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         Information collected by
              Laura Parker
             Alderson, W. Va.

       Reorganized and expanded by
           C. Ralph Arthur, Jr.
            Radford, Virginia
                                 THE PARKER FAMILY

       1.    JOSEPH PARKER

       Joseph Parker, the ancestor of the Parkers in Monroe County, West Virginia,

came to this country from Ireland in his young manhood, probably about the l770’s. He

seems to have acquired quite a body of land from Hillsdale toward Pickaway, and in

other parts of the county; he lived and raised his large family about one-half mile west of

Hillsdale on the left of the road leading to Pickaway. There was a house under

construction on the right of the present road to Pickaway at the time of his death, and his

widow lived there. This house was afterward owned and occupied by his youngest son,

Andrew Parker, and later by his grandson, Fletcher Parker, and at this time owned by J.

Nelson Hawkins (1936).

       So far as we can learn the records are as follows: Joseph Parker, Sr., was twice

married (name of first wife not known). The children of the first marriage were:

       2a.   James Parker

       2b.   Thomas Parker

       2c.   Jane (or Jenny) Parker

His second wife was Jane Rector. The children of this marriage were:

       2d.   Jesse Parker                            Jan. 11, 1799 - Dec. 23, 1847

       2e.   Joseph Parker, II                       May 1, 1801 - Dec. 9, 1883

       2f.   Samuel Parker                           May 8, 1804 - Apr. 19, 1871
       2g.   Mary (Polly) Parker                    May 2, 1807 - Aug. 10, 1888

       2h.   David Parker                           Oct. 27, 1809 - Mar. 1871

       2i.   Rachel Parker                          Jan. 8, 1812   - Feb. 11, 1843

       2j.   William Parker                         Mar. 3, 1815 - Jul. 3, 1900

       2k.   Andrew Parker                          Aug. 27, 1817 - Sept. 1, 1865

       After the death of Joseph Parker, Jane Rector Parker married John Jones, and two

children were born to this union: Mary Jane and John Monroe. Mary Jane married Jack

Lynch and moved to Roane County, W. Va. Her brother also married and moved to

Roane County.


       James Parker married but we do not know the maiden name of his wife. They had

four children:

       3a.   William Brownlee Parker

       3b.   Joseph Alexander Parker

       3c.   James Parker

       3d.   Elizabeth (Betty) Parker

3a.   William Brownlee Parker

       William Brownlee Parker was twice married: Kennedy and Mrs. Biggs. John U.

Parker was the only child of the first marriage while two daughters were born to his

second wife. They were Celia and Haney Parker. John U. Parker married and had two
sons, one of whom died when a young man (was in World War I). His other son, Ray,

lived at Alderson, W. Va. Celia Parker married J. L. Clarkson, and they had one daughter

who married Guy Dunbar. Haney Parker married Joseph Lee Daugherty. Their children

were Delores and Vina who died in youth and Myles L. Daugherty who is married and

has two children, Raymond and Billy.

3b.   Joseph Alexander Parker

       Joseph Alexander Parker was twice married: Dolan and Lively. Three children

were born to the first marriage, two daughters and a son:

       4a.   Beniah R. Parker.

The family moved to Kansas, where his wife and two daughters died, and his own health

failed. He returned to West Virginia with his son and later married Sarah Lively to whom

six sons were born:

       4b.   Joseph Morris Parker                   Apr. 28, 1862 - Jun. 23, 1932

       4c.   William Estill Parker                  Feb. 26, 1864 - May 8, 1934

       4d.   Cornelius P. Parker                    Apr. 9, 1866 -

       4e.   John F. Parker                         Mar. 15, 1869 - Was never married

       4f.   Alexander Summers Parker               Nov. 19, 1871 - Oct. 1, 1911

       4g.   Brownlee Elliott Parker                Aug. 21, 1874 -

       4a.   Beniah R. Parker married Sarah Ann Biggs and four sons and two daughters

were born to them: Charles, Homer, N. B., G. M., and Mrs. W. E. Vance, and Mrs. J. W.

       4b.   Joseph Morris Parker was twice married: Eliza Jane Lowe and Kate Pack. A

daughter, Lake, was born to the first marriage and a son, Clarence, to the second.

       4c.   William Estill Parker married Nora C. Wiseman and twelve children were

born to them; four of whom died in infancy. The names of the living are: Grace Ethel

Parker, Susie Mabel Sheets, Harry Ray Parker, Iva Irene Hannah, Hazel Lucile Hanger,

William Harold Parker, Earl Eugene Parker, and Joseph Vernon Parker.

       4d.   Cornelius P. Parker married May E. Cochran, and seven children were born

to them: Ora Gay Parker, Flossie Lee Kessinger, Frank Neil Parker, Cassie Pearl Rogers,

Clara Ray Thompson, Anna Esther Parker, and one deceased.

       4f.   Alexander Summers Parker Married Lina Deeds and three children were

born to them: Ona who married Stark Mills and Hazel and Matilda who are single.

       4g.   Brownlee Elliott Parker married Bertie Wiseman. They have no children


3c.   James Parker

       James Parker married Elizabeth Broyles. They have five children: Brownlee,

Columbus C., William, Mollie, and Burn (Bernard ?).

3d.   Elizabeth (Betty) Parker

       Elizabeth (Betty) Parker married Reben Bostick, and they had three daughters:

Mary who married Samuel A. Chisolm, Ellen who married Floyd Dodd, and a daughter

who died in young womanhood.

       Thomas Parker married, but nothing further is known of him to the writer.


       Jane (Jennie) Parker married Thomas Irons, a Scotchman, and they lived just

north of Hillsdale church on the place afterwards owned by Edward J. Nickell. They had

four children:

       3a.   John Irons

       3b.   Elizabeth (Betsy) Irons

       3c.   Margaret (Peggy) Irons

       3d.   Elinor (Nellie) Irons

3a.   John Irons

       John Irons married Susanna Young (of James, of Robert, of James). There were

five sons and two daughters born to this union:

       4a. William Young Irons, a dentist, married Mary E. Knapp in 1872. They had

one daughter, Sue, and several sons two of which were William and Harry. Sue married

Frank Hutcheson and has two sons. Her brothers also married, but the writer does not

have the names of the children.

