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These minutes are formally submitted to the Board of Education for approval as official written record of the proceedings at the identified Board of Education Meeting. These minutes comply with Summit School District RE-1 Policy BEDG and Colorado Revised Statutes: 22-32-106; 22-32-109(1)(e); 24-6-402 (2)(d)(II).

Summit School District RE-1
Board of Education Minutes Regular Business Meeting and Work Session

Central Administration Office – Board Room
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Taskmaster: Mr. Bob Bowers **Please note: all times are approximate.

Work Session and Dinner – North Classroom 5:30 – 6:00 P.M. The regular business meeting/work session was called to order at 5:40 P.M. MEMBERS PRESENT: BRUNVAND SCANLAN KREAMELMEYER GRONEMAN BOWERS MAJOR ADAMS Those present: Millie Hamner, Karen Strakbein, Julie McCluskie, Karen Mack, Brian Joyce, Chris Guarino, Carol Roshto Smith, Red, White and Blue Fire Personnel, Lake Dillon Fire Personnel, Mike Pixton and Elise Scanlan. Dr. Millie Hamner reported to the Board about an accident that occurred in front of the High School on Highway 9 in which two Summit High School students were hit by a car. Mr. Jim Hesse, principal updated the Board on the students’ condition. They will have counselors available for the students at the high school. Mr. Lou Marchesano updated the board on the curriculum development process; showing them an outline of the work ahead of them. Dr. Hamner said they will discuss the IB Heads of School conference at the November 14th meeting. Item B Call Regular Business Meeting to Order and Acceptance / Revisions to Agenda – 6:00 P.M. The regular meeting was called back into order at 6:10 P.M.

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Recognition of Notable Achievements • Recognition of donation of school supplies from Target Ms. Julie McCluskie recognized Mr. Mike Pixton and Target for their donation of 13 pallets of school supplies to the District. The Board thanked Target and Mr. Pixton for their huge contribution.

Board of Education Minutes Regular Business Meeting •

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Recognition of Summit County Fire Departments for educating our students on fire safety during Fire Prevention Month Dr. Millie Hamner recognized the Red,White and Blue Fire and Lake Dillon Fire Departments for their work in educating our students on fire prevention and fire safety. Mr. Brandon Williams from Lake Dillon Fire stated they have held open houses this week and appreciates all the work the teachers do. Chief Parmley said they value their relationship with the School District and appreciates the time they use to enforce fire prevention at school. The Board thanked them all for their work with our students. Item D Public Comments
(Comments on items not listed on Agenda.)

Ms. Carol Roshto Smith was directed to make her comments during the Next Steps at Breckenridge Elementary School item that will be discussed later on the agenda. Opening Comments from Superintendent and Board Members Dr. Hamner stated this is Jay’s last board meeting. They will keep their comments for the end of the meeting. Reports 1. Report from Student Advisor Mr. Brian Joyce reported the girls cross country team ranked 4th in the state. The volleyball team placed 2nd in conference. The girl’s rugby team is in semifinals. If they win they will participate in the finals. If the football team wins their next game they will go on to finals. The Junior Class is putting together a fundraiser on November 15th at 7:00 P.M. with the Harlem Globetrotters. On December 15th they will have a “winter informal” dance. The Leadership class is working with El Pomar on distributing grant funds to local non-profits. There will be 5 seniors and 2 juniors attending the CASB conference. 2. Campaign Report Dr. Millie Hamner said she attended the ski areas COO breakfast this morning with Ms. Karen Mason who did some networking for the campaign. She handed out a copy of a flyer that Ms. Karen Mason has put together for the campaign committee. Dr. Hamner said she is setting up a meeting with the newspaper editors regarding what they can do to correct some of the inaccuracies that have been stated in the letters to the editor. Ms. Sheila Groneman said she would attend the Eagles Nest Homeowners Association meeting on Thursday with Dr. Hamner. Ms. Erin Major introduced Drew Beiling and Elise Scanlan two additional leadership students attending the Board meeting. 3. Next Steps at Breckenridge Elementary School (Attachment) Dr. Millie Hamner reported 36 interviews were conducted by the Crists (consultants for the District). Letters were sent to former employees and 8 former employees did complete a telephone interview. On Monday she met with the staff and the consultants. Later that evening they had a meeting with parents. The Crists will be available to lend support to the District during the process. The Crists indicated they were impressed with the teachers at Breckenridge Elementary School and they had great participation. 100% of the staff is committed to the students and community at Breckenridge Elementary School. The first theme they heard were issues with Leadership and some aspects of leadership including communication style and decision making related to planning and organization. The second theme was around perceptions at Breckenridge Elementary School because of things being said. The third theme was around how problems were solved, such as parents airing their concerns publicly instead of working with the Item F Item E

