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									                                          ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (EDC)
                                 JOINT OPERATIONS BOARD (OB)
                                 BRING THEM BACK HOME TASK FORCE
                                                      July 26, 2006
                                                    EDC Office, W illmar

Present:             Bob Haines, Scott Hovland, Cameron Macht and Linda McCormack

Excused:             Allison Geiger, John Stone and Liz VanDerBill

Staff:               Kathy Schwantes, Assistant Director

Secretarial:         Jodie Heuring, Legal & Administrative Assistants, Inc. (LAA)

Chairperson Bob Haines called the meeting to order at approximately 4:04 p.m. Haines noted
Judy Wright is unable to attend today, but she is excited about the Homer Get Together to be
held at Northern Grounds.

MINUTES —There were no changes to the June 21, 2006, minutes and they were approved as
mailed and e-mailed.


Fall Newsletter. Schwantes reported she has talked with representatives of MinnWest
Technology Campus and they will have articles in by August 15. Other items suggested for
inclusion are the Homer Get Together, electrician jobs available through Willmar Electric
Service and a couple positions available at Jennie-O Turkey Store, fun events i.e., Holidaze
Parade, Tour du Lac Benefit Bike Ride, Lake Lillian Harvest Festival, fall colors in Sibley State
Park, New Year’s Eve Family Celebration; it may not hurt to repeat items in two issues. Task
Force members like the current format. Schwantes asked Task Force members to keep in
mind this effort is countywide.

Homer Get Together. Schwantes reported Kelly Welch confirmed he will be there at 6 p.m. to
take the photo and Schwantes will send him a reminder. Allison Geiger was going to see if
she could find someone for entertainment; Schwantes will followup with Allison on this. The
press release is very professional looking. In keeping with the countywide focus, the press
release will go to all media in the county. Cameron Macht reported at the Marketing & Public
Relations Committee meeting this morning they authorized up to $1,000 from their budget for
advertising expenses relating to this event. Schwantes shared a draft of a newspaper ad that
will feature Bob Haines and Alison and Luke Geiger; the one with Bobbie Mattison will not be
used as she is currently in an ad for another community function and may cause confusion.
Schwantes informed Haines the Marketing & Public Relations Committee would like a photo of
Haines’ family to be included in one of the newspaper ads; Haines will look into it and contact
Schwantes. Schwantes asked LAA to send the press release to all area newspapers the first
full week of August. Schwantes noted Open Mic is set for 9:45 a.m., August 24. Task Force
members were encouraged to call in during Open Mic.
Task Force Call List. Task Force members were asked to volunteer to call at least ten people
on the call list and invite them to attend the Homer Get Together. The following were chosen:

                    Contact                  Task Force Member Responsible       Completed
 Brett and Kathy Aamot                       Bob Haines
 Duane and Barb Aldrich                      Bob Haines
 Duaine Amundson                             Bob Haines
 Dean and Julie Anfinson                     Scott Hovland
 Cory Backes                                 Scott Hovland
 Jody (Norling) Backes                       Scott Hovland
 Shannon Becker                              Linda McCormack
 Ken Behm                                    Bob Haines
 Amy Birchard                                Scott Hovland
 Marv Calvin                                 Bob Haines
 Mike Carlson                                Bob Haines
 Dan Croonquist                              Bob Haines
 Sue Danielson                               Linda McCormack
 Bev Dougherty                               Linda McCormack
 Jason Dougherty                             Linda McCormack
 Dr. Jodi Fonkert                            Linda McCormack
 Lee Fostervold                              Scott Hovland
 Luke Geiger                                 Linda McCormack
 Renee Getz                                  Bob Haines
 John Gilbertson                             Bob Haines
 Kris Gulbrandsen                            Linda McCormack
 Jamie Hagen                                 Scott Hovland
 Mary Hagen                                  Scott Hovland
 Warren Hagen                                Linda McCormack
 John Haines                                 Bob Haines
 Lara Handt                                  Scott Hovland
 Kevin Hanson                                Scott Hovland
 Dr. Michael Hanson                          Cameron Macht
 Dena Horning                                Bob Haines, Cameron Macht
 Lyle and Jill Hovland                       Scott Hovland
 Nate Hultgren                               Cameron Macht
 Lynn Johnson                                Linda McCormack
 Amy Kelleher                                Linda McCormack
 Mike and Chris Kingery                      Cameron Macht
 Randy Klein                                 Scott Hovland
 Selea Klein                                 Cameron Macht