       4b. Benjamin Franklin Irons, a doctor, married Sarah Amanda Johnson, and

three sons and three daughters were born to them: Helen, Otey, Minnie, Frank, May, and

Fred. Helen married the Rev. Mr. J. E. Flow, and they have no children. Otey died in

young manhood. Minnie married Dr. Edwin Williams, and they have one son. Frank
married and has two daughters. May is single. Fred married a Miss Gibson and has two

sons and two daughters.

        4c.   Estaline Irons married J. J. Huffman Tracy, and they had four daughters and

two sons: Bessie, Lillian, Ada (Mrs. John Hall), Mabel (Mrs. Arthur Leach), Hubert

(single), and a son who died in young manhood.

        4d.   Sarah E. Irons married A. Y. Leach. They had three sons, and three

daughters: Osie, Minnington, Ida, Omar, Clyde, and Ela. Minnington died in young

manhood. Osie married Burdett and had no children. Ida married James Perry, and they

had three daughters. Ela married Thomas Conner and had no children. Omar and Clyde

married and have families. Omar is living in Oklahoma.

        4e.   John Calvin Irons, a dentist and a M. D., married Mary L. Suiter. They have

a family.

        4f.   Letcher Irons, a M. D., was twice married and has a family. He lives in


        4g.   Robert Young Irons married Elma Barlow, and they have children.

3b.   Elizabeth (Betsy) Irons

        Elizabeth (Betsy) Irons was twice married, first to John Nickell and then to Adam

B. Crosier. She had a daughter by the first marriage who was the first wife of James S.

Hawkins. She had three daughters and two sons by the second marriage. Demaris married

a Mr. Ritter and then a Mr. Lowe but had no children. Lizzie married Hugh Sweeney and

had a family. Isabel married Augustus Lynch, and they had a daughter, Edna. John

married and had two sons and two daughters. Thomas also married.
3c.   Sarah (? ) (Peggy) Irons

       Sarah (Peggy) Irons married David Robinson.

3d.   Elinor (Nellie) Irons

       Elinor (Nellie) Irons married a Mr. Leach, and they went west. (? Virginia

married James Young, a brother of my grandmother Parker. They had two children, Sally

Ann and Andrew. Sally Ann married John Skaggs and they moved to Bloomington, Ill.

Andrew went West and married.)

2d.   JESSE PARKER, Jan. 11, 1799 - Dec. 23, 1847

       Jesse Parker was married twice, first to Lydia Young and then to Isabel Hosey.

From his first marriage, he had two children:

       3a.   James Parker

       3b.   Nancy Parker

From his second marriage, Jesse Parker had five children:

       3c.   Matthew Parker

       3d.   Joseph Parker

       3e.   Martha J. Parker

       3f.   Thomas Burns Parker

       3g.   Jesse Newton Parker
3a.     James Parker

         James married Elizabeth Campbell, and they had three children: Floyd July 21,

1857 - Aug. 28, 1898 who died single as an epileptic, Martha (Mattie) who married S.

Rankin Nickell and had two children, Detret and Essie, and Jesse who married Anna

Steele and had a child, Carlos.

3b.     Nancy Parker

         Nancy married Joseph Charlton, and they had three children: Elizabeth Matilda

(Tillie) who died single, Mary who married Silas Hinton and had eight children, Grace,

Blanche, Arthur, Howard, Ethel, Carl, Gladys, and Lucille, and Jesse who died single


3c. Matthew Parker

         Matthew Parker was killed at Chancellorsville.

3d.     Joseph Parker

         Joseph Parker died in childhood.

3e.     Martha J. Parker

         Martha J. Parker married the Rev. Mr. William Lewis Lynch of the Methodist

Episcopal Church South: They had seven children: Lillian, Charles, Clara, Blanche,

Mabel, Edith, and Frank. Lillian married Frank Lago but had no children. Charles was

twice married but died early in life. He left one son by his second marriage, Lewis, who
lives in Africa. Clara died in her teens and Edith in childhood. Blanche was twice

married. Once to a Mr. Ruffner, she was married and once to a Mr. Carr. Her only child

died. Mabel married her brother-in-law, Frank Lago and had one still-born child. Frank

Lynch is married and has two sons. He lives in Hagerstown, Md.

3f.   Thomas Burns Parker

       Thomas Burns Parker married Mary Shafer. They had ten children: Effie, Samuel,

Matilda, Myrtle, Hosey, Jessie, Burns, Cleveland, Lillian, and Arthur. Effie and Myrtle

were single. Matilda and Jessie died in young womanhood, and Samuel died in early

manhood. Hosey married and died in middle age. His children lived with their aunts. I do

not know about the other members of the family.

3g.   Jesse Newton Parker

       Jesse Newton Parker married Lizzie Shafer. They had two children: Elmo and

Shafer. Elmo married Florence Dakin of Botetourt Co., Va. and had three sons and four

daughters: Alice Elizabeth, R. Elmo, Sophia A., Louise P., Sarah D., Hunter D., and Jesse

D. Shafer married but had no children.

2c. JOSEPH PARKER, II, May 1, 1801 - Dec. 9, 1883

       Joseph Parker, II, lived one-eighth mile west of Hillsdale in a house he built

himself on a farm of about 100 acres which he inherited. He sold the property to John

Calvin Beamer, his son-in-law about 1871 and moved to the Philip Beamer place nearly a

mile further from Hillsdale where he lived the remainder of his life. On account of an
injury from a fall on the ice, he was crippled in one of his hips and went on crutches for

the last years of his life. He was for some years a constable. He was also captain of the

militia company in the 1850s, just prior to the War Between the States, but was

discharged from the service on account of his age. He and John Burdett were clerks in

Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church. One sat on each side of the pulpit facing the

congregation. The minister would announce the hymn then one of the two would "Line"

it, the other would then "Raise the tune". He was one of the charter, ruling elders when

Hillsdale Presbyterian Church was organized in 1878, George Washington Reaburn was

the other charter elder. He was clever in the use of tools and used to work with copper;

making buckets, churns, and other items mostly out of red cedar and ash. In the absence

of a physician he was often called upon to reduce fractured bones and dislocated joints.