Board of Education Minutes Regular Business Meeting

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school. The staff really wants to work together. They are forming a team. They do not want to get a new principal; they want to work with their current principal. Ms. Hollyanna Bates said this was a great process for her. She received some specific information. She has met with Millie and SCEA about this process. They discussed strategies with parents and the whole school around problem solving. Dr. Hamner will have a frequent presence at the school. She is attending BAAC meetings, PTSA meetings, etc. A new idea from the consultants was to have a communication forum which includes a few staff members and different parents coming into the group to discuss ideas at school and meeting every 3 weeks. Also discussed was having regular walk-in hours for her, as principal to discuss any issues parents or staff may have once a week at a certain time - keeping people informed. Ms. Hollyanna Bates reported her ideas on how she will work on the three themes that have been brought forward by the Crists including: leadership, planning and organization, scheduling and communications. Dr. Millie Hamner said the Crists appreciated Hollyanna’s professionalism. Ms. Trisha Theelke, Director of Human Resources is working on an exit survey for staff that has left the district. There are still a few people who have some issues they feel some things have not been resolved. Ms. Theelke will send a message to staff; if there is anyone who has an unresolved issue she will work with them. Dr. Millie Hamner stated if a parent comes to her; they will work through their concerns. Mr. Jon Kreamelmeyer said he read the report from the consultant. They were very straightforward. His recommendation is to make these things your priority with your staff, then the rest will happen. Ms. Christine Scanlan said the report was good. The biggest issue was communication. Your priorities are right, if you have 80% of your staff behind you, you can move forward. The Board has an obligation to keep track of the process and make sure it is working. She thought people felt they were heard. Ms. Sheila Groneman said she was concerned with the 20% or the few who are not happy with the process because it was not the turn out they wanted. She thanked Ms. Bates for her professionalism. Mr. Bob Bowers agreed with Ms. Groneman. Are we always going to see those people out there who are not happy? Mr. Stuart Adams asked Dr. Hamner how she sees her role in helping to manage this process. Dr. Hamner stated they will follow the plan and staying true to the plan is important. We should not confuse effort with control. She is hoping the accountability committee can help at the school and Don Crist has said he will help with this process also. Mr. Jay Brunvand said he respects Ms. Bates for her willingness to step up and keep going. Ms. Carol Roshto Smith, parent said she was confused about what is going on here. She would like to get her son back into school. She said she was very concerned about a crime that was committed at Breckenridge Elementary School and that police were not contacted. There are certainly a lot of rumors that she is very concerned about. Staff members have called her to tell her that children have been left unattended. Some employees were not given the opportunity to be interviewed. She said she was not convinced about this process. There were 16 or 17 pages of concerns. She indicated that communication and discipline were her concerns. The discipline styles that were used were very limited. This is not working. She felt she was never taken seriously. Ms. Roshto Smith said the truth is that something is going on at Breckenridge Elementary School. She did not believe the survey was properly conducted. She is here out of desperation. These cannot be true. Ms. Christine Scanlan stated they have gotten information from prior employees. Ms. Scanlan indicated she had not heard from any staff since the report was put out. Ms. Roshto Smith stated some staff members have asked her to do something about this anonymously. Ms. Scanlan said she believes that staff has spoken openly during this process and survey. The Board will be evaluating the process and following it closely. Ms. Scanlan stated to Ms. Smith she needs to decide what it will take for her to be comfortable. She needs to determine what is in the best

