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									                         Michigan Library Association
                         Library Technology Division
                              January 12, 2007
                            10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Location: Schuler’s Books and Music, 2820 Towne Centre Boulevard, Lansing, MI 48912

   1. Arrivals
         Juliane called the meeting to order at 10:35pm
         Attended:
              o Sheryl Cormicle Knox, Juliane Morian, Sara Memmott, Judy
                O'Dell, Tom Volkening, Jackie Wrosch,
         Unable to attend:
              o Ben Sebrowski,
         Online elections and annual conference added to the New
           Business section of the agenda.

   2. Old Business
         Motion to approve minutes from December 8, 2006
           (Sheryl/Tom) Approved.
              o Sara will send copies to Jackie, Leah Black, Gretchen
                Couraud, Polly Ross, and Josie Parker.
         Jackie will post approved minutes to Web site.

   3. Communications
         Email from Gretchen Couraud re: Possible MLA speakers. We
            feel like we are set for speakers for this spring workshop,
            these might be good speaker ideas for Annual Conference.
         How is Board Liaison working? Juliane will contact Gretchen and
            let her know that we would like to be getting more
            information about what the Board is doing, both in order in
            order to do our job better and so we can provide timely
            feedback. Useful steps might be:
                o Copies of or links to approved minutes, though by the
                   time they are approved the news is old.
                o Receive copies of or links to agendas of upcoming
                o Summary of information from Board meetings sent out
                   soon after meetings

   4. New Business
         Techno Tour ideas:
               o Adaptive technology lab at one of the Oakland libraries
                  (or UM-AA)
                      Juliane will check on her contact info in Oakland.
                        Jackie may know someone who could help, also.
               o Merit’s new video conferencing facility – could be a
                   virtual techno tour, or at their new building in Ann
                        Sheryl will contact Merit and see if it's possible,
                         and dates that would work for them.
        Timing – Merit in mid April, (check MLA calendar) then possibly
            lab in summer.
        Online elections
               o The Clinton-Macomb library has agreed to support this
                   for one more year, for LTD and the Board elections, in
                   order to prevent MLA from taking a step backward.
               o Gretchen says MLA is looking into hosted solution for
                   association management, hopefully to include online
                   voting, and to be in place for the 2008 elections.
        Annual Conference
               o The conference committee wants strong programs, and
                   possibly a more a formal tech track.
               o For our next meeting: each of use should come
                   prepared with 2-3 ideas that we think would be useful
                   to our own colleagues.
               o Look for program ideas that would include more
                   advanced topics and appeal to more than just the
                   beginners. This could include pre-conferences.

5. Committee Reports
      TechEscape 5.0: The Naked Patron. Mining Data to Uncover
     User Trends.
       o Update on speakers
                Sheryl spoke to Mary Madden. She sounds very
                 dynamic and has spoken to library community before.
                 Speaker contract has been sent to MLA. Sheryl will
                 confirm the length of her talk
                Juliane has the speaker contract for Brian Hilligoss; he
                 is confirmed for the morning. Offered an honorarium of
                 $250 and mileage. He is open to input about what we
                 want him to deliver.
                Counting Opinions – confirmed, $500 sponsorship, form
                 is in.
                Blue Granite and Portage District Library – confirmed,
                 $500 sponsorhip.
                Civic Technologies – March 16 is now good, Juliane will
                 let him know we want him to speak
       o We are waiting for pricing information from the MLA office.
           Juliane or Ben will send a save-the-date email by next Friday.

o Update on venue – everything is set, haven’t yet gotten
  confirmation from MLA that they have signed off on
  everything. Sheryl will make sure it gets taken care of.
o LCC proposal – have dividable room with 2 screen and
  projectors etc. $350, wireless mikes. 8am-4:30pm. Per
  person food cost will be under $20. Room includes lectern,
  can also have table at front – room arrangement is up to us.
  2 tables in registration area for registration and handouts.
o Juliane will check that Blue Granite has let Portage District
  Library know they will be used as the case study.
o Timeline leading up to workshop – Juliane will update
  spreadsheet and distribute:
       Next week: Sheryl & Sara will work on workshop
         description blurb for MLA website, emails, Peer/2/Peer,
       Jan 19th: Save the date email
       Juliane is waiting for Blue Granite contract. She will fax
         all contracts to MLA at the same time.
       Feb 12th: Registration should start, send "official" email
       March 6th: LCC needs room set-up information and
         food count. That is earlier than last year; Sheryl will
         check if final food count can be given later.
       CEUs – Juliane will check if our revisions were ok and
         how many CEUs were approved.
       Speaker handouts – Juliane and Sheryl will ask if they
         will be bringing handouts. If not, we could probably
         make copies of short handouts. Should plan on 75.
o Tasks
       Tom - MLA office contact:
              Pick up packets day before workshop.
              Ask MLA what they will put in the packets – do we
                need to provide evaluation forms separately?
              Arrive early and set up registration
       Judy – vendor greeter
       Sara – Registration, coordinate evaluation collection
         and CEU distribution at end of day
       Juliane – MC: welcome, speaker intros, wrap-up
       Krista – Door prize (ask?)
       Sheryl – Mike runner/clock watcher/facilitator
o Agenda for the day – Juliane will update spreadsheet and
       8am: we arrive
       8:30-9: registration
       9: Welcome, intro Mary Madden
       9:05–10: Mary Madden

                    10-10:30: Questions (we should have questions
                  10:30-10:45 Break
                  10:45-11:45: Brian Hillgloss (Juliane – intro)
                  11:45-12: Questions
                  12-1: lunch
                  1-2: Counting Opinions (including questions)
                  2-3: Civic Technologies (including questions)
                  3-3:15: Break
                  3:15-4:15 Blue Granite (including questions)
           o Publicity – see timeline
          Peer/2/Peer Newsletter (February Issue)
           o Early Feb Publication date
           o By middle of next week, Jackie needs:
                  Juliane's 3 annual conference program summaries to
                  Sara's program summary (student program) and info
                     from member who had volunteered to do another.
                  Sheryl: TechnoTour write up.
          Tech Watch
              o Jeff Zachwieja writing on Wikis for the January/February
              o Judi Rudisill writing on OaklandCountyHistory.org for
              March/April issue.
              o John Potter writing on institutional repositories and
              document conversion May/June 2007 issue.
              o Future topic idea (Judy) – political difficulties of
              establishing an institutional repository. Jackie might know
              someone at EMU who could write about this.

  6. Next Meeting Date: February 9th, 10:30am, same location
     Conference call February 23 if needed.

Sara Memmott 01/13/07


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