       He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Young Sept. 2, 1824, whose father was James

Young. Elizabeth was born Nov. 1, 1803, and died June 2, 1866. Joseph Parker, II, took

Mrs. Mary Hedrick McClung as his second wife Dec. 1, 1870. She died Oct. 30, 1894, at

seventy-seven years of age. Her sister Jeannetta (Nettie) Hedrick married D. R. P. Parker,

son of her husband, and her daughter, Nettie, married Wm. H. H. Parker, another of

Joseph Parker, II's sons.

       Joseph and Elizabeth Parker's children were:

       3a.   The first child was still- born

       3b.   James Parker                             July 9, 1826   - Aug. 2, 1830

       3c.   Joseph Washington Parker                 May 27, 1828 - Aug. 18, 1830

       3d.   Susanna Jane Parker                      Feb. 8, 1831   - Feb. 26, 1899

       3e.   Alexander Kearns Parker                  Jan. 4, 1832   - Jan. 2, 1897
       3f.   Elizabeth Caroline Parker              Nov. 14, 1833 - Mar. 28, 1883

       3g.   Virginia Parker                        May 25, 1835 - June 23, 1906

       3h.   David Robinson Preston Parker          July 4, 1837   - Sept. 22, 1908

       3i.   William Henry Harrison Parker          Jan. 1, 1840   - Apr. 8, 1885

       3j.   Robert Young Parker                    Oct. 5, 1841   - Jan. 2, 1920

       3k.   Mary Hannah Parker                     June 16, 1848 - Sept. 3, 1848

3d.   Susanna Jane Parker, Feb. 8, 1831- Feb. 26, 1899

       Susanna Jane Parker married James S. Hawkins, and they had seven children:

       4a.   Joseph Marion Hawkins                  Jan. 26, 1856 - May 10, 1886

       4b.   William Anderson Hawkins               Aug. 14, 1863 - June 18, 1934

       4c.   James Nelson Hawkins                   May 21, 1860 -

       4d.   Robert Preston Hawkins                 Aug. 14, 1863 - Aug. 1, 1936

       4e.   Caroline Ann Hawkins                   Aug. 12, 1867 -

       4f.   Erastus Blair Hawkins                  Apr. 23, 1869 -

       4g.   Virginia Gray Hawkins                  June 16, 1872 - Nov. 13, 1875

       4a.   Joseph Marion Hawkins, who drowned in young manhood, was married

twice, once to Adella Dodds and then to Sarah Kincaid. From his marriage to Adella

Dodds Nov. 3, 1875, one child was born, Vernie Gertrude Oct. 1, 1876. Vernie was twice

married, first in 1895 to Marion Poole who she later divorced. They several children:

Robert Anderson Poole, 1896, Carrie Hawkins Poole, 1899, Grace Adella Poole, and

Dorothy Jane Poole (one or two died). Secondly, she married in 1924 Fred Hundemer.
Joseph Hawkins and his second wife, Sarah Kincaid, had two children: Howard Dodd,

Aug. 28, 1885, and Joseph Marian, Dec. 28, 1886. Howard Dodd Hawkins was not

married, however, Joseph Marian Hawkins married her first cousin, Frank M. Kincaid,

Oct. 15, 1907. They live in Chicago and have two children, Frank M. Kincaid, Jr. and

Joseph Kincaid.

       4b.   William Anderson Hawkins married Laura Jane Beamer on Oct. 13, 1884,

and they have four children: Heber H. Hawkins, July 31, 1882- 1912, Arthur L. Hawkins,

Sept. 29, 1884, who did not marry, Kyle B. Hawkins, Sept. 1888- Dec. 6, 1892, and a

daughter who died soon after birth, May 18, 1893.

       4c.   James Nelson Hawkins married Sarah Virginia Irons, Nov. 2, 1882, and they

had several children: Nina Elizabeth, Dec. 14, 1885 -May 14, 1888, Lacy, who died in

infancy, and four other children who died at birth.

       4d.   Robert Preston Hawkins married Sarah Baird Simpson, Sept. 7, 1892, whose

father was an A. R. P. minister at Pickaway. Their children were: Robert Preston

Hawkins, Jr., Apr. 21, 1894, Susanna Moffett Hawkins, Apr. 18, 1896, Mary Elizabeth

Hawkins, Feb. 26, 1898, John Simpson Hawkins, Feb. 10, 1900, and James Blair

Hawkins, Feb. 21, 1902, Robert Preston Hawkins, Jr., an associate surgeon at the C. & 0.

Hospital, C. F., married Grace Vernon Reynolds, June 9, 1933. They have one son,

Robert Preston, III. Susanna M. Hawkins and Mary E. Hawkins are both single and

teachers. John S. Hawkins is also single. James Blair Hawkins, a B. S. in electrical

engineering from V. P. I., married Marjorie Stewart Frame of Schenectady, New York,

Sept. 19, 1931. They have one son, James, Jr.
          4e.   Caroline Ann Hawkins, a home mission worker for many years, has been in

delicate health all of her life—―Suffered many things of many physicians‖. She was


          4f.   Erastus Blair Hawkins married Frances Louise Daniel, Sept. 30, 1896, and

they had four children: Frances Louise Hawkins, Mar. 16, 1898, Joseph Blair Hawkins,

Sept. 6, 1899 -Nov. 1900, James Saxe Hawkins, Dec. 26, 1903, and Robert William

Hawkins, Aug. 28, 1906. Frances Louise married Milton Claude Chamberlain of

Washington, D. C., June 28, 1930. James Saxe was handicapped by a spinal affliction.

