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					                                                 Pacific Northwest Swimming
                                                  Board of Directors Meeting
                                                         Bellevue Club
                                                         Bellevue, WA
                                                      February 26, 2007

General Chair             Andy Hathaway      x   Senior Vice Chair      Jack Ridley       At-Large                      Melinda Giovengo
Admin. Vice Chair       Scott/Kathy Haase    x   Senior Coach Rep     Casey Murphy    x   Officials Chair                   Ken Breiding    x
Finance Vice Chair      David Coddington         Junior Coach Rep    Sean Hutchison   x   Disability Swimming Chair       Kiko VanZandt     x
Treasurer                  Jody Woodruff     x   Safety Chair           Bob Regan         PNS Office Administrative Assistant               x
                                                                                                                        Colleen Buchanan
Secretary                   Gayle Crawford   x   At-Large            Deborah Keane    x   USA Swimming Representative Ron Van Pool          x
Program Operations Vice Chair                    At-Large             Klaas Schenk        Senior Athlete Representative                     x
                            Linda Chapman                                                                                   Blythe Murray
Program Development Vice Chair               x   At-Large            Kimo Streeter    x   Junior Athlete Representative                     x
                            Lyle Campbell                                                                                   Erica Brunner
Age Group Vice Chair        Bruce Richards   x   At-Large               Ash Milad     x   Guest                          Marley Prothero    x
                                                                                          Guest                          Suzanne Rychlik    x

1. Meeting Called to order by General Chair Andy Hathaway at 7:10 PM

2. Motion: Maker: Kimo Streeter; Second Scott Haase ” To approve the minutes of the January 22,
   2007 meeting”
   a. Discussion: It was noted that the year on the minutes was 2006 and this will be changed to 2007
       by PNS Secretary Gayle Crawford.
   b. Motion carried

3. Treasurer Report: Report by Jody Woodruff (printed report distributed)
   a. Motion: Maker: Kimo Streeter; Second Scott Haase “ To approve the Treasurer Report as
   b. Discussion: Jody Woodruff confirmed that the previous year meet tap total was skewed because
      the host of PNS long course champs did not pay the tap before the end of August, it was not
      paid until late Sept. or October. and no Q meet in December in 06. Assets are greater this year
      than last on balance sheet, mostly due to last years' income
   c. Motion carried

4. Membership Report: Colleen Buchanan
   a. It was noted that the athlete membership numbers are down by 160 athletes from the same time
      last year
   b. Andy Hathaway suggested that PNS pay the USA Swimming membership for the board
   c. Scott Haase pointed out that one has to be a member to be voted in so this would be paid prior to
      becoming a member.
   d. It was then suggested that perhaps the next year this could be paid for the returning board
   e. It was also noted that many board members have their USA Swimming registration paid for by
      their clubs.
   f. No decision made on this at this meeting.
5. Administrative Vice Chair Report: Scott and Kathy Haase (printed report distributed)
   a. By-Law Update:
      i      By-law updates sent to Julie Bare at USA Swimming for review
      ii     Scott Haase will make proposal at the Spring HOD for approval of the By-law changes.
   b. Policy Updates:
      i      Items will be presented under New Business
          •        Classes of Swimming Competition – 97-02
          •        Meet Scheduling and Sanctioning – 97-03
          •        Meet Conduct – 97-07
          •        General Rules (now Meet Entry Eligibility and Entry Times) 97-08
   c. Wahkiakum County:
      i      USA Swimming has indicated that clear intent is to have Wahkiakum County in PNS.
            Email agreement with Oregon Swimming General Chair, Mark Rieniets, to propose update
            to USA Rulebook.
      ii     Map prepared by Lyle Campbell of the PNS Territory showing all the counties was
            distributed to the board.
   d. House of Delegates:
      i      Will be on Wednesday, May 9th at KCAC in the convention center
      ii     Scheduled to start at 7:00 pm
      iii No food, just beverages.
      iv Referees will have their meeting on another night
      v      It was suggested that the meet bid meeting be held on an evening prior to the HOD

