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									Buy fire pumps at…http://www.hayspumps.com in Redding CA Publish schedule of events, In the save the date card state specifically what kids can do (get stickers, sit in fire truck, squirt fire hose, safe house, quake cottage…) Advertise as an event not a drill
Email to homeowners to check address and update info, bribe cert team people to show up with certificates

DSL The timetable for its arrival, pricing, and who to contact to get it will be discussed at the Disaster Drill on June 1st at all the meeting locations.---flyers and on discussion list

January 1 Call Fire department to set up dates for CERT class (371-0466 Station 30, (805) 501-0445 cell
Steve Kaufman Station 30)

Set up 1st Aid (Hamilton, Maureen CPR & First Aid (818) 865-0851
Cpr barriers and gloves to handout

TTH5@CS.com) TTH5@CS.com)

Set up CPR class (Hamilton, Maureen CPR & First Aid (818) 865-0851 Book Oak Room for the classes

March 1 Mail information to new recruits from move in/out Emmons list Set up drill display attendees Thousand Oaks DART (drill & table)---Hellen h.hah@verizon.net Set up predrill refresher---Steve Kaufman 371-0466 & 501-0445 Safe-T-Proof---Mike Essrig (818) 526-1400 Get Magic Man Chuck LeFever (818) 517-2506

AMR (ambulance unit) ( 517-2000 Butch_Kedrowski@amr-ems.com) Fire Department---Staton 37 @ (805) 371-0483 Captian Vandenbosch Batallion Chief---Glenn Garcia? 371-0469 CERT Gear Setup---People to do setup Ladder turck Fire truck HAZMAT Urban Search & Rescue Vehicle Paramedic unit Safe-T House---they want this Fire pump/fire hose---Those who have them Gas Company/plumber Copmmand Performance.--- fix price $400.00 Press clipping display March 15 Give census takers information to go door to door by April 15

April 15 Update files

Enter move in/out information into Excel Enter equipment and CERT information into Excel Enter information into Word packets Enter info on save the date cards/remake them.(this is what is to do for

Write article---add and mail out to homeowners Have staff Make signup sheets---CERT signup.doc, CPR signup.doc, First Aid signup.doc Make certain date is blocked off for use of center Buy nametags and stickers (Avary sticker # 5395) Make save the date cards and ask for Emmons sticker list Set meeting date for census takers (Kane 497-9707, Pann 494-4019, Rosenkranz 373-8887, Yomans 4964402, Foster 373-8353, Momey 370-1297 , Jocelyn 495-4560, Jones 496-1366, Wolfe 777-0128, Bauer 496-2723 )

Mail written confirmation of meeting---Metting.doc Make meeting agenda---Agenda.doc Check out viability of KNR 99.1 Plan party or obtain gift certificate---Le Café, John R. Gress, (818) 889-9105 phone (818) 889-9107 fax May 1 Finish & mail newsletter drill reminder (Pre Save the Date Mailer (in Newsletter and mailer directory)) Update press release (Press release 2000?.doc) May 15 Hold meeting Discuss any changes Hand out supplies Sign-up sheets CERT signup.doc, CPR signup.doc, First Aid signup.doc, Target
Hardening signup.doc

How to conduct drill (Predrill meeting agenda.doc) Spreadsheet (3) with 10 maps, 1 phone sheet Census taker information sheet (in front of excel file) What to do in an actual emergency Fresh batteries, Radios, Keys, Gear, etc. Name tags no stickers (Avary sticker # 5395) Drill nametag labels..doc 2 Ink pens 2 permanent marker pens Mail save the date cards Print word packets with suggested changes Fax press release Buy water/coffee
Item Water Bottle Table cloth Napkins Styrofoam cups Coffee Creamer/Sugar/Stirer North 1 case none none none none none Central 1 case 3 pack 200 100 (2) 40 pack caf/decaf bowlful South 1 case none none none none none

Line up table for South meeting point (Myrna Shanis 495-2875)

1 week in advance Assemble USGS board http://quake.wr.usgs.gov/recenteqs/latest.htm http://quake.usgs.gov/recenteqs/Maps/119-34.htm http://quake.wr.usgs.gov/recenteqs/Quakes/quakes.big.htm http://www.scecdc.scec.org/PhaseII.html Make phone calls to all households to remind of the drill Fax press release Review pressboard Bring trashcans and pump to community center Confirm drill display Hand out drink supplies North and South and put community center stuff in closet (muffin basket & begal basket with towel, big bowl for water) Call Western Bagel (4 dozen)---(805) 496-0344 Dan Rodriguez (bagel $3.00/doz, Muffin $6.00/doz) 3 days in advance Myrna Shanis (4059 Crestview Circle 805-495-2875 set up table confirm) Put up reminder sign in front of planter Refax press release 1 day in advance Orange Juice, Cream Cheese and ice and (8 dozen little) muffins for drill Put water in fridge. Day of drill Take stuff from fridge & put it out (O.J., cream cheese, water, ice) Pick up bagels display & cut in half Setup interior coffee Display muffins Put up tripod display racks & coffee menu Turn on KNR 99.1 Set up for fire pump. Set up CERT tent Set up Powerpoint (chairs, podium, projection screen) Census taker setup table Tell people where to set-up Post drill Service fire pumps and hoses. Update who attended and those who called and said they could not attend Mailer on drill Organize classes

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