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									2009 brings new faces to Bexar courthouse
Local judges, a new sheriff and Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff began 2009 by taking their oaths of office on Thursday. Wolff's swearing-in ceremony at the Justice Center had a whimsical, family feel, since his father, County Judge Nelson Wolff, administered the oath. The father, a Democrat, and son, a Republican, exchanged jabs but no hard blows. The younger Wolff ended his remarks by telling his dad to “put those boxing gloves back on,” a reference to his father's recent bout at a charity boxing match. During the ceremony, Nelson Wolff recalled telling his son, who back then was soon to graduate from Clark High School, “You need to decide what you're going to do.” Kevin Wolff joined the Navy and was on a guided-missile destroyer during a conflict with Libya, then finished college and worked in banking in New York, where he witnessed 9-11. He then returned to San Antonio and served on City Council. “We're very proud of what he's done,” the county judge told about 100 people. Kevin Wolff, who defeated Chip Haass in the Precinct 3 race in November, said he and his father argued “every day” during the presidential race. While most county issues are nonpartisan, he said he's less inclined to support programs outside public safety, flood control and other core services. “I can guarantee Dad and I will part ways on certain budgetary items,” he said. But the county judge said having his son as the lone Republican commissioner, replacing Lyle Larson, will ensure a careful policymaking process. Kevin Wolff's wife, Sandi, said their daughter, Sydney, 11, is beginning to understand that “Daddy's going to be working with Papa Nelson.”


Newly sworn-in Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff (left) shares a moment with his father, County Judge Nelson Wolff, after the younger Wolff took the oath of office at the Justice Center on Thursday.

By Scott Huddleston - Express-News

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