                   Contact                      Task Force Member Responsible        Completed
 Jennifer Lownsbury                            Cameron Macht
 Amy Malam                                     Scott Hovland
 Wayne Nelson                                  Scott Hovland
 Naomi Pederson                                Scott Hovland
 Robert Pederson                               Scott Hovland
 Lance Peterson                                Scott Hovland
 Sarah Rhoda                                   Cameron Macht
 Gayne Stone                                   Scott Hovland
 John Stone                                    Scott Hovland
 Steve and Ann Trochlil                        Scott Hovland
 Andrew Zuidema                                Cameron Macht

Scott Hovland will furnish the contact information to the EDC office for the people he added to
the list.

Haines will record a radio ad with Schwantes’ assistance. Schwantes will call Allison Geiger to
do a radio ad too.

Schwantes would like to take last year’s photos and put them in a slide show that could be
running throughout the evening. Schwantes will call Marvel Stone to get last year’s photos.
Schwantes suggested using table decorations from the Appreciation & Awards Reception.
Schwantes showed the change to the banner, which cost was under $10.

It was noted that the time of the Homer Get Together is stated differently in the press release
and the ads, i.e., 5:30-7:30 p.m. and 5:30-7:00. Consensus was to have it 5:30-7:00 p.m. with
photo at 6:00 p.m. Schwantes will confirm with Allison Geiger whether she will have an item
for a drawing that evening.

Class Reunions. Schwantes reported at John Stone’s class reunion, this Task Force gave
away a $20 gift certificate for Melvin’s and later that evening Stone drew a name from the box.
Schwantes felt is was very worthwhile to have a give away; she believes there were around 50
people who completed cards. Stone plans to drop off the names at the EDC office this week. It
was suggested to change the cards to include that their information will not be shared with
others; it will only be used for Bring Them Back Home contact. Hovland stated his class of
1991 has decided to have a 15th Class Reunion on August 26, which is the same night as the
class of 1996. Hovland will set something out and have cards available to be completed; he’ll
stay in contact with Schwantes.

[Linda McCormack joined the meeting.]

Haines will contact Schwantes when he returns from vacation to see if he can help with one of
the class reunions in August.

Schwantes thanked Linda McCormack for her time to photocopy all of the class photos and
drop them off at the EDC office. Schwantes will attend McCormack’s class reunion Saturday,
August 5, at Gallery 1 of the Holiday Inn/Willmar Conference Center. Schwantes requested a
6' or 8' table with tablecloth near registration and will arrange for a $20 gift certificate from

Green Mill. Haines’ class reunion will be at the Willmar Conference Center also and Schwantes
asked for a similar table set up. Haines will notify his class.

Schwantes would like to see an invite or something created to be used at the class reunions
referencing the Homer Get Together event.

2007 Budget Planning Session. Haines reported the presentation at the 2007 budget
planning session on June 29 went well; there were no questions that evening.

[Bob Haines was excused from the meeting.]


College Visits. Schwantes reported there has been an employee turnover at Ridgewater
College in the department she was working with on this project. Schwantes has met with the
new representative and they have decided to distribute the Bring Them Back Home Newsletter
electronically so not as many hard copies will be needed. They are interested in doing a job fair
and will be working with Diane Schulte through DEED; they are scheduled to meet September 1
to talk about it for spring 2007. Schwantes also met with someone from St. Cloud State
University in their career placement center, who was very excited about this project. They
would like to host a Willmar night on campus and bring some of our employers and let the
employers tell their instructors what they need from the students graduating from the school
programs; this more than likely would not take place until May 2007.

JSEC Meeting. The Job Service Employer Committee (JSEC), which is a group of area human
resource directors, meets quarterly to discuss common issues. Schwantes gave a presentation
of the BTBH project. Consensus was to feature Willmar Electric Service (WES) in the winter
issue of the Newsletter; Macht will talk to a friend who works with WES and see if he is willing
to be interviewed for the issue.

NEXT MEETING —The next regular meeting is 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, August 16, 2006 at the
EDC office.

ADJOURNM ENT —There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately
5 p.m.

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