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					Dr. Jay Lehr’s Speech Topics 2009
Jay’s speeches are custom written and can include any of the following subject areas:
MEGATRENDS: TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGES IN AGRICULTURE IN THE COMING DECADE It is not your grandfather’s farm any more and the average US citizen would be amazed to see all the innovations on today’s average farm. This talk will explain how multiple tilling has been eliminated on 40% of our acreage as no till systems have proved superior in every way, how biotechnology continues to produce seeds that resist insects and disease and increase yields, while the use of (GPS) Global Positioning Systems and variable rate seeding and fertilization has reduced unnecessary inputs. It discusses how carbon sequestration has been beneficial and environmental quality improvements offer the opportunity to win back the good will of the public that has been heavily degraded by environmental zealots for the past two decades. Dr. Lehr literally adapts this talk on a monthly basis to the ever-changing exciting evolution on today’s American Farm.

ENVIRONMENTAL MYTHOLOGIES ON THE FARM This talk provides everyone in agriculture with an understanding of the many false charges made against the American farm unfairly and definitely damaging to the image that impacts our men and women in production agriculture in their desire to serve the public. Included will be discussions of food safety, nitrogen loading in the Mississippi River, the Endangered Species Act, Confined Animal Feeding Operations, Carcinogenicity and the unwarranted fears of contaminant concentrations of parts per trillion, and the overuse of agricultural chemical inputs. This talk will enable audiences to argue their case with ease and simplicity in order to overturn the misinformation absorbed daily by their own friends and neighbors not involved in agriculture even in rural communities.

OUR ENERGY FUTURE ON THE FARM Everyone worries about the rising cost of energy and fuel to operate our farms. Dr. Lehr is the editor of a forthcoming encyclopedia of energy and is thus conversant with absolutely every current and predicted form of future energy. He will explain precisely how ethanol and biodiesel can reduce energy costs on a farm and where the price of petroleum will be in the coming years and why, as well as the limited use of wind, solar and fuel cells. His take on nuclear energy and hybrid vehicles is a fascinating part of this upbeat and enlightening presentation.


This talk explains why a bright future awaits everyone with good business and technical knowledge because of a growing demand for high quality food among a rapidly growing affluent population in countries throughout the world. China and India represent a large part of this scenario and the rapid dissemination of information on the internet make the US diet well known throughout the world. While many trade barriers still exist, bilateral agreements are growing, problems with mad cow disease and avian flu are receding, animal identification is raising a sense of security. While agriculture production is growing in competitive nations such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, the US remains the world leader. Dr. Lehr has a long history working with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) and continues to work throughout the world, currently in Ghana and Jordon.

BIO-TERRORISM - THREAT - REALITY - HYPE Ever since 9/11 bio-terrorism has been uppermost on the minds of the US population. Dr. Lehr's experience in the military and in all areas of environmental contamination give this talk a vibrant realism as it relates to air and water supply contamination and the ability to create a perception of a contaminated food supply. Lehr explains how the Department of Homeland Security has dramatically minimized the threat of bioterrorism through standard concerns of asbestos, arsenic, dioxin, nitrates, nanotechnology and widely described poisons such as sarin gas and anthrax, but at the same time they are unable to describe exactly what they do so the public remains subject to unwarranted fears and potentially damaging perceptions that an enemy may create. INCREASING PROFITS ON YOUR DAIRY, RANCH OR FAMILY FARM This presentation draws on Lehr's decades of experience studying the numbers that make the difference between profit and loss when it comes to spending time and money in an agricultural operation. Most people on a dairy ranch or farm spend their time where they get the most enjoyment or have the greatest skill to apply and spend their money where they think others do. We rarely see an operation that has been objectively analyzed without the built in biases we carry to our work. Lehr breaks down every element into profit or loss efficiency, controlling what you can control, spending time where it counts, becoming debt free, recognizing failed ideas, improving inputs, planning days, weeks and months and even keeping your kids on the farm, ranch or dairy.