Board of Education Minutes Regular Business Meeting

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interest of her child and family. Evaluate the program. The Board wants to see a successful, happy and vibrant Breckenridge community. Ms. Carol Roshto Smith expressed her concern that the minutes did not express parents concerns fully. Mr. Jay Brunvand stated the minutes are just a synopsis of what happens at the meetings and that the only requirements are that they record the proceedings of votes. Ms. Hollyanna Bates said she wanted to let the Board know that there was a police report regarding the issue Ms. Roshto Smith brought up. Dr. Hamner stated there needs to be a comfort level with you (Ms. Roshto Smith) and the school. Her hope is that you find your trust and help in your neighborhood school. I hope we can reestablish their trust. Ms. Erin Major stated she hopes she (Ms. Roshto Smith) can feel good about the school. At some point we need to move forward and stop wondering where the ball was dropped. We have a process and they want to move forward. Ms. Carol Roshto Smith stated she would not be here today if she had thought that things had been clearly explained. Mr. Jon Kreamelmeyer stated there will be some parents who do not want to accept the process. We need to move forward, those teachers who have called you they need to decide if they want to get onboard or they need to reevaluate what they are doing. Ms. Christine Scanlan stated it is not appropriate for you to report something third hand. They need to come forward or they can talk with Ms. Theelke in Human Resources. This is a personnel issue so everything cannot be put out to the public. Dr. Hamner is committed to moving forward and to this process. Ms. Karen Mason gave a brief campaign report. They are doing very well in terms of the budget. She will be attending preschools with Sheila Groneman to explain the ballot question. She asked that the Board member make 10 calls or connect with 10 people every day from here on out. 4. Quarterly Financial Report for three months ending September 30, 2007 Ms. Karen Strakbein stated the Board has received a quarterly report which takes the place of the warrant list. They will publish this and put it on the website. Ms. Strakbein reviewed the report with the Board. On page 2 she reviewed a 10 year enrollment chart. The red line is percent of growth. The highest percentage of growth was in 2000-2001. They will look at this to project the 08/09 budget. They need to talk about what assumptions they should make. What our student count is at. They will need to look at capacities. They have 275 students per grade in Kindergarten and 1st grade, if this continues they could have 1,000 students at the high school. They will need to watch the numbers. Ms. Strakbein stated each of the funds is showing a balance sheet and then an income statement beginning on page 3 of 16. They can see some of the comparison information. With the Capital reserve fund they will receive new buses in February. They need to discuss a rotation plan for buses similar to what they are doing with the technology plan. Mr. Jon Kreamelmeyer asked about how they handle student fees when they can’t afford it. Dr. Millie Hamner stated principals have used their activity funds. The schools have a few sources to cover this. Ms. Karen Strakbein said they should talk about the students’ fees and see what the philosophy of the Board is about these. It is revenue of $1.2 million in the general fund. 5. Board Committee Reports Facilities Committee Mr. Chris Guarino, ARC reported on the finish items at the middle school and miscellaneous change orders. A legal notice has appeared in the newspaper where contractors need to come forward because final payment will be made on November 15th. Ms. Sheila Groneman asked when the extra items stored at Summit Education Center will be removed. Mr. Guarino stated he will mention this to Woody Bates, Facilities Manager to check out these items. Other Committee Reports

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Dr. Millie Hamner reported the CARE Council is in the process of getting their website updated. The site will connect people with all sorts of health care agencies and will link to the district’s web site. It will also contain a community calendar. Mr. Jon Kreamelmeyer reported on the Summit Prevention Alliance meeting where they heard a brief election report by Karen Mason. They reported on Make a Difference Day which included over 500 volunteers attending. They will also be writing a letter in support of the District’s mill levy. Mr. Brian Joyce reported that Summit Prevention Alliance is also submitting an application on why Summit County is one of the best places to live. Item G Consent Agenda 1. Approval of Minutes of the Board of Education for October 10, 2007 (Attachment) 2. Personnel Action Items (Attachment) Major/Scanlan: Motion to approve the agenda and the consent agenda with the revised personnel list as presented, carried VOTE: SCANLAN Aye KREAMELMEYER Aye GRONEMAN Aye BOWERS Aye MAJOR Aye ADAMS Aye BRUNVAND Aye Item H

