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									                                                   Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
             2009-2010 Officers and Board                                          October 2009
    Pat Ford           341-7920                                   From the President
                              My gracious, 2009 is going so quickly and we
Vice President                                    are into a new membership year for the WNC.
    MJ Johnson         679-4115                   September was a great meeting with the largest
                   attendance we have had for a general meeting in several
2nd Vice President                                months. Howie Franklin, retired Chief Steward for Air
    Gloria Richardson 256-0964                    Force One, gave a very entertaining talk about his
Secretary                                         experiences in that capacity serving under five
    June Wilson        799-4253                   Presidents. What an incredible career he has had!
                 Thanks to Fay and Elaine, our program chairs, for
Treasurer                                         arranging another enjoyable presentation.
    Pat Overholser     256-5646                            Other significant business included approval of
                          the budget for the 2009-2010 club year and distribution
Membership                                        of the reservation form with luncheon options for our
    Patty Bianchi      399-6118                   Holiday luncheon. Please remember to get your check
                 for $27 and reservation form (located on the last page of
Hospitality                                       this document) in so Gloria and her committee can make
    Lee Ann Weinberg 338-6111                     final arrangements with the resort.
                                Last but not least I reviewed high lights of the
Newsletter and Website                            By-Laws Amendment members will vote on at the
    Joanne Cavan       686-8660                   October meeting. Two of the amended sections
                        address membership and four align the by-laws and
Publicity                                         practices that have evolved over the past two or three
    Sandy Maners       632-8315                   years. IMPORTANT: PLEASE SEND YOUR
Programs                                          YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO CONTINUE AS AN ACTIVE
    Elaine Gomperts    319-7090                   MEMBER. The check and form can be mailed to the
                  treasurer, Pat Overholser. Active members will vote on
    Fay Seaman         686-4039                   the amendment and can participate in the satellite
                        groups. You will receive an advance notice of the
Inspiration                                       amendments toward the end of the month. Check your
    Pat McCartan       620-2219                   email.
                     Welcome again to our 11 new members in
Raffle                                            September. Let's all be active in the satellite groups and
    Carol Evans        458-2033                   enjoy this outstanding fall weather in our wonderful
                         community. Enjoy!
    Sally Barenbaum 319-7151                                                                 Pat Ford
50/50                                                               General Meeting
    Maria Kazmarski    383-9719
                                            October 8, 2009
    Wendy Hall         319-7330                   9:30am                                   10:00am
                         Social Time                              Meeting
    Carole Perkins     399-5224                                       Scottish Rite Hall
                                          1415 S. 17th St.
Welcome Coffees
    Sharon Minor       686-0794                   Program: "Watch those Birds in your Yard"
                Time for birdwatching is here and Jill has the knowledge
    Rita Bolick        791-1032                   of local birds, what they eat, how to attract them and
                    how to house them. Come for an interesting
    Vicki Depta        686-4039                   presentation by Jill Peleuses of Wild Bird and Garden.
Meeting Refreshments                              Following the General Membership Meeting, starting at
    Barbara Bell       253-6229                   noon, a group luncheon will be held at Brasserie du
                                                  Soleil at 1908 Eastwood Road in Lumina Station across
    Tynesia Bell       253-6229
                                                  the way from Landfall's main gate. A favorite of many
                                                             Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
Wilmingtonians, Brasserie has an informal yet luxe cafe
atmosphere presenting crepes, sandwiches, burgers and
salads with a French flair ... and don't miss the           BOOK CLUB
exceptional pommes frites (French fries) and mini           Mary Jo Barbaretta 610-933-1225
desserts served in jigger glasses. Check out their         
website A sign-up sheet will              The Book Club meets at members' homes on
be available at the meeting                                 the 4th Thursday of each month. Members alternate
                                                            making recommendations for the book selection and
                                                            leading a discussion of same. The meeting hostess may
                     Volunteers                             elect to have a "bring a dish" lunch as part of the
                                                            meeting or, more simply, a mid-morning coffee --
