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									Save the Date: October 2-3, 2008

The Stakeholder Marketing Consortium
What do Energy Star ratings for hotels, banning plastic bags from grocery stores, and nutrition programs for employees have in common? All of these actions came about because of pressure from a variety of stakeholder groups - not simply the customer. Under pressure from a host of stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors and regulators, companies are increasingly looking “beyond the consumer” to adopt a broader and more inclusive stakeholder approach. Marketing is uniquely poised to help companies develop this stakeholder orientation and benefit from a more symbiotic relationship between business and society. In collaboration with the Aspen Institute and the Marketing Science Institute, Dr. C.B. Bhattacharya at Boston University is pleased to host a select, invitation-only Stakeholder Marketing Consortium conference of leading academics and practitioners who are interesting in wrestling with cutting edge questions such as: • When stakeholder needs conflict how can organizations reconcile these differences? • How can we motivate managers to consider the societal impact of marketing actions? • What makes stakeholders skeptical about the motives of companies’ actions? These are some of the questions that were raised in a small brainstorming meeting of leading academics and practitioners held in Aspen, CO in 2007. See http://stakeholder. bu.edu for examples of more questions raised at that meeting. Our aim during the October 2-3, 2008 conference is to bring together leading academic research being done at schools such as Duke, Harvard and MIT with on the ground experience from senior practitioners in companies such as Best Buy, The Gap and Timberland to discuss different approaches to tackling the challenges in adopting a stakeholder orientation. Register now to reserve your place. To foster extensive dialog and interaction, registration is by invitation-only conference is limited to 50 participants. Contact Jenny Chen (jenychen@bu.edu) for more info.

http://stakeholder.bu.edu See tentative agenda Boston, Massachusetts

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