Discussion Items • Curriculum Development Process (Attachment) Dr. Millie Hamner stated we started this discussion at the work session. Does anyone have any questions for Lou Marchesano? Dr. Hamner stated if the process works well what will you expect to see accomplished? Mr. Stuart Adams asked how are we going to see the notion of going deeper, how will we see that, what will it look like? Mr. Lou Marchesano stated the curriculum maps will show the ELOs (essential learning outcomes). Look at the exemplar units which show evidence of work they are doing in the curriculum review area. Mr. Marchesano stated the evidence is in the sample assessments which show deeper understanding of lessons. They can provide extensions, interventions, etc., they are framing it with Doug Reeves practice in not just assessing at the end but through the process as they go along. They will be developing the same skills but going deeper. Mr. Stuart Adams asked about two issues that have come up through 21st Century learning; global awareness and economics. Will it be found in the curriculum? Mr. Marchesano stated yes if it is in the state standards because that is what drives the curriculum. Mr. Adams asked if the Board could direct the curriculum development process to include these. Mr. Marchesano stated he is not saying they are not present but would need to research and see if it is included currently. Ms. Christine Scanlan said the State has said they will be updating their standards soon. Ms. Sheila Groneman said we need to make sure the early childhood standards have a connection and alignment with our curriculum. It needs to be strong and that it flows from PK – 3rd grade. We need to make sure we are focused on that also. Mr. Jon Kreamelmeyer said he likes what has been done. Teaching for understanding has reminded him of a professor from Carnegie Mellon who said it is not about the answers, it is about the

Board of Education Minutes Regular Business Meeting

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questions. We always want to make sure we have the right answers but it is important to ask the right questions. Dr. Hamner stated that we will have Lou Marchesano come back in December to update the process with the board. This will happen before the approval in February. Dr. Hamner recommended that she work with Lou to write up what they have heard today. This will provide some direction for the team. Executive Session • Negotiations pursuant to C.R.S. 24-6-402(4)(e) Dr. Millie Hamner stated the executive session is to talk about teacher negotiations - to talk to the Board about coming together on what topics to look at. Ms. Karen Strakbein has put together a document that lists some negotiation items. This is the work of a small sub group. The Board decided to postpone the executive session until they have the new Board. They can look at the document that Ms. Strakbein has prepared and make recommendations as to whether they feel the item is of high, medium or low priority for consideration. Board Members & Superintendent Comments 1. Reflections on Board Meeting Mr. Jay Brunvand thanked everyone on the Board. He said this has been a great Board to work with. If he could do it again he would. He thanked the various members of the Board. The Board thanked Jay for his work and time on the Board Ms. Christine Scanlan stated she would like to have a get together with the old board and new board as soon as we can schedule it after the election. 2. Information/Attachments for Board of Education Review Student Expulsion Update Dr. Hamner updated the Board on an expulsion of a middle school student. 3. Review of Agenda for November 14th Board of Education Meeting at Summit High School Dr. Hamner reviewed the November agenda with the Board. This will be the first meeting after the election so the new Board will be sworn in. They will see if they can get a special meeting in before the December meeting so they can certify the mill levy. They have a window of time between November 19th and December 6th based upon a letter from the County Treasurer as to when it is needed. Item K VOTE: Adjournment Bowers/Groneman: Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 P.M., carried KREAMELMEYER Aye GRONEMAN Aye BOWERS Aye MAJOR Aye ADAMS Aye BRUNVAND Aye SCANLAN Aye Respectfully submitted, Item J Item I

Ms. Karen Mack, Secretary to the Board ____________________________________ Mr. Jay Brunvand, Board President

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