Thanks to all the ladies who volunteered their time as      hostess choice.
greeters and those who graciously provided                           We will read The Help by Kathryn Stockett. The
refreshments for our monthly meetings.                      meeting is at 11:00 am Sept. 24 At Lynn Levin's home.
        Greeters for October: Patti Archibaud, Faye         Please call 399-7267 to RSVP and for directions
Basore, Peg Silk and Jill Wessely.
                                                            BUSINESS NETWORKING
Reminder: Newcomer Member dues $35 will                     Jane Broughton 367-0842
be due Sept. 1, 2009 for the coming year for               
all members regardless of when you joined.                           Meetings for this group are on the 3rd Thursday
                                                            of the month and may be held at different locations. We
You must be a paid up member to                             will be making plans for the upcoming year, so please
participate in Satellite Groups. The last                   come and share your ideas with us. Welcome to all who
page of this newsletter has the form for you                are interested! If you have questions call Jane.
to fill and where to send your dues.
                                                            CHIX FLIX
                                                            Margaret O'Neil 681-3746
Satellite Groups                                            Jill Wessley
                                                                    The Chix Flix group, a first Wednesday of the
                                                            month event, is for women who would like to enjoy a
                                                            nice lunch out and a movie that will interest women. We
M.J. Johnson 679-4115
                                                            send out e-mails that let you know the restaurant and
Vicki Debaets 201-787-7487
                                                            movie of the month. Join us for a lovely afternoon.
          On the third Monday of each month, enjoy a
dinner that doesn't break your budget. In choosing the
                                                            DAYTIME “Novice” BRIDGE
restaurant, there will be at least one entree (preferably
                                                            Debbie Socha 256-1120
more) priced, with a non-alcoholic beverage, for under
                                                                     If you know the basics of bidding and playing
$20. Singles and couples are welcome. Cocktails start at
                                                            and consider yourself an “advanced” Beginner or a
6:00pm with dinner following around 6:30pm.
                                                            “rusty” Intermediate, then we’re the group for you! Join
          September's restaurant choice is the Tuscan-
                                                            us for social bridge.
inspired Toscana Cafe featuring a wonderful selection of
                                                                     We meet monthly on the 3rd or 4th Tuesday
pastas and Italian entrees served in an intimate setting.
                                                            from 1-4 pm. We are looking for regulars and subs.
A large wine and beer selection as well as specialty
cocktails will compliment the cuisine. Join us on Monday,
                                                            DAY TRIPPERS
September 21, at Toscana Cafe located at Fulton
                                                            Carol Evans 458-2033
Station, 3715 Patriot Way. Their website is
                                                            MJ Johnson 679-4115 Please contact Vicki Debaets at
                                                                     Want to learn more about what the Wilmington or by phone at 201-787-7487 if you'd
                                                            area has to offer? Join us as we visit various tourist
like to attend.
                                                            attractions, historical sites, and museums, enjoy eco-
          Save the date - October 19 - Big Thai
                                                            tours, and explore fun locations.
Restaurant at 1001 N. 4th St., a hidden gem nestled in
                                                                     September 30, Wednesday we will have a tour
the Brooklyn Arts district in downtown Wilmington, 910-
                                                            of Poplar Grove Plantation from 10:30am to 12:00pm. It
763-3035. Among some of the dishes you will enjoy are
                                                            will be a guided tour of the historic Manor House
pad thai (of course), chicken noodle bowl, duck curry,
                                                            followed by a self-guided tour of the plantation grounds
various vegetarian entrees, a delicious array of soups
                                                            and the Farmers' Market. $8, 9, or 10 per person.
and plenty of wonderful apetizers. We will be treated to
                                                                     Save the date - Wednesday, October 28, from
a wonderful dessert, compliments of the owners Sara
                                                            10:30am-12:00pm. Tour of the Battleship North Carolina.
Treerat and chef "Big" Choti. Please contact MJ Johnson
                                                            $10.00 per person.
at or by phone at 910-679-
                                                                     Contact MJ Johnson at 910-679-4115 or
4115 if you'd like to attend.

