students look their absolute best when representing the Southwest Band.
Please follow these guidelines:
     Boys: dress slacks, dress shirt with tie and dress shoes.
     Girls: Nice dress, or skirt and blouse, and dress shoes.

   *Freshmen Girls: long black skirt, Black dress shoes and white blouse.
   *Freshmen Boys: Black slacks, dress shoes, white dress shirt and school necktie. Boys will vote
         on a matching tie and they are available at JC PENNY.

Absolutely NO jeans, mini skirts, flip flops, or tennis shoes. Parents: please help your child arrive
in the proper attire. When in doubt, overdress. Remember you are representing your band and
                      Southwest Jr. High School Band

Your grades will be based on the following:

   1. Daily Preparation and Class Participation (50 pts. Per nine weeks.)

   2. Playing or written tests (100 pts. Per nine weeks) to be given approximately every 3 weeks.

       Some playing tests are due on cassette tape.

   3. Semester concert (100 points each.)

   Points will be deducted from the Preparation grade per infraction for the following:

   1. Forgetting music

   2. Forgetting instrument

   3. Forgetting pencil, or spit rag

   4. Talking in class

   5. Improper behavior

   6. Chewing gum or candy in class

   7. Improper storage of equipment, including music

   8. Not returning the permission slip found in this handbook

Grades for playing and written tests will be 2.5 points deducted for each mistake made.

                      Each semester, you will have at least 300 points possible.

                                          Extra Credit
You may attend any concert, write a one paragraph summary and receive up to 5 points. Extra credit
points will be added to your lowest test score.
I have read the handbook and will abide by the rules stated herein.

Printed Student Name

Student Signature

Parent Signature

    Please sign and return this form by Monday Aug. 25.

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