Robert William (Billy) married Ruth Kendall Hamilton of Clifton Forge, and they have

one son, Kendall Blair Hawkins, born Sept. 1, 1934.

3e.   Alexander Kearns Parker, Jan. 4, 1832 -Jan. 2, 1897

          Alexander Kerns Parker was in the mercantile business the greater part of his life,

having formed a partnership with his father before he was of age. He joined the

Presbyterian Church in 1885, and he was made a ruling elder. He had the respect and

confidence of all who knew him. He married Mary Anne Wylie, Oct. 25, 1855, and they

had eleven children:

          4a.   Elizabeth Helena Parker                Aug. 25, 1856 - Feb. 11, 1861

          4b.   Virginia Susan Parker                  Feb. 16, 1858 - July 1, 1858

          4c.   James Elliott Parker                   May 9, 1860 - Dec. 11, 1917

          4d.   Laura Parker                           Feb. 9, 1862   -

          4e.   John Perry Parker                      Sept. 25, 1863 - Aug. 4, 1923

          4f.   Alice Parker                           Mar. 4, 1866 -

          4g.   Blanche Parker                         May 9, 1867 - Sept. 4, 1867
       4h.    Florence Parker                        Sept. 1, 1869 -

       4i.   Arthur Kearnes Parker                   July 4, 1873   -

       4j.   Lelia Parker                            Sept. 9, 1874 -

       4k.   Annie Wylie Parker                      Mar. 20, 1878 -

       4c.   James Elliott Parker and Mary St. George Hammond were married April 25,

1883, and they had five children. Susie Frances, Jan. 30, 1884, married Charles H.

Westbrook June 28, 1905, and had two children: a son who died in early childhood and

Catherine Westbrook who became a librarian. George Alexander, 1887, married Anna B.

Manville in 1912, and had two daughters: Mary Annette who married Fred Davis and has

a son, Fred, Jr. and Elizabeth (Betty). Elliott McDonald, 1891, married Laura Virginia

Montague June 14, 1918, and had two daughters: Catherine Sclater and Mary Montague.

William Scott and Katherine Mason, 1896, were twins. Katherine Mason died at the age

of two years. William Scott married Julia Pace Oct. 24, 1925, and had one child, Carolyn,

who was born June 1935.

       4c.   Laura Parker remained single.

       4e.   John Perry Parker and Annie Snow Clark were married June 5, 1889. John

Perry Parker, Jr. was born Feb. 26, 1894 and his mother died eight days later. He married

Ellen Hall of Parkersburg and one son was born to them, J. P. Parker, III. John Perry, Jr.

died at Akron, Ohio, in 1932 at 38 years of age.

       4f.   Alice Parker and the Rev. Mr. James William Holt were married Oct. 12,

1887, and they had three children: Alice May Nov. 2, 1889, Josie Alexandra July 15,

1893, and William White Dec. 6, 1895 - Oct. 6, 1918, who died in Walter Reed Hospital
in Washington, D. C. Alice May Holt married Robert S. Johnson on Oct. 15, 1919, and

they have a son, James Emerson born Jan. 25, 1925. Josie A. Holt married Carl Grady

Eades on Oct. 1, 1921, and they had two children: Mary Alice Eades Feb. 5, 1923, and

Carl Grady Eades Oct. 2,1925.

        4h.   Florence Parker and Bernard Jackson Leach were married Dec. 25, 1901,

and they had two children: Mary Pauline Leach Oct. 5,1903 and Roscoe Lyle Leach May

19, 1905 who remained single. Mary Pauline married Marshall Lee Miller on June 6,

1923, and they had three children: Barbara Florence, Mary Virginia, and Betty Lee.

        4j.   Arthur Kearnes Parker and Lucy Gordon were married June 10, 1909. They

had one son, Arthur Kearnes, Jr. who was born in June 1911.

        4j.   Lelia Parker and John David Withrow were married Dec. 26. 1900, and they

had five children: Archibald Alexander Sept. 17, 1902, Mary Wylie Apr. 5, 1904, John

David, Jr. June 9, 1907, Harriet Dec. 31,1909, Aubrey Parker Sept. 25, 1912, Robert

Wilson June 20, 1918. Archibald Alexander married Ann Chandler Sept. 13, 1930. They

have two children: Betty Ann Aug. 1, 1934, and Carolyn Chandler Sept. 4, 1938. Harriet

married Christopher Jones Burris June 23, 1928. They have two children: Christopher

Jones, Jr. and Billy.

        4k.   Annie Wylie Parker and Richard Coleman Heywood were married Mar. 22.

1904. They have no children.

3f.   Elizabeth Caroline Parker, Nov. 14, 1833 – Mar. 28, 1883

        Elizabeth Caroline Parker married Benjamin F. Beamer Oct. 25, 1855, and they

had eight children:
       4a.   Virginia Susan Beamer                   May 6, 1858 -

       4b.   Michael Alphonso Beamer                 Jul. 7, 1860   -

       4c.   Joseph Lee Beamer                       Jan. 12, 1862 -

       4d.   Ida Alice Beamer                        Aug. 7, 1866 - Feb. 9, 1891

       4e.   Augustus Simpson Beamer                 Sept.22, 1868 - Jan. 19, 1912

       4f.   Dona Beamer                             May 4, 1872 -

       4g.   Leslie Byrley Beamer                    Oct.29, 1876 - Mar. 13, 1924

       4h.   Mary Carol Beamer                       Aug. 17, 1880 -

       4a.   Virginia Susan Beamer and James Washington Wimmer were married May

30, 1884, and they had five children: Winifred Elmo Dec. 22, 1885, Mabel Ida July 23,

1891, Lois Elizabeth Oct. 25 1893, Bryan Franklin Oct 2, 1896, and Mary Caroline Aug.