6. Technical Planning Report to the Board: Report by Suzanne Rychlik TPC member (printed report
   a.     TPC has had a rigorous schedule of 7- 8 meeting since fall
   b.     Intent was to start from scratch and really look over the swim program in PNS
        i      Looked at the meet season, alignments, meet event orders, etc.
        ii     Goals of TPC:
             •     Offering a varied meet schedule to meet the needs of all athletes from beginning to
             •     Creating meets that offered a variety in events and structure
             •     Working from the championship season backwards to make sure that the ‘tracks’
                   aligned for all groups
             •     Creativity in calendar; not just offering what we have always offered because it is easy
        iii TPC Statement: “ We feel that our schedule best represents our goals for the 2007-2008
               season. However our biggest challenge came when planning the 2nd half of the short
               course seasons as the 2008 Age Group Section and the 2008 Senior Sectional meets have
               not been placed on the calendar. It is a bit difficult to work backwards when you are
               unsure of where you are working backwards from.”
        iv Calendar recommendations were presented in a very detail format with explanations on
               each month of the thoughts in planning for each month.
        v      Highlights:
             •       Challenge meets are liked but the thought is they are not serving all the swimmers
             •       There were problems with pool availability for the challenge meets during November
                    and February due to high school swimming meets. These months will be freed up.
              •       It will be proposed to split PNS Champs into a 14 and Under and Senior meet. This
                     is common across the nation to split champ meets.
       vi         It was asked if the proposed meet calendar had the blessing of both the Age Group
                  Committee and the Senior Committee. It was answered, basically “yes”, however the
                  calendar will not be confirmed until after the Senior Sectional Meet when the 2008
                  Senior Sectional Meet date is determined and the PNS Senior Committee meets. The
                  TPC will meet again on March 13th to firm things up with the calendar.
       vii        Suzanne Rychlik stated there is room in the schedule to wiggle and make some
                  adjustments before the meet bid meeting.
       viii       It was noted by Deb Keane that special meets are still given time standards and event
                  structure and as such are not really special but dictated by PNS.
       ix         Suzanne Rychlik stated that TPC did not have any time standards or events set in stone
                  for special meets.
       x          Lyle Campbell noted that last year the LC meets were gold standard or silver and above.
                  Those were skewed to the upper end as only have so many LC meets and sites.
       xi         Short course developmental meets are planed for one day, one session in May, June and
       xii        Jody Woodruff asked about the placement of the Seattle Senior Open in 2008. This
                  needs further investigation.
       xiii       It was asked if the meet calendar will come back to the PNS BoD for approval once it is
                  set prior to the HOD. Andy Hathaway stated that Lyle Campbell and Linda Chapman are
                  both on the TPC and as such can represent the interests of the board in approving the
                  meet schedule prior to the next board meeting. The board may also email their comments
                  on the schedule to Lyle Campbell, Keith Ure or Suzanne Rychlik or show up at the next
                  TPC meeting on March 13.
       xiv        TPC can report back to the PNS BoD via email what transpires at the March 13 meeting.

7. USA Swimming Report: Report by Ron Van Pool
   a. New organization at USA Swimming.
   b. This year’s LSC General Chair meeting will be May and will be lead by the Administrative
      Vice President and the Program Development Vice President. It will be in Omaha, NB.
   c. The focus of this meeting will be on what LSCs do. There will be wide ranging discussions
      pertaining to LSCs.

8. Age Group Vice Chair: Report by Bruce Richards (printed report distributed)
   a. Budget reports passed out accounting for the spending for Zones 2006 and All Stars 2007.
   b. Zones $2900.00 under what had anticipated spending.
   c. "All Stars $2368.00 over, this is due to the unanticipated change by the meet host in the
       schedule for the Saturday session, moving it to the morning. This required the PNS team to
       travel on Friday and incur an additional day of travel expenses including an additional night of
       lodging, charter bus rental and food."
   d. It was asked if the Canadians are a permanent part of the All Star team group. They have been
       involved for the past 2 years so presumably yes they are in as a participating LSC.

9. Program Operations Vice Chair: Linda Chapman
   a. Please direct email comments to Linda as she could not be here tonight.
10. Mid Meeting Comments by Andy Hathaway
    a. Have had conversations with coaches and we need to come to grips with the Zone meet
       situation. There are other meets out there for our kids that are more oriented to senior
       swimming. There is a North American Age Group Championship meet the same weekend as
       the 2007 Zone meet. Would like to see our swimmers participate in this meet. There are other
       LSCs moving the direction away from participating in the Zone meet. The zone concept may
       be forced to adapt. This year the meet is at Farmington NM which is hard to get to and at
       altitude. Next year the Zone meet is in Mt. Hood, OR, this may be a better venue.
    b. At Large board member meeting has not taken place
    c. As an agenda for future meetings we need to discuss the size of the PNS BoD, we have 20 plus
       BoD members. This is something to talk about. We [the BoD members] need to be fully
       engaged on a daily basis, taking into account that we all have outside jobs. The At-Large has
       not met and this has been on the agenda since last fall.

