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					Jeremy Anderson Résumé 3010 16 Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98144-5736 tel: 206/329-7526 email: SUMMARY IT Manager and hands-on senior systems and network administrator w/12 years of experience. Familiar with a broad range of hardware and software platforms. Extensive experience with software development and scripting. Extreme Networks Black Diamond switches, Compaq/Digital, EMC Symmetrix, Isilon systems, Cisco 2500, 3500, 4000, 7000 series routers and switches, Sun, Auspex, Livingston Portmaster, Annex Terminal Servers, IBM PC, Omron & GE Series 90 PLC, Macintosh UNIX (Linux, Mac OS X, Tru64 5.1A, SunOS 4.1.4, Solaris 5-9, System V, FreeBSD) MS-DOS, Windows (English and Chinese versions), OS/2, CP/M
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PROGRAMMING C, C++, MySQL 5.0, Perl 5.6, TCP/IP, DNS, LDAP, NFS, NIS, LANGUAGES AND Radius server, Veritas File System, Legato Networker, Cisco IOS, Oracle APPLICATIONS 8i, Postgres, Novell Netware, E-Ten Chinese Language extensions, FlexLM, 6502, Z-80, 80x86 Assembly language, AutoCAD + Autolisp. OTHER SKILLS Proficient in Mandarin Chinese, with reading and writing ability.

WORK EXPERIENCE AT&T; Redmond, WA; Oct 2007-Present Title: Unix Infrastructure Engineer Duties: Prepare detailed engineering documents usable for AT&T disaster recovery Primary responsibility for all integration tasks for bringing new services online inside AT&T National Services Division including system performance tuning, database configuration, installation of primary O/S and supporting applications Responsible for system security All documentation related to setup and integration systems – SAN, clustered servers Experience with integration of Telecordia-compliant NEBS servers Utilize Jumpstart to install Solaris systems Worked within AT&T standards under SOX compliance Vanguard Animation; Vancouver, BC; Jan 2006-Sept 2007 Title: Head of Systems Administration Duties: Responsibility for purchasing, facilities, HR duties, budgeting for IT needs for a feature film production. Managed approximately 200 employee workstations and a 400 processor render farm. Accomplishments: Supervised a team of 3 systems administrators responsible for maintaing the IT infrastructure of a film production with 160 employees. Was actively involved in the construction of a server room containing a 72 terabyte storage array, 400 processors, and approximately 600 network nodes. Managed installation of seismic structure for machine room, and upgrade of office electrical infrastructure to 250KvA, including working with electrical contractors, professional engineers, and building management. Supervised build out of office network infrastructure. Created office-wide configuration management system to manage software packages, access control, automated systems installation, SNMP-based system monitoring and notification system. Handled software and hardware acquisition for various departments and liaised with heads of department and production management.

Jeremy Anderson Résumé Medorder, Inc; Seattle, WA; July 2004-December 2006 Title: QA Manager Duties: Created QA processes for a software project with rapidly changing customer-driven requirements. Developed requirements gathering process. Responsible for technical side of all new customer implementations and upgrades including data aggregation, database install and tuning, installation of leased lines and switching equipment, and other various and sundry tasks. Migrated source code control system from VSS to open-source product (Subversion), while preserving complete revision history in transition. Neptune; Kirkland, WA; May 2003-June 2004 Title: Sr. Systems and Network Administrator Duties: Responsible for all systems issues for a startup delivering online video albums to 10,000 people daily. Handle incident response, software upgrades, database management, configuration management, backups, email administration, hardware purchases and upgrades, etc. etc. Accomplishments: Was sole technical admin for a major software release (Mediashare 4.0). Software was rolled out to a live website with minimal downtime for users. Successfully migrated servers from a colo location in the Westin building to a remote facility with zero visible downtime for users. Replaced a tape-backup system with a RAID-mirrored hard drive based system, improving quality and accessibility of backups, as well as providing offsite storage of backups to prevent against catastrophic data loss. Solucient, LLC; Seattle, WA; June 2002-March 2003(Contract) Title: Senior Systems Administrator Duties: Primary technical lead for migration of several Tru64 servers from Bellevue, WA to Ann Arbor, MI, as well as day-to-day administrative tasks. Responsible for cloning database servers, developing scripts to monitor operation, performance tuning, capacity planning, working with vendors to develop a migration plan, as well as handling logistics involved in physically moving servers with maximum speed and minimum cost. N2 Broadband; Atlanta, GA; February 2002-June 2002 Title: Installation Engineer Duties: Installation of N2Broadband’s MediaPath Business Management System. Acted as primary interface to the customer. Handled basic troubleshooting of Solaris-based systems. Made routine patches to software when required. IS Corporation; Seattle, WA; October 1999-Oct 2001 Title: Sr. Systems Administrator Duties/Achievements: Responsible for architecture and day-to-day administration of a large, scaleable Solaris-based web community built on contract for a major international corporation. Established on-demand data links between Seattle office and London point-of-presence. Wrote and maintained system management software for Solaris development systems using Korn Shell and Perl; covering numerous aspects of system operation including web publication, user resource utilization, administrator authentication, and other common administrative tasks. Maintained and operated configuration management software for a multi-platform, heterogeneous operating network. Handled router and switch configuration including multi-homed BGP routing, NAT translation, and firewall rules. Implemented LDAP-based authentication on customer and internal systems.

