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									                                  LINCOLN LETTER
                             Newsletter of the Ventura County Lincoln Club
                                     Volume 3, No. 1, June 1, 2001

Save the date! “August 26th”                                 Assemblyman Keith Richman
                                                             Addresses April Meeting
Lincoln Club Meeting & BBQ
                                                                 The Honorable Dr. Keith Richman, newly elected
    The Ventura County Lincoln Club will hold its            Assemblyman for the 38th Assembly District
annual General Membership Meeting and election of            representing Simi Valley, Fillmore, Piru and the West
members of the Board of Directors on August 26, 2001         San Fernando Valley, was the guest of honor at the April
at the beachfront home of Paul and Carolyn Leavens.          meeting of the Ventura County Lincoln Club.
    The Lincoln Club will be celebrating its first               Richman thanked the Ventura County Lincoln Club
anniversary since reforming and restarting in August,        for its support for his campaign and for supporting other
2000 and will be reaching for Membership Chairman,           Mainstream Republicans. He pointed out that his
Paul Leaven’s, goal of 100 members in 2001.                  margin in Ventura County enabled him to win the 38th
Invitations and directions as well as a program will be      Assembly seat and that he was most appreciative of the
forthcoming. Save the date!                                  support of the Lincoln Club.
                                                                 Richman talked at length about the background and
Lincoln Club Supports Mainstream                             current problems in the electrical energy crisis in
Republicans in 2000 election                                 California. He was appointed to the joint Assembly and
                                                             Senate Committee on energy and admitted that he was
    Although the Ventura County Lincoln Club was only        on a rapid learning curve on the states electrical system.
reorganized and restarted in September, 2000, it made        In the final analysis, he said that the original
some sizeable contributions to Republicans running for       deregulation law was flawed but that Governor Davis
both partisan and non-partisan offices.                      and the PUC had dozens of opportunities to fix it, but
    In the very first meeting, the club committed $1000      failed to do so, for which we are all paying dearly.
each to County Supervisor Candidates, Jim Monahan
and Mike Morgan. In the general election, a total of         Ventura County Central                      Committee
$3000 in contributions were authorized for Dr. Keith
Richman and Robin Sullivan, with Dr. Richman
                                                             Honors Frank McDonald
ultimately winning his Assembly seat by virtue of the            Long time Ventura County Republican volunteer
strong showing he made in Ventura County.                    and contributor, Frank McDonald of Thousand Oaks,
                                                             was inducted into the Ventura County Republican Hall
Holiday Party Supports “Casa Pacifica”.                      of Fame at the annual dinner of the Ventura County
                                                             Republican Party on May 31, 2001 at the Wood Ranch
    About 75 Ventura County Republicans joined the
                                                             Country Club in Simi Valley.
Lincoln Club to celebrate the holidays at the Tower Club
                                                                The Honorable Bob Lagomarsino, Congressman
in Oxnard in December, 2000. Members celebrated the
                                                             Elton Gallegly, Assemblyman Tony Strickland,
victory of President Bush in November and looked
                                                             District Attorney Mike Bradbury and a host of
forward to winning elections in California.
                                                             Republican elected officials, party members and
   Each guest brought a present for the youngsters at
                                                             volunteers turned out to honor McDonald. He worked
Casa Pacifica, the county’s facility for children from
                                                             on nearly every Republican campaign in the county from
dysfunctional families and homes.
                                                             before Ronald Reagan's campaigns for Governor in
Firestone Keynotes Lincoln Day Dinner                        1966 and President in 1980, until the present.

     The Honorable Brooks Firestone, former                  Ventura County Lincoln Club
Assemblyman and candidate for Congress, was the guest        Web Page
speaker at the Lincoln Club, Lincoln Day Dinner held in
February at the Wedgewood Banquet Center in Ventura.            The Ventura County Lincoln Club authorized the
    Firestone, at the time a candidate for Chairman of the   expense of creating its own web page at the May
California Republican Party, thrilled the guests with a      meeting of the Board of Directors. Interested parties
background of events leading up to Lincoln’s Gettysburg      will soon be able to access the web page by looking up:
address and then delivering as good a rendition of the
speech as most of the guests had ever heard.                 (Todey Lincoln-Mercury of Oxnard, Corporate Sponsor)
    Firestone then addressed the plight of the California
Republican Party which had just suffered its third,          Ventura County Republican Central
devastating defeat in a row. He pointed out that the         Committee Struggles
party had gone from near parity in partisan offices in
California in 1994 to almost two thirds Democrat in              For the first time in over 25 years, the Ventura
2000. He blamed the demise of the party on the               County Republican Party has no paid office help, no one
leadership that had worked to exclude, rather than           updating the party roster, the mailing list or other routine
include, all Republicans.                                    reports. Recent fund raising projects have broken even
    Brooks said he was running for Chairman of the CRP       or lost money. Had it not been for the generous support
to try to mainstream the party and win back the millions     of the state party in the 2000 election, the county party
of women and minorities that had left and registered as      would have long since been bankrupt.
Democrats or Decline to State. Although he lost by 84            Lincoln Club members who serve on the Central
votes, he caused the party, its members, and its             Committee are concerned and hope to help elect
contributors to rethink the direction of the CRP. (The       members in 2002 that will unite and support the party in
V.C. Lincoln Club donated $1000 to Brook's campaign.)        the future.

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