10, 1888 - Mar. 29, 1891.

       4c.   Joseph Lee Beamer and Virginia Burton were married in June 1884, and

they had eight children: William Alphonso Sept. 18, 1887, Leo Clifton Mar.12, 1890,

Paul May 31, 1892 - June 16, 1892, Robert Preston June 29, 1894, Bernard Burton

Apr. 20, 1897, Mary Clare Jan. 14, 1901, George Leslie May 2, 1903, and Ada Virginia

Dec. 22, 1905 - Apr. 11, 1912.

       4d.   Ida Alice Beamer and Joseph T. Alvis were married in 1890. They have no


       4e.   Augustus Simpson Beamer and Nannie L. Hale were married May 11, 1893,

and they had five children: Franklin Charles Feb. 27, 1894, Chief Petty Officer in the
U.S.N., married Emma Buchannon, and they have no children. Carl Lee Feb. 23, 1899,

married Viola Whittaker, and they have four children. Hazel Virginia June 14, 1902,

married Sam Brown, and they have three children. Julian Simpson Feb. 17, 1908, married

Hester Broyles, Dorothy May June 2,1912, married Albert Noel.

       4f.   Dona Beamer and William Franklin Ritenour were married June 15, 1898,

and they had five children: Mary Pauline July 10, 1899, married Clyde S. Williams, and

they had three children. Garland William Nov. 25, 1900, married Florence Tarking, and

they had two children: Leslie Edward Sept. 22, 1902 who was married. Bennie Lucille

Sept. 7, 1903, and Georgia Iris Apr. 25, 1905.

       4g.   Leslie Byrley Beamer and Alice Pearl Morris were married Dec 3, 1903,

and they had ten children: Dorothy Lee Sept. 9, 1904, married Sept. 12, 1928 (Wyrick),

Goldie Geneva Jan. 19, 1906, Ben Vinson Oct. 5, 1907, married May 9, 1934, Bryan

Herbert Feb. 13, 1909, Caroline Winfred Apr. 4, 1911, Ray Willard June 16, 1913,

George Arthur May 5, 1916, Earl Edward Sept. 11, 1918, Donald Leslie July 5, 1921, and

Lois Viola Nov. 6, 1923.

       4h.   Mary Carol Beamer and James A. Hare were married July 16, 1915, and

they had two children, James and Reba Duncan.

3g.   Virginia Parker, May 25, 1835 - June 23, 1906

       Virginia Parker and John Clavin Beamer were married Nov. 1, 1860, and they had

eight children:

       4a.   Elizabeth Susan Beamer                Jan. 11, 1862     (single)

       4b.   Hattie Morris Beamer                  Apr. 25, 1866 - May 27, 1883

       4c.   John Bird Beamer                      Sept. 18, 1867 - Mar. 1925
       4d.      Joseph William Beamer                Aug. 17, 1869 - 1937 (?)

       4e.      Charles Adger Beamer                 Nov. 1, 1870 - 1874

       4f.      Nannie Catherine Beamer              Oct. 27, 1872 -

       4g.      Bernard Parker Beamer                Nov. 15, 1874

       4h.      Powhatan Reynolds Beamer             Dec. 2, 1876 - 1922 (?)

       4c.      John Bird Beamer and Lannie E. Lynch were married Jan. 1, 1895, and they

had four children: Hattie who married William O'Neill and has nine children, two boys

and seven girls, Virginia who married Albert Bruner, three children, one son and two

daughters, John Cecil who is single and lives with his aunt, Betty Beamer, and a son who

died a few days after birth.

       4d.      Joseph William Beamer married Jennie Johnson of Botetourt Co., Va. They

have two children, Minnie who died at age five and Lionel who married and moved to

Chicago, Ill.

       4f.      Nannie Catherine Beamer and Emmett Russell Curry were married ca. 1898.

They had two children, Marlin Beamer Curry and a daughter who died in infancy. Rev.

Marlin B. Curry married May Dickerson ca. 1933, and they have two children, Thomas

Russell who was born July 5, 1934 and a daughter.

       4g.      Bernard Parker Beamer married Nannie C. Givens of Monroe County and

they had three children: Lacy Lee who married Louise Humphries of Greenbrier County

and has a daughter born in 1927, Weita Beamer, and Pearl Beamer.

       4h.      Powhatan Reynolds Beamer married Elizabeth (Bessie) Poole of Chicago.

They had two sons, Herman and Parker.
3h.   David Robinson Preston Parker, Jul. 4, 1837- Sept. 22, 1908

        David Robinson Preston Parker was a member of Bryan's Battery during the Civil

War. He married Jeannetta Hedrick of Greenbrier, and they had four children:

        4a.   Charles Bernard Parker

        4b.   Lora Parker

        4c.   Wellington Parker

        4d.   Frank Parker

        4a.   Charles Bernard Parker married a Miss Hughard, and after some years

moved to Ohio. They have several children.

        4b.   Lora Parker married Charles Dwyer of Greenbrier. She died a year or two

after their marriage. No children.

        4c.   Wellington Henry Parker, a physician, married Lillie Crookshanks, and they

had three children: Ray who married Courtney Anderson, a daughter of Rev. John

Anderson, and has a son, Ross who married Helen Tressell of White Sulphur Springs,

and has two or three children, and Roy who married Miss Callison of Renick in


        4d.   Frank William Parker married Belle McClung of Greenbrier County, and

they have three children: Lora who married William Hedrick, Frank Wilson, and Mary.

