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To the Scouts and Parents of Jamboree Troop 1650_


									To the Scouts and Parents of Jamboree Troop 1650,

Here we are, only a few days before leaving for A. P. Hill and the 2001 National Boy Scout Jamboree. I hope everyone is as excited as we are. As you should be aware, we have our final Troop meeting Monday, July 16th, at 7:00 p.m. at Luther Memorial School on Robin Hood Road. This is the same location that we have had all of our other meetings. Hopefully we can provide last minute instructions and answer any last minute questions at this meeting. The Troop T shirts should be there so those who placed an order, be sure to bring $6 for each shirt that you ordered. We will be leaving for the Jamboree on Monday, July 23 at 8:00 a.m. from Cloverleaf Mall on Midlothian Turnpike. The eight busses will be in the back parking lot. They should not be hard to find. Please try to be there as close to 8:00 a.m. as possible. Report to and check in with one of the adult leaders at the bus with our Troop number, 1650. We will be returning to Cloverleaf on Wednesday, August 1 between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m. Be sure you have transportation available. On Saturday, July 21, we need several scout volunteers to meet at Camp Brady Saunders at 2:30 p.m. to load all of our Troop gear on the truck. Those volunteers may bring and load their personal gear with the Troop gear so they won’t have to worry with it on Monday morning. We will meet at the new warehouse / storage facility at camp. Please let us know Monday at the meeting if you plan to be there. As of now, each scout should have received from Council; 2 Robert E. Lee Council Jamboree T Shirts (given out at the training campout in May) 2 red Border Council Shoulder patches (these should be on your uniform) 2 Silver (white) border Council Shoulder patches 2 round red border National Jamboree patches 2 patches with the Troop # 1650 1 Jamboree Scout Guide. (Be sure this comes to the Jamboree with you - VERY IMPORTANT) Each scout will be receiving when we get to the Jamboree; 1 Robert E. Lee Council Hat 1 Nametag 2 Fanny packs with water bottles 1 Jamboree Neckerchief Each scout should have received, along with his Troop numbers, a Jamboree Scout Guidebook. This small book has just about all of the information a scout and his parents could ever want. Please read and familiarize yourself with this book. Be sure to bring the book to the Jamboree (this is very important). This book is not replaceable. You will be using it throughout the entire Jamboree. The pages following are some basic information that we hope will answer many of your questions. Yours in Scouting, Paul Smith Tim Swingle Gary Hill

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(you may place on your refrigerator) MAIL SERVICES There will be a full service Post Office on site for both incoming and outgoing mail. To send mail to Jamboree participants Address mail to: Scout’s Full Name Jamboree Troop 1650 Subcamp No. 16 2001 National Jamboree Bowling Green, VA 22428 – 1650

EMERGENCY PHONE The phone number at the Jamboree is 804-633-1000 This number is for emergencies only !!! A message will be relayed to the proper Region, then to the proper subcamp, and then to the Troop. It may still take most of a day to contact your son.

PHONES There will be several thousand payphones the scouts may use at any time. This will be a long distance call to the Richmond area. These phones will not accept incoming calls. Consider a prepaid phone card, calling card or personal 800 number. Arrange a special time for your son to call so he won’t miss you.

VISITORS Visitors are welcome and strongly encouraged to come to the Jamboree. Wednesday, July 25 through Tuesday July 31 all areas of the Jamboree will be open to visitors from 9 am to 5 p.m. On Wednesday the 25 th and Sunday the 29th visitors are allowed to stay until 11 p.m. to see the arena shows. If you are thinking of coming to the arena shows, come early and bring something to sit on. Lawn chairs are NOT allowed. You must be sitting flat on the ground. It may be very late getting out of the base due to traffic. Be Prepared. Arrange a day and time to meet and visit with your son. All scouts will be free to leave the Troop site at 9 a.m. and if they don’t know you are coming, they may not be back in camp till 4 p.m. Our Subcamp is 1 ¼ MILES from the parking lot. Be prepared to do a lot of walking if you want to come to the campsite. It may be better to have your son meet you at the parking lot, or the Army activity center, or the Trading Post “B”, etc. RETURN The Troops plan to return to Cloverleaf mall on Wednesday, August 1, between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m.