11. Program Development: Report by Lyle Campbell
    a. There is a SWIMS Database and Registration workshop in Tucson, AZ April 22nd. Lyle
         Campbell would like permission from the board to attend.
    b. Motion: Maker: Kimo Streeter, Second: Ash Milad “to send Lyle Campbell to Arizona to
         attend the SWIMs workshop.
    c. Discussion: none, motion carried
    d. Intermediate times and relay lead swimmers times are not drawn out by the SWIMS program.
         Those times need to be drawn out and submitted to SWIMS so that those times show up on the
         SWIMs data base. This is important with the Sr. Sectional and Age Group Sectional meets
         coming up soon.
    e. Last 3 months doing have been doing a study on PNS Champs
       i        60 % of participants start by age 8
       ii       90% of participants start by age 10
       iii      with 11 -12 having the same time standards there are many more 12 year olds than 11
              year olds, this is true with the 13-14’s also. There is one 11 year old for every 2-3, 12 year
              olds which means there is a wave to the graph with dips in numbers for 11 and 13 year olds
              and peaks for the 12 and 14 year olds. It was stated that this has implications for
              swimming development.

12. Offical’s: Report by Ken Breiding
    a. All Officials meeting on 2/27, will be electing new officers
    b. We will need to pick another day for the referee meeting due to the timing of the Spring HOD
    c. In June there will be an Officials meeting in San Antonio, TX. Who will attend will be decided
        upon in the future and will report back to the board on who will attend from PNS.

13. Coaches: Report by Sean Hutchison and Casey Murphy
    a. Nothing to report on coach meetings
    b. Worlds will be in Melbourne, Australia. Sean Hutchison is on the coaching staff. Will leave on
       March 13th. Megan Jendrick will swim 200 breast at Worlds and 100 breast at Dual in the Pool,
       Arianna Kukors will swim the 400 IM. The Dual in the Pool will be at the Olympic Pool in
14. Athletes: Blythe Murray and Erica Brunner
    a. The 2007 USAS Convention will have the athletes arrive more toward the end of the week so as
        to not interfere with school as much.

15. Andy Hathaway comments
    a. The original bylaw model had as board members the Age Group, Program Development,
         Program Operations and Senior Vice Chairs, however PNS adopted the bylaw model in its
    b. The size of the PNS Board needs to put on the table to discuss; have to look at the function and
         where we want to go as an LSC and as a board. We are financially sound and have swimmers at
         the national level. Would like to see our swimmers be more competitive.
    c. There is a new LSC template on the USA Swimming web site
    d. Heidloff donations:
       i         Support the disadvantage swimmer, will need suggestions in writing.
       ii        Task: Jody, JoEllen Hathaway, Deb Keane, Kimo Streeter, Kiko VanZandt will meet
              as a group and come back with an outline that we can put to the board.
       iii       Deb Keane commented that we need to put the distance meet and national meet proceed
              funds toward something that is visable to the LSC that speaks to the point that these meets
              were meant to be hosted.
    e. National Travel funds:
            •        Short Course Nationals – East Meadow, NY $600.00
            •        Nationals & Juniors in Indianapolis, IN     $500.00
            •        National Development Fund                   $400.00                                    Comment: Typo in minutes submitted
                                                                                                            to 4/23/07, correction approved by BOD
    f. 97-02 will be tabled for future discussion until Linda Chapman can attend
       i         Task: Andy Hathaway will look into the issue re: Linda Vicik’s concern regarding split
              age groups for Spring Grand Champs.
       ii        Motion: Maker: Lyle Campbell, Second: Deb Keane. Table 97-02. Motion carried.
    g. Table: Fire Code Compliance
    h. Andy Hathaway would like PNS to pay for the USA Swimming membership for the PNS Board
       i         It was noted that many of the PNS Board have their memberships paid for by clubs
       ii        It was commented that on many boards the members are expected to pay and contribute
              financially to the non profit.
    i. Task: Jody Woodruff to work on the wording in a document that would speak to PNS paying for
         memberships in USA Swimming not otherwise paid for by members clubs.
    j. The PNS nominating committee is: Lyle Campbell, Dave Coddington, John Wukstich, Jim
         Verdier.                                                                                           Comment: Correction to minutes at
                                                                                                            4/23/07 BOD meeting
    k. The movie PRIDE will be previewed on 2/27 at Bellevue’s Lincoln Square Cinema and will be
         opening on March 28th.

16. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm

Respectively Submitted
Gayle Crawford
PNS Secretary