                                                               Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter to make reservations or if you          Schramm will host the event at 17 East Atlanta on
have questions about either of these events.                  Wrightsville Beach. Their phone number is 319-3169.
Satellite Groups - Continued                                  BECAUSE OF LIMITED PARKING, PLEASE

Elaine Gomperts 319-7090               GENEALOGY
Nancy Porter 350-6951                      Nancy Hoyt 399-7226
         Ever want to eat at Ruth Chris' steak house but              Saturday, September 19 the OLD NEW
didn't want to spend $50 on a meal? Well, we can get a        HANOVER GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY will meet at the
$50 dinner for $35 with gift cards. The date is Wed. Oct.     Library on Military Cutoff Road. The computer interest
28th at 6 p.m. Email me and I will tell you how... PrePay     group gets together at 1:30 and the regular program
is a must for this one.                                       begins at 2:00. PROGRAM: Nicholas Graham of the
         So join us, couples and singles for a fun night at   UNC-CH Library will speak. He is project Manager of
a beautiful spot overlooking the Cape Fear River at the       the NC Maps Project hosted at the Carolina Digital
Hilton Inn.                                                   Library and Archives. Some of you may want to join this

Peg Silk 399-7159
        We meet the 4 Friday of each month as a               INTERMEDIATE BRIDGE
group for friendship and fun with a different activity        MJ Johnson 679-4115
planned each month. New members are welcome.                           At this time we are taking names of bridge
                                                              players who would be interested in forming a new bridge
                                                              group which would meet at member’s homes. We would
                                                              decide which day would be preferred…either the 1
GARDEN CLUB                                                   Monday or the 1 Thursday of the month from 12:30pm-
Carole Perkins 366-5224                    4:00pm. Email or phone MJ Johnson if you are
April Tellegen 686-9062                   interested.
         The WNC Garden Group meets on the last
Thursday of every month. The Group meets in the               INTERMEDIATE COUPLES BRIDGE
Auditorium of the New Hanover County Arboretum, 6206          Elaine Gomperts 319-7090
Oleander - corner of Greenville Loop Road and                         Join other bridge fans for an evening of bridge
Oleander.                                                     once a month from 7:30-10:30 p.m. We are also looking
         On September 24 John Wooldridge, an                  for substitutes. Call Elaine Gomperts at 319-7090 or
extension agent from the Arboretum, will fill in for Ken      email.
Wells, who will be out of town on a family matter. His
expertise is pests in the garden and will tell you how to     INTERMEDIATE TENNIS
prepare your garden for the winter to keep the pest           MJ Johnson 679-4115
cultures at bay. He will also tell you how to prepare your            This group is for 3.0 and 3.5 tennis players who
garden for the winter.                                        are looking to improve their game and have fun on the
                                                              courts. Hopefully we can always get at least
THE GATHERING                                                 a foursome.
Joanne Cavan 686-8660
Cheryll Schramm 319-3169
        The Gathering meets on Sunday evening 5 – 7           SUPPER CLUB AT HOME
p.m. and it welcomes both singles and couples. PLEASE         Elaine Gomperts 319-7090
CALL THE HOSTESS FOR RESERVATIONS. DO NOT                     Nancy Hoyt 399-7226
CALL THE COORDINATORS. Remember to bring an                             Sat. Oct. 31st at 6 p.m. dinner will be served at
appetizer to share, your choice of beverage, plus $1.00       the home of Ruth Ann and Louis Morrell. The hostess
per person to cover the cost of paper goods that the          will let you know what to bring. Please contact Elaine for
hostess provides.                                             reservations.
        The September Gathering will be hosted by April                 We meet once a month or every other month for
and Walt Tellegen. The date is September 27th, from 5         a dinner at a different home or homes depending on
to 7 and their address is 8504 Galloway National,             numbers.
Wilmington, 28411. (Porters Neck). Their phone number
is 910-686-9062.
        The October Gathering will be on October 18
from 5 to 7 at a beach house. Cheryll and Larry

                                                               Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
                                                     from New York City
Have You Moved, Changed Name or Phone                         Frye, Jo Anna & John                   28405
Number                                               from Fairfield , Ct
It is important that you keep us updated whenever you
move, change your phone number, or change your                Lathan, Anita & Jerry              28405
e-mail address. Please contact Patty Bianchi 399-6118 from Wrightsville Beach with any changes.
                                                              McCullough, Nancy & Tom Hicks   28401
Thanks to the Raffle Prize Contributors              from Bethesda,
This month raffle prizes and winners were:                    MD
Crabby Chic- Guest Towels Gloria Richardson
Indochine- $25 Gift Certificate Karyn Taub                    McKeever, Sheen & Brian          28411
Corporate Skirts- $25 Gift Certificate Karyn Taub    from Fort Worth ,TX
Cape Fear Jewelry & Antiques- $50 Off Custom
        Designed Jewelry Karen Atkins                         Perisastry, Bhanu                      28411
Thalian Hall- 2 tickets for a Rainbow Room Series    from Dover, PA
        Performanace Fay Basore
Wrightsville Scenic Tours- 2 Passes for Sunset Harbor         Sherwood, Natalie              28403
        Cruise Pat Ford                              from Magnolia Arkansas