3i.   William Henry Harrison Parker, Jan. 1, 1840 -April 8, 1885

        William Henry Harrison Parker was a member of Bryan's Battery, Lowry's,

Chapman's, and perhaps Otey's which constituted the Thirteenth Battalion of Virginia
Artillery. He and Orlena Estaline Shirey were married Dec. 31, 1860, and they had three


       4a.   Charles Preston Parker                 Sept. 14, 1861 - May 19, 1862

       4b.   Viola Ida Parker                       Sept. 9, 1864 - Dec. 2, 1924

       4c.   Newton Alexander Parker                Sept. 21, 1867 - July 1937

Orlena Estaline Shirey Parker died April 18, 1870, and William Henry Harrison Parker

married Mary Jeannetta McClung March 25, 1871. They had three children:

       4d.   William Edward Parker                  Sept. 22, 1872 - Dec. 21, 1879

       4e.   Alonzo Ezra Parker                     Mar. 10, 1875 - May 13, 1911

       4f.   Bryan McClung Parker                   July 4, 1877   - Jul. 19, 1902

       4b.   Viola Ida Parker and Joseph Plumer Leach were married May 27, 1891, and

they had six children: Ruth Alexandra Leach, March 23, 1892 at Crimson Springs, who

remained single. Mary Orlena Leach, July 27, 1894 at Crimson Springs, married Richard

H. Fife June 24, 1913 at Butler, Pa., and they had four Children, Frank Hartford Fife Feb.

8, 1914 at Canonsburg, Pa., David Elmer Fife Dec. 18, 1915 at Canonsburg, Pa., Dora

Virginia Fife Dec. 2, 1917 at Canonsburg, Pa., who married Harry Buchanan Hazlett

of Canonsburg, Pa., on November 12, 1937, and Mary Agnes Fife Apr. 17, 1921 -Apr.

18, 1921. Lacy Latimer Leach, June 30, 1896 at Crimson Springs, married Mrs. Evelyn

(Lintsenmeyer) McCann of Pittsburgh, Pa., on Feb. 6, 1930, and they had no children.

Joseph P. Leach, Jr., Apr. 30, 1899 at Crimson Springs. William Addison Leach, Aug.

13, 1902 at Crimson Springs, married Elizabeth Hazel Billingsley of Pittsburgh, Pa., on
Nov. 25, 1937. Harold Newton Leach, Nov. 28, 1907 at Morganza, Pa., married Violet

Marie Berger of Canonsburg, Pa., on Oct. 26, 1935, and they have no children.

        4c.   Newton Alexander Parker, a Presbyterian minister, and Leonard Lindsay

Dickerson were married Aug. 15, 1906 by Rev. J. W. Holt, and they had two children:

Newton Alexander Parker II, Jul. 8, 1907, at Iron Gate, Va., who married Marie Willette

Collier in 1929 (?) and has a daughter, Jeanne Carolyn Parker March 27, 1930, and John

William Parker who was born Jan. 20, 1910, at Iron Gate, Va.

        4c.   Alonzo Ezra Parker and Laura Jarrett of Genoa Junction, Wis., were married

and had a daughter who died in infancy of tuberculosis.

        4f.   Bryan McClung Parker went to Chicago and also developed tuberculosis. He

returned to Monroe County and died at his mother's home, Mrs. R. H. Martin.

3j.   Robert Young Parker, Oct. 5, 1841 - Jan. 3, 1920

        Robert Young Parker, like two of his brothers, was a member of Capt. Thomas A.

Bryan's Company of Virginia Artillery which was known as the Monroe Artillery, Bryan

Artillery, or Bryan's Battery. This Company was organized March 27, 1862, and served

in the 4th Brigade, Department of West Virginia, and in McLaughlin's Battalion of

Artillery. In battle it was Robert's job to fire "the piece," in other words, to put the torch

to the cannon.

        According to family tradition, Robert was once saved during the Civil War by a

general. The troops were retreating under a Federal advance and Robert was in danger of

being captured or killed when a general came by and carried him away from the action on

his horse.
       Robert married Martha Campbell of Monroe County, West Virginia, and they had

nine children, seven of which lived to adulthood. Martha died of "apolexy," a cerebral

hemorrhage, and is buried in an unmarked grave in Monroe County.

       At the persuasion of Will Gilliam, his son-in-law, Robert moved his family from

Monroe County to Zion Hill near Eagle Rock in Botetourt County, Virginia. Later in life,

he was to live with his daughter, Glenna Gilliam, at or near Radiant, Virginia, in Madison

County. He died there of an heart attack which he suffered when her home burned. His

son, Bob Parker, who was there at the time saved the family by getting them out of the

house into the snow. The shock caused the heart attack. He is buried at Walker's Chapel

on State Route 230 near Radiant.

       Robert Young Parker and Martha Campbell had nine children:

       4a.   a son who died in infancy

       4b.   Ashby Parker

       4c.   Orion Creet Parker

       4d.   William Carlton Parker                 Mar. 16, 1883 - Jan. 7, 1956

       4e.   Joseph Oscar Parker

       4f.   Wade Hampton Parker

       4g.   Florence (?) Parker                    died in early childhood

       4h.   Glenna Elizabeth Parker

       4i.   Robert Rector Parker
       4b.   Ashby Parker, nicknamed Sash, married Emma King and lived in

Covington, Virginia. They had one son, Orion Everett Parker, who married Lola Mae

Armentrout. O. E. Parker lives in Covington, Virginia.

       4c.   Orion Creet Parker moved to Florida and married Lenora Williams. They

had six children: O. C. Parker, Jr. married Mary Emma _______, Eunice Parker married

James Loomis Anderson, Robert Parker married Hellen ______, Clarice Parker married

several times, Gwinn Parker was married, and Fred Parker married Emma ______.

       4d.   William Carlton Parker, Mar. 16, 1883 - Jan. 7, 1956, was born at Pickaway

in Monroe County, West Virginia. He moved to Botetourt County, Virginia, with his

father during his young manhood. One of his first business enterprises was Parker's Pure

Dairy in Zion Hill, Virginia. Another early business was photography. He would go from

farm to farm making family photographs and staying with the family a day or so. It was

in this way that he met his future wife, Mabel Clara Plewes, May 22, 1880 - May 4, 1967.