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Personal Equipment Checklist
Refer to page 48 of the Jamboree Scout Guide 1 large container (footlocker) to hold your gear – preferably waterproof and lockable 1 large Duffel bag, only if you can’t get the above footlocker 1 Day pack – the fanny packs will be small but may work in place of the Daypack 2 Blankets / Sheets or a sleeping bag or a combination of both 2 or 3 large waterproof bags, like garbage bags to keep the sleeping bag in 1 cot – the Troop is providing, you do not have to bring your own 1 Ground cloth, tarp, rug, etc. – something to cover the bare ground in the tent 1 poncho / rain gear – it will rain! 2 (or more) complete Class ”A” uniforms (no neckerchief), regular length scout socks 1 Neckerchief slide – any type - or bring money to buy one at the trading post 5 (or more) T shirts Additional Scout shorts – these are part of the Class “B” uniform Extra shoes – you will be walking 5+ miles daily Socks and underwear for 9 days Sleeping clothes (PJ’s or shorts) 1 Swim suit – more if you shower in your swim suit 1 laundry bag – breathable cloth (not plastic) 1 toilet kit containing soap in a container, comb, toothbrush, mirror, washcloth and toothpaste. 1 plastic washbasin or small bucket Laundry materials (dry detergent or liquid Woolite) 2 Hand towels 2 Bath towels 1 Sewing Kit 1 Flashlight (no flame type lights) with extra batteries 1 Scout Knife 1 Canteen or plastic water bottle (Important) 1 Insect repellent 1 Sunscreen – SPF 30 or higher 1 Bible, Testament or Prayer book – according to your faith 1 Watch (Very important) Set of eating utensils – knife, fork, spoon Optional Personal equipment Pillow Alarm clock Notebook, pencil, pen Folding table (must fit in your footlocker) Camera, extra film Additional headwear Cup to carry (with a belt clip) Shaving gear (only if you really need it) Extra shoelaces Boy Scout Handbook, Fieldbook, Requirements book Small personal radio with earphones – No Boomboxes Electric lantern for tent No laser lights – these will be confiscated by the Jamboree Staff Sunglasses Rope for clothesline and a few clothespins Mosquito netting – poles Duct tape – good for everything Patrol equipment will be provided.

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Here are some ideas and suggestions you may want to think about. These ideas came from meetings of the Council Troop leadership and from past jamboree participants.

1) If your parents are planning to visit, take an extra laundry bag and send some of your dirty clothes and souvenirs home with them. 2) Bring prepaid film mailers to mail film directly to the processor. Some of your pictures may be waiting at home when you get there. 3) Bring several small boxes with postage to mail home souvenirs, patches, etc. 4) Bring poles if you are planning to bring mosquito netting. There will not be any poles available on site. 5) Bring pre-measured, powdered drink mix for your personal water bottle. 6) Bring pre-addressed, stamped postcards or letters to mail home, to friends, scoutmasters, etc. 7) Put your name and Jamboree Troop # on everything, including clothing, gear, etc. 8) Pre-treat clothing with a permethrin insecticide. This will not wash out for 3 washings and will protect against ticks and other biting insects. 9) If you need help managing your money, cash can be placed in an envelope or zip lock and held by an adult leader till needed. 10) Consider a prepaid debit type card (Visa Bux) instead of a lot of cash. These will be accepted in most places, except the snack bar. 11) ATM’s are available. There is a fee to use them. (It was $2 in 1997) 12) Parents and scouts need to discuss a budget and spending limits. The trading post will offer hundreds of items for sale and some you just can’t live without. 13) Casual dress and sandals are OK for wearing around camp. Class B uniform and closed toed shoes will be required when leaving camp. Bare feet will not be allowed at any time. 14) Shower shoes are a good idea for the shower.

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