GLOBAL WARMING - FACTS FICTION AND THE 900,000 YEAR RECORD Nobody goes through a day, today without hearing of the impending crisis of man caused global warming. Many lose sleep over it and more waste money over it. Dr. Lehr has been studying climate change for 30 years and has written widely on the subject. Despite the fact that the alarmists are obviously winning, he will enthrall an audience with the common sense knowledge that will make an audience secure in the knowledge that man does not in fact hold a candle to nature when it comes to controlling the climate of our universe. He explains the news media’s motivation for continuing the alarm in spite of the fact that the earth has not warmed since 1998, and

that 900,000 years of ice cores show dramatic temperature changes every 1500 years, not related to carbon dioxide emissions. He tells of farming in Greenland in the 13th century long before the advent of SUVs, the fallacy of computer models that can not predict recent temperatures when the data is already known, the growth of ice in the Antarctic exceeding the losses in the arctic and the $5 billion spent annually by the government to promote man caused global warming research. It is a fascinating story that leaves an audience cheering with relief. Additional Topics Include: AGRICULTURE  Where are We and How Did We Get Here?! (A look back so we can look ahead)  Where Are We Going with American Agriculture?  What’s so Great with American Agriculture? Just About Everything!  Rising Costs of Inputs (seed, fertilizer, feed, machinery . . . ) – Myths and Realities  The Future of Sustainable Agriculture: From the Farm Gate to the Dinner Table  Biotechnology in Agriculture  The Future of the American Farm  World Trade  Food Safety  Animal IDs  The American Dairy  Future Farm Bills  Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico  Nitrogen loading in the Mississippi River  No-till Ag impacts on water quality and the Environment  Buffer Strips: A way to prevent surface water contamination  Bio-terrorism  Endangered Species Act  Organic Farming  Confined Animal Feeding Operations  Hog Farm Odor Solutions  Ground Water Quality  Surface Water Quality  Total Daily Maximum Loading on Watersheds  Forest Growth in America  Wildlife Growth in America  Wetlands  Agricultural Chemical Contamination  Mad Cow Disease  Soil Remediation  Manure Handling  International Agriculture

       

Fertilizer/Nutrient Management Aquaculture Agricultural Co-ops Carbon Sequestration Cattle Ranching Conservation Easements Precision Agriculture Soybean Production

PEOPLE AND THE ENVIRONMENT  Global Warming  The Impact of Co2 Build Up in the Atmosphere  Urban Sprawl  Water Supply Treatment  China  Greenhouse gases, natural and manmade  Ozone Depletion  Recycling  Risk Assessment  Life Expectancy  Sustainability of the American Automobile  How to Eliminate “NIMBY”  Air Quality  Poverty - The Ultimate Health Risk  Life Expectancy and Affluence  World Population Growth  Who are the Environmental Zealots?  Solid Waste Disposal in the US  State CO2 Legislation  Avian Flu  The Precautionary Principle  Economics, Freedom, & Capitalism  Forest Management  Nature Conservancy  Nutrition  Property rights  Tsunamis

ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS  Radon Exposure  Bio-terrorism  Homeland Security  Asbestos Exposure

              

Chlorine and the Environment Dangers of Dioxin Rodent Bioassays to Determine Acceptable Human Exposures Carcinogenicity Superfund DDT - A Once Great Preserver of Life The Problem of the Rain Forests Contaminant Thresholds What is a Part per Trillion, Quadrillion? Indoor Air Pollution Human Health Nitrates in Surface Water Arsenic in Ground Water Mercury in Air Pesticide Management

ENERGY  Ethanol Production  Biodiesel Production  Nanotechnology  Methanol  Energy resources  The Future of Nuclear Power and the World  Petroleum, Coal and Gas Reserves  The Hydrogen Economy and Fuel Cells  Wind Energy  Solar Energy  Nuclear Energy  Electric/Hybrid and Fuel Cell engines  The Kyoto Climate Change Treaty  Arctic National Wildlife Reserve  Acid Rain  The Internal Combustion Engine  Electromagnetic Waves and Cancer  Mineral Reserves

POLLUTION  Brown Fields  Endocrine Disruptors  Storm Water Runoff  The Dose Makes The Poison

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