       Mabel Clara was the daughter of William Plewes and Emily Alice Bush. Her

father was a miller, and she was born at Bennett's Mill in Montgomery County, Virginia.

They later lived at Howell's Mill near Fincastle, Virginia, where she and William Carlton

met. Her family moved to Eagle Rock, Virginia, where her father worked for Cash and

Allen at Eagle Rock Roller Mill. It was here in Eagle Rock at her father's home that

Mabel Clara and William Carlton were married, April 8, 1908.

       Later they lived in Covington, Virginia, where he ran a studio and sold Maxwell

cars. In 1918 they moved their family to Roanoke, Virginia, where he continued his

photography until his death. They both died in Roanoke and are buried there in Evergreen

       William Carlton Parker and Mabel Clara Plewes had five children:

       5a.   William Carlton Parker, Jr.           Apr. 12, 1909

       5b.   Alton Bernard Parker                  Mar. 7, 1911

       5c.   John Wesley Parker                    May 6., 1913

       5d.   Robert Plewes Parker                  Jun. 13, 1917

       5e.   Mary Ruth Parker                      May 11, 1919

       5a.   William Carl ton Parker, Jr., photographer, was born at Eagle Rock. He

married Della Hortence Johnson and they have one son, William Carlton Parker, III. Billy

married Suzanne Steinbeck, and they have two sons, Michael and Gregory.

       5b.   Alton Bernard Parker, photographer and Boy Scout leader, was born at

Covington. He is single.

       5c.   John Wesley Parker, pen salesman, was born at Covington. He married

Hilda Carder, deceased, and he has two children, John Wesley Parker, Jr. who has been

married twice and has one son and Judy Parker who has been married twice.

       5d.   Robert Plewes Parker, Methodist minister and educator, was born at

Covington. He married Joye Brantley, and they have four sons: John Brantley Parker who

married Patsy Pollard and is divorced, Robert Plewes Parker, II, who married Christy

Guy, Dana Carlton Parker, and Christoper Stewart Parker.

       5e.   Mary Ruth Parker, housewife and realtor, was born at Roanoke. She married

Charles Ralph Arthur, Methodist minister and educator (Aug. 5, 1917 – Oct. 13, 1970),

on Jan. 22, 1944. They have four sons: Charles Ralph Arthur, Jr., Dec. 17,1944, who

married Sarah Elizabeth Shively, Oct. 14, 1947, on Dec. 22, 1968; Thomas Carlton
Arthur, Jul. 11, 1946, who married Carolyn Scott Fisher, Sept. 30, 1947, on June 15,

1968; Richard Allen Arthur, May 4, 1949, who married Jane Elizabeth Vaiden, May 11,

1949, on March 11, 1972; and Parker Alexander Arthur, June 27, 1957.

       4e.   Joseph Oscar Parker married Clara Merritt and they lived in Bedford

County, Virginia. They had two daughters, Noreen and Lucille who were both single.

       4f.   Wade Hampton Parker married Mary Padgett, and they lived at Forest,

Virginia, in Bedford County. They had three children, a child who died young, Orion

Parker, and Houston Parker who lives in Lynchburg, Virginia.

       4h.   Glenna Elizabeth Parker married Will Gilliam who was killed by lightning

while sitting on a bed holding a child. The child was thrown free. They lived in Orange

County, Virginia, and at Radiant, Virginia, in Madison County. They had six children,

Erma Gilliam who married Claude Carter, Jack Gilliam who was unmarried, Myrtle

Gilliam who married a Pritchett, Aubrey Gilliam who was married, Mary Gilliam who

married Clark Pertian, and a son who died in young manhood.

       4i.   Robert Rector Parker married Fannie Weeks, and they had no children.

2f.   SAMUEL PARKER, May 8, 1804 – Apr. 19, 1871

       Samuel Parker married Jane Johnson of Johnson's Cross Roads in Monroe

County. Annie Parker was their only child. She married William Maddy, and they had

two daughters, Amber Maddy and Ulma Maddy. Amber Maddy first married a Boyd, and

they had a son, William J. Boyd, who died at three months. She then married James

Burdett, and they had a son. Ulma Maddy married Bevis who was a merchant at Gauley

Bridge. They had a son, Ralph, who married and had several children.
2g.   MARY (POLLY) PARKER, May 2, 1807 – Aug. 10, 1888

       Polly Parker married John Lively, and they moved to Coalton, Ohio. They had

four children: Milton Lively who was married, Lorenzo Lively who was married, Lydia

Lively who married Allen McGhee and had several children, Mary Lively who was a

hunchback because of a fall that married and died with the birth of her first child.

2h.   DAVID PARKER, Oct. 27, 1809 – Mar. 1871

       David Parker married a Humphreys, and they had three children: Sena Parker,

Hannah Parker, and Hugh Parker. After David Parker died his children moved to Roane

County, West Virginia, where their descendants live.

2i.   RACHEL PARKER, Jan. 8, 1812 – Feb. 11, 1843

       Rachel Parker married John Humphreys, a brother of David Parker's wife. They

had three children, Ann Humphreys, John Manelius Humphreys, and Addison

Humphreys. Rachel died at the age of 31 and her husband a few years later. The children

were raised by their Humphreys grandparents.

       3a.   Ann Humphreys married a Blackburn who deserted her before the birth of

her daughter, May. May Blackburn married Otey McCormick, and they had three

daughters and two sons, one of whom drown when a young man. Ann Humphreys and

her family lived in Covington, Virginia.

       3b.   John Manelius Humphreys married twice, Sallie Dolan and Sarah E.

