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					                                                                                                    March 19
                                                                                                    April 16
                                                                                                    May 21 (7:30-11:00)
                                             Willamette Curriculum Coalition (WCC)
                                            Oregon Room, 8:00-11:00 except for May

                                           LEADERSHIP TEAM, 08-09 (as of 12-12-08)

    Districts     Voting Representatives               Position                  Phone            E-Mail Address, if available

Marion County

1. Cascade        Dawn Moorefield           Director of Curriculum           503-             dmoorefield@cascade.k12.or.us
2. Gervais        Linda Warberg             Special Services and Federal     503-             linda_warberg@gervais.k12.or.us
                                            Programs Director                792-3803 x230
3. Jefferson      Jerry McVay               Director of Special Programs     541-             gerald_mcvay@jefferson.k12.or.us
                                                                             327-3337 x100
4. Mt. Angel      Jennifer Christian        Principal, St. Mary’s            503-             christian_jennifer@mtangel.k12.or.us
                                            Elementary                       845-2547
5. North Marion   Colleen Vancil            Director of Curriculum and       503-             colleen.vancil@nmarion.k12.or.us
                  (Chair)                   Instruction                      678-7106
                  Kathy Spagle              Literacy Coach                   503-             kathy.spagle@nmarion.k12.or.us
6. St. Paul       ▪Debbie Eder or           ▪Principal, St. Paul   High      503-             ▪deder@stpaul.k12.or.us
                  ▪Bruce Shull              ▪Superintendent                  633-2541         ▪bshull@stpaul.k12.or.us
7. Silver Falls   Linda Myers               Curriculum Director              503-             myers_linda@silverfalls.k12.or.us
                  Dandy Parsons             Assistant Principal              503-             parsons_dandy@silverfalls.k12.or.us
                                            Silverton High-Schlador Street   873-6331
                  Christy Sander            Literacy Coach                   503-             sander_christy@silverfalls.k12.or.us
                  (non-voting member)                                        829-6803 x 342
9. Woodburn       Larry Conley              TOSA                             503-             lconley@woodburn.k12.or.us
                                                                             x 4291
   Polk County
1. Dallas            Cory Bradshaw      Curriculum Director           503/       cory.bradshaw@dallas.k12.or.us
                     Todd Baughman      Principal, Lyle Elementary    503/       todd.baughman@dallas.k12.or.us
2. Falls City        Aaron Hale         Principal, Falls City         503/       hale_aaron@fallscity.k12.or.us
                                        Elementary                    787-3531
3. Perrydale         Robin Stoutt       Superintendent                503/       rstoutt@perrydale.k12.or.us
                     Brooke Spencer     Teacher                       503/       bspencer@perrydale.k12.or.us
Yamhill County
1. Amity             Nanci Sheeran      Principal, Amity Elementary   503/       nanci.sheeran@amity.k12.or.us
                     (Vice-chair)                                     835-3751
2. Dayton            Laurel Woodworth   Principal, Dayton Grade       503/       laurel.woodworth@dayton.k12.or.us
                                        School                        864-2217
3. Yamhill-Carlton   Sue Carter         School Improvement Director   503/       carters@ycsd.k12.or.us

Other Schools
Oregon School for    Jacki Wolf         Curriculum, Library, Media    503/       jacki.wolf@osd.k12.or.us
the Deaf                                                              378-8481
Willamette ESD,      Bill Conlon        Principal, Farrell High,      503/       bill.conlon@wesd.org
Youth Corrections                       Hillcrest                     986-0440
                     Scott Harris       Principal, Lord High,         503/       scott.harris@wesd.org
                                        MacLaren                      981-2500
Santiam Canyon       Kim Maurer         Curriculum Coordinator        503/       kim.maurer@santiam.k12.or.us
Non-voting                                                            897-2321

Associate Members (non-voting) representing other departments at the Willamette ESD

503/385-(see extensions below)

   Robin DeLoach, Program Leader and Chief Data Analyst Center for School Improvement, 503-540-4467
   Rick Hanson, Director of Instructional Services, x4725, rick.hanson@wesd.org
   Susie Lee, Manager, Professional Development Services, x4781, susie.lee@wesd.org
   Ann O’Connell, Director, Special Programs, 4487
   Corin Richards, Educational Technologist, x4604

ODE Representative: Andi Morgan, Social Science Curriculum, TAG, Advanced Placement Incentive Program and Test Fee Program,
                    503/947-5772, andrea.morgan@state.or.us

Staff: Willamette ESD, Department of Curriculum, Assessment, and Research     503-385-(see extensions below)
   Glen Fielding, Director, x 4612, glen.fielding@wesd.org
   Carol Larson, School Improvement Specialist and Administrator for OSIF Program, x 4728, carol.larson@wesd.org
   Aimee Gleason, Senior Clerical Specialist 503-385-4580, aimee.gleason@wesd.org
   Trista Girt, fiscal information (half time) x4770, trista.girt@wesd.org