Jeremy Anderson Résumé

Metapath (Now MSI/Marconi); Bellevue, WA; January 1999-October 1999 Title: Technical Consultant Duties: System configuration and tuning, installation of CEOS middleware application running on Irix and HP/UX. Writing SQL and ksh code, documentation, execution of customer acceptance testing and various other responsibilities. MCI/Worldcom; San Jose, CA, USA; October 1998-January 1999 (Contract) Title: System Administrator Duties: Maintenance of a large, heterogeneous computer network including SunOS 4.1.4, Solaris 2.5, Solaris 2.6, Solaris 7, and HP/UX systems. Mylex Corporation; Fremont, CA, USA; June 1998-July 1998 (Contract) Title: System Administrator Duties: Support of systems for Engineering design group working on SunOS and Solaris servers. Installed new tools and applications, managed licensing issues, reconstructed NIS servers, changed NFS security procedures. Upgraded existing software, developed documented, standardized processes for creating new accounts and systems. Atlas Telecom; Portland, OR, USA; September 1997-Mar 1998. (company defunct) Title: Installation Engineer Duties: Installation and maintenance, and troubleshooting of large, fault-tolerant PCS voice mail and prepaid calling card systems based on Solaris, SCO, Oracle, and Postgres. Job responsibilities included interface as the primary point of contact between the company and the customer. Asia World Telenet Co.; Taipei, Taiwan; October 1996-September 1997. Title: Senior Network Engineer Duties: Management of a widely dispersed network of Internet FAX servers. Developed tools on SunOS and Linux platforms using Perl and CGI to assist in records keeping and network management. Provided technical support to other team members. Converted host management from a hostfile based system to DNS. Designed and implemented system security procedures. TranSend Internet Co.; Taipei, Taiwan; August 1994-August 1996. Title: System Administrator/Chief Engineer Duties: Implementation and maintenance of full-service ISP. Engineering detail for first successful Value-Added Network license application by an Internet Service Provider. Implemented first Internet radio station in Taiwan, and first Streamworks-based station outside North America. Installed SunOS UNIX and Linux-based network servers for HTTP servers, SMTP and UUCP mail systems, and Internet gateways. Installed DNS, NFS, NIS systems. Microsoft; Redmond, WA; January-July 1994. Title: Contract software tester Duties: Core testing on East Asian Windows 95 project. Focused on DOS and hardware compatibility testing for Taiwan Chinese, DOS/V, and NEC Japanese language product.

Jeremy Anderson Résumé

Chinese Language Study; Taipei, Taiwan; October 1991 - August 1993. (During this period, some work for Aquarius Systems Incorporated in Taipei. Duties included hardware test suites using C, Assembly, and batch languages, UNIX networking, and technical writing.) Lunde Electric Company; Seattle, WA; April 1990 - July 1991. Title: Engineering Staff Duties: Software design and maintenance for various research and in-house projects. Designed switchboards and paralleling panels for marine use. Assisted in systems integration design of automated fish processing control systems. Programmed PLC systems for shipboard and shore plant processing lines. Designed an Autolisp program to automate power panel design. IBM Corporation; Austin TX; July 1989-March 1990. Title: Contract programmer Duties: OS/2 LAN Project. Creation and maintenance of software, tools, and documentation relating to local area network products for the DOS and OS/2 operating environments. Microsoft Corporation; Seattle, WA; March-May 1989. Title: Contract tester Duties: Component testing and quality control focusing on the OS/2 1.2 Presentation Manager. (references available on request)