Dunsmore. He had ten children: John Preston Humphreys who married a Pitzer and had

several children, Charles Luther Humphreys who died in infancy, Boyd Elmer

Humphreys who was unmarried, Margaret Ann Humphreys who was unmarried, Nora A.
Humphreys who married Fletcher Alford and had no children, Rutherford A. Humphreys

who was twice married, a Reynolds and a Pitzer, and had five children, Otho,Adger,

Sydney, Harry, and Susan, Renick Ashby Humphreys who married Susan Dixon, Burman

W. Humphreys who married Lona Ingles and had four children, Ruth, Mark, Georgia,

and Jewell, B. Alrelda Humphreys who was unmarried, and Luella B. Humphreys who

was unmarried.

       3c.   Addison Humphreys was twice married, once to a Tinsley and to Susan

Burdett. He had one son, William, who born to his first marriage. William died in young

manhood. Addison had five children by his second marriage, Lena Leoti Humphreys who

married James William Dixon and had six children, William Lacy Dixon who married

Jane McKinney and had two children, Mary Louise and James McKinney, Czerny A.

Dixon who married Helen Riffe and had a son, Billy, Nina Dixon who was twice married,

McCall and Jens, and had a son by the first marriage and a son and a daughter by the

second, Zula Dixon married Robert Rigg and she had a son and a daughter, and Mary

Dixon who married Roy Whitman and had a son and a daughter; Samuel Humphreys

who married a Worsham and had several children; Florence Humphreys who married a

Lockhart and had no children; Willanna Humphreys who married a Lockhart, brother to

her sister's husband, and had two daughters and two (?) sons who lived in California; and

Ernest Humphreys who married and had no children.

2j.   WILLIAM PARKER, Mar. 3, 1815 - July 3, 1900

       William Parker sold the land he inherited near Hillsdale and moved to the lower-

end of Monroe County. He was twice married. His first wife was Lydia Sullivan who

died in young womanhood leaving a daughter.
       3a.   Virginia Parker                        married Andrew Daugherty

William Parker's second wife was Sarah Upton, and they had eight children:

       3b.   Andrew Parker                          died young, two children

       3c.   Joseph N. Parker                       daughters-Fannie, Nannie

       3d.   George W. Parker                       married twice

       3e.   Samuel A. Parker                       married

       3f.   J. Harvey Parker                       married twice

       3g.   Lydia Parker                           married

       3h.   William Henry (Rector) Parker          Jan. 3, 1867    - Aug. 11, 1932

       3j.   Mary I. Parker                         May 30, 1868 - Nov. 24, 1933

       3d.   George W. Parker, a Baptist minister, was twice married. His first wife was

Callie Brown, and they had three sons and two daughters. Two of the sons died, and the

other married and had no children. One of the daughters, Grace, died and the other

married and lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His second wife was Ella Young.

       3e.   Samuel A. Parker married a Miss Kincaid, and they had one child, Marian

who was a Methodist minister.

       3g.   Lydia Parker married James Allen and had five children.

       3h.   William Henry Parker, a Baptist minister, was twice married. His first wife

was Nora Belle Neal, and they had three children: Beulah Florence Parker, a registered

nurse, who married John Ballard of Monroe County and lived in New York City, William

Oscar Parker who married Lura Hall and had five children, Henry D., Ruth, Beulah M. ,
Emmett, and Nora, and Lacy Chambers Parker who married Elizabeth Mann and had

three children, Hazel, Elizabeth, and Spurgeon.

       3i.   Mary I. Parker married Thomas M. Broyles on Dec. 31, 1890, and they had

nine children, one of which died in infancy. Their children are: A. L. Broyles of

Montgomery, West Virginia, Roy W. Broyles of Charleston, West Virginia, Clyde C.

Broyles of Clay, West Virginia, Paul F. Broyles, Mrs. L. Hammack, Mrs. O. M. Wykle of

Sarton, West Virginia, Mrs. Cecil Bowles, Mrs. A. B. Balderson of south Charleston,

West Virginia, and Mrs. Paul T. Hammacks of Charleston who is an R. N.

2k.   ANDREW PARKER, Aug 27, 1817 - Sept 1, 1865

       Andrew Parker married Mary Katherine Upton, and they had six children:

       3a.   Mary Jane Webb Parker                   Aug. 13, 1852 -

       3b.   Martha Ann Frances Parker               Jan. 23, 1855 -

       3c.   Marion Fletcher Parker                  Aug. 12, 1857 -

       3d.   William Harvey Parker                   Feb. 17, 1860 -

       3e.   Joseph Alexander Parker                         1861 - Nov. 13, 1913

       3f.   Charles Lewis Parker                    Jan. 11, 1865 -

       3a.   Mary Jane (Mollie) Parker married John Keenan Burdett, a member of

Bryan's Battery and a deacon in Hillsdale Church. They lived many years near the old

home place then moved to Hinton and from there to Alderson where they both died. They

had no children.
       3b.   Martha Ann Frances Parker married twice. Her first husband was Andrew

Burdett who died shortly after their marriage. Her second husband was Addison Tinsley,

and their children were: Otey Tinsley, Ruby Tinsley, Homer Tinsley, Alex Tinsley, Susie

Tinsley, and several who died in childhood.

       3c.   Marion Fletcher Parker married Mollie Brown, and they had four children:

Harry Parker who was twice married and had two (?) children, Courtney Parker who was

single, Gordon Parker who was single, and Helen Parker who married Alton L. Fry and

had three children, two daughters and a son.

       3d.   William Harvey Parker was a victim of dementia and died in an asylum.

       3e.   Joseph Alexander Parker died single. He was a successful merchant and a

commissioned Lieut. Col. in the West Virginia National Guard.

       3f.   Charles Lewis Parker married Lutie McVey,and they had several children.

                             BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE

       The only additions made to Laura Parker's work were in the Robert Young Parker

and William Carlton Parker families. This information was obtained from Robert Plewes

Parker, Alton Bernard Parker, and Mary Ruth Parker Arthur, children of William Carlton

Parker and grandchildren of Robert Young Parker.

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