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Draft Agenda


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									MADISON SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCERS Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting October 23, 2007 Nancy’s home

Attending: Mike Briggs, Norma Briggs, Kate Deck, Lynn Litterer, Nancy McClements, Dyan Steenport 1. Agenda revisions – see other (below) 2. Approved minutes of September 18, 2007 3. President’s report – Carol absent 4. Vice-President’s report – Facebook has 114 members. 5. Treasurer’s report – Balance sheets were emailed to board. 6. Secretary’s report – No report; did not set up proxy vote for AGM in Scotland. 7. Membership report a. Need to decide what we want to charge and how to structure. b. Discussion about calendar years: RSCDS calendar year begins in June. Ours has been December. We do not know if we are behind or ahead by 6 months. Teacher candidates should not let their membership lapse. 10 pounds/yr is about 21 USD. Youth rate would not cover cost to Scotland and would hence be subsidized by full price rates. There may be a rate increase to 15 pounds effective 1 July 2008 (on AGM agenda). A summary of past and proposed rate schedules is shown in table. Last Year Proposed Madison only 20 10 Muir only 25 35 Combined 35 40 Combined youth (under 25) 20 25 c. Lynn will find out if we are ahead or behind and send a renewal reminder. 8. Publicity report a. Flyer (December dance and ball “save the date” notice) will be sent to those attending out-of-town dances and workshops as an attachment. 9. Teacher’s report a. Practice teaching dates/subs: i. Nancy will teach Nov. 11 ii. Kate will teach Nov. 18 iii. Lynn will teach Nov. 25

iv. Open dates for practice teaching: Dec. 2, Dec. 16 v. No teaching Dec. 9 (social); No dancing Dec. 23, 30. b. Would like to make technique classes more frequent (~ every 3 weeks). Generally 2nd Thursday is good for Nancy, Lynn. Possible near future dates are Nov. 8 and Nov. 29. c. Norma not available from Jan 10 for a couple of months. 10. Teacher training a. Lynn inquired about teaching classes through MSCR. i. They would gladly look at a proposal from us for class. Fitness/dance classes can take place at Warner Park. They are short on space. Schedules for spring/summer go to printer in January. ii. Possibilities include adult rec/fitness in spring, youth in summer. Norma would team up with someone. iii. Norma suggested 8 week minimum. 10-12 weeks better, with team-teaching. iv. We need to ask contact person which nights they are likely to have rooms available. b. Spring 2008 Tutor sessions i. One before and one after ball; Lynn will re-email the dates. c. February written exam i. Need to do paper-work 6 weeks ahead ii. Need 2 proctors (Ask Carol, Dyan, Chuck?) d. Chicago teacher workshop will be rescheduled.

11. Ball 2008 a. Calum McKinnon i. Would prefer to do workshop Sun or Mon, not Friday. Are we past the deadline for Dane County Arts Commission? ii. Consider a house concert instead of workshop? 12. Other a. December dance party i. Co-coordinators Lynn, Dyan. Dyan will take money. ii. Nancy and Ian will host after-dance potluck. iii. Lynn could make shortbread as party favor for dance. iv. Norma devising dance program (tentative program will be ready in early November). b. International Festival demo i. Shepherd – tentatively Kate ii. Sat, Feb 16 at Overture. iii. Kate checking on music. iv. Will Chuck lead us? Nancy will ask. 13. Next meeting – date & place a. Thursday, Nov. 29 following dance technique class (7:30). We will meet over potluck supper at Mike’s & Norma’s place.

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