50/50 winner of $48 was Mary Jo Wrenn                         Sloan, Oletha & D.Harold Greene  20405
                                                     from Upper Marlboro,
The Plant Place, 6114 Market Street (791-9594)                Maryland
provides the plant for the New Member Drawing.
                                                              Dee, Ann Marie                      28443
                                                              none from Franklin Park, New Jersey
Welcome New Members – Coffee & Social
Sharon Minor 686-0794                Inspiration for the Month – Pat McCartan
Rita Bolick      791-1032
Vicki Depta      686-4039                  The ship of my life may or may not be sailing on calm
         All new members and any existing members             and amiable seas. The challenging days of my
who would like to join them are invited to attend the next    existence may or may not be bright and promising.
New Members Coffee & Social (reservations required.)          Stormy or sunny days, glorious or lonely nights, I
This is an excellent opportunity to meet some of the          maintain an attitude of gratitude. If I insist on being
newcomers and find out their interests.                       pessimistic, there is always tomorrow. Today I am
         The next new member welcome coffee is                blessed.
scheduled for Thursday, September 17 from 10am until                           Maya Angelou
noon at the home of Rita Bolick. New members will
receive an invitation with all the details. Hope to see you   2010 Attractions, Dining and Value Guide
                                                              These books will be available again at the General
                                                              Meetings for $25. Be sure to pick up this great coupon
Sharing and Caring                                            book at the next meeting. The club receives $10 for
If you know of any member who is ill or has lost a loved      each book sold.
one, please contact Pat McCartan at 620-2219 or e-mail
her at Births and               Remember to wear your nametag, You may
weddings will be announced at the meetings. Please            leave it with the membership chairman
send these items to Pat by e-mail or call her.
                                                              to keep it for you or there will be a 50 cent
                                                              charge for replacements.
New Members this month
Capen, Jane & Chuck          28409 from Medford,New Jersey                    November Newsletter Deadline
Clervi, Nancy & Phillip         28451                         Deadline for information for the November Newsletter from Woodland Hills, California         will be October 10. Please submit your information as
                                                              soon as possible to Joanne Cavan
Taub, Karyn & David                    28411
                                                                         Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter

                           Wilmington Newcomers Club 2009-2010
                                Membership Renewal Form
Renewal membership dues for the 2009-2010 year in Newcomers are due by September 1st. Remember, you must be a paid member
to join a satellite group. (Please Print)

Name: _________________________________________________________________
Spouse Name: ___________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________________________________
Renewals are $35.00; please make your check payable to WILMINGTON NEWCOMERS CLUB.
Send this form along with your check to the Treasurer:

Pat Overholser
1445 S. Moorings Dr.
Wilmington NC 28405

Submitting this application gives the Newcomers Club permission to include your information and pictures in the Directory, Newsletter
and Website. This will be used for Club purposes only.

                                                             Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
Member Name_________________________________________________

Wilmington Newcomers Holiday Luncheon
Thursday, December 10, 2009 at noon
Holiday Inn Resort
Wrightsville Beach

Check Your Entrée Selection

_____ ROAST PORK LOIN with Dijon Mustard Glaze, Seasonal Vegetables & Roasted Potatoes
_____ POLYNESIAN MAHI-MAHI… Grilled, topped with Pineapple Salsa, served over Sticky Rice with
Seasonal Vegetables
_____ WHOLE WHEAT PENNE PRIMAVERA…Fresh Garden Vegetables in light Parmesan Cream or
Olive Oil & Roasted Garlic
_____ CHICKEN PICATTA…Sauteed in lemon & wine sauce, garnished with capers. Served over pasta with
Seasonal Vegetables

Garden Salad, rolls and butter, coffee, tea and water and Chef’s Choice Dessert served with all entrees.

       INFORMAL FASHION SHOW presented by………


                                     Please return this form by November 30, 2009
                                     with your entrée selection & your check for
                                     $27.00 per person payable to
                                     Wilmington Newcomers Club to:

                                            Pat Overholser
                                            1445 S. Moorings Drive
                                            Wilmington, NC 28405

Your check guarantees your reservation

Call Gloria Richardson with questions at 910-256-0964


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