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					Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions Minutes, October 5, 2007 Campion House- Creighton Campus Omaha, Nebraska
Board Members Present: Cristy Daniel, Art Farha, Charles Greco, Jamie Herrmann, Richard Hogrefe, Larry Kawa, David Kohll, Nabil Laham, Amy Jo Lamb, Josh Richling, Mario Sylvestri, and Gomer Taylor Michael Tonn and David Wragge C. Curt Barr, J. Chris Bradberry, Brenda Coppard, Alekha Dash, Caroline Goulet, Jessica Graner Diane Dougherty Crowley, Michael Monaghan, and Laura Schmitz

Board Members Absent: CU Administrators, Faculty and Staff:

Item 1- Call to Order and Roll Call Call to Order was made by Larry Kawa 1:13 pm and he welcomed everyone. The opening prayer was led by Dean J. Chris Bradberry. Item 2- Introduction and President’s Remarks President Mario Sylvestri welcomed new members, Don Ostdiek (representing DPT alumni) and Laura Schmitz (AAB secretary); Assistant Dean C. Curt Barr welcomed the PHPSG President Jamie Herrmann. Items 3- Dean’s Remarks Kawa turned over the floor to Dean Bradberry for discussion. Dean Bradberry commented that the Golden Jays luncheon was successful, with five of sixteen alumni present. In the student update, Dean Bradberry stated that the School has increased the prospective student pool in both Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. In finance, revenues are estimated to be $32.1million for the School, of which 80% comes from tuition and fees. Grants for research have increased and the School received a $500,000 grant from AHRQ for research, with only three of these types of grants awarded nationally. In clinical services, we continue to manage Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) services and operate the Creighton University Medical Center (CUMC) Pharmacy. Deb Lee is the new Director of Pharmacy Services at CUMC. The School has a report due to the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) after receiving the full six year reaccreditation. The Office of Interprofessional Scholarship, Service and Education (OISSE) is collaborating with The School of Medicine, and potentially with the Dentistry and Nursing schools as well. Our Alumni Relations Baseball & BBQ event was extremely successful; with the most alumni attending an event in University history. The Prematriculation Program, which focuses on School diversity, is in its second year. Dean Bradberry stressed the importance of scholarship funds for students. From a facilities perspective, there is a limitation of physical space; we need more offices, classrooms, etc. to keep up with growth of the School. With salary compression, the School has reached the 50th percentile compared to the national level for faculty and staff, and we are currently trying to maintain that level. The Occupational Therapy pilot program with the University of Alaska for 2008 will be further discussed by Dr. Brenda Coppard. The School is in the process of trying to enhance the PhD program in Pharmacy Sciences (PS), Rehabilitation and Health Science Research, and Translational Pharmacology. Program rankings are as follows: PT ranked 16th and OT ranked 28th nationally, and Pharmacy 42 out of 101 pharmacy programs. Dean Bradberry opened the floor for questions and comments from the Board. Charles Greco questioned the Prematriculation Program, wondering if participating students find themselves behind others. Dean Bradberry commented that they do not and are at a B level. Cristy Daniel asked if seats were saved; Dean Bradberry commented that they are included in the admission pool. Nabil Laham asked how admission

into the program was approved. Dean Bradberry commented that he approves the candidates after recommendations from the Admissions Committee. David Kohll asked what the reasons for the limitations to physical space were. Bradberry stated that the School staff has doubled in the last ten years, and the school has added fifteen faculty members in the last five years. There is a master plan for Health Sciences submitted to the Vice President, asking for 70,000 sq. ft. The School is currently occupying less than 40,000 square feet. A renovation of the Boyne building is included in the plan. President Sylvestri asked for introductions around the table; each member proceeded to introduce themselves and their Board position. Items 4- University Alumni Relations- Diane Dougherty Crowley Dougherty Crowley submitted a report; please refer to materials included in AAB binder. The materials provide a breakdown of 210 recruiting areas, and each of the areas has an alumni base. The information is used for identifying areas with the largest alumni base: the major donors in the region and the regions with high capacity to support Creighton. “Destination Creighton” is the continuing theme for Alumni Relations. The University Relations staff has increased by 2 people and they are moving office locations to the O’Keefe building. Online services for Alumni Relations are growing; each school is given a page to focus on their news and events and to welcome their specific alumni. The “Willing to Lead” Campaign goal is to reach $350 million by 2008 and is currently at $312 million. President Sylvestri opened the floor for discussion and questions. Charles Greco questioned how to find online alumni purchases, such as t-shirts, and Dougherty Crowley commented that those need to be bought through bookstore and other stores. Kawa thanked Dougherty Crowley and passed the discussion to item five. Item 5- Reports from the Chairs and Student Board Member OT Department Chair, Brenda Coppard submitted a department report; please refer back to materials in the AAB binder. New faculty member, Jacy VerMaas-Lee, is to head the OT clinic initiative at Twin Creeks. Liz Ruch is a new faculty hire and will be leading the OT clinical initiatives at the Winnebago Indian Reservation. There are 26 entry level students and one post-professional graduating this December 2007. Coppard has been appointed Assistant Dean for Faculty Development and will be stepping down from Department Chair. The pediatric program at Twin Creeks is moving forward, the equipment has been ordered, and a grand opening is to be scheduled. Contracts have begun with the University of Alaska Anchorage OT outreach program. Other initiatives include collaborating with China. Drs. Coppard, Bradberry and Mu recently visited the country. The outreach program will include helping to develop rehab clinics and a possible faculty/student exchange. The School is redesigning the ILAC/OT program and a laptop program for the classroom. Alumni are going to be involved in interview processes for admissions. The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (AOTE) standards is going to impact admissions, as they will now begin requiring a baccalaureate degree for the program. The department is also becoming increasingly concerned with debt-load ratios for students, especially because of the new AOTE standards. The OT department is short on faculty and physical space. Richard Hogrefe commented that a baccalaureate degree adds two years to program, and would therefore increase debt load even more. Coppard agreed but states that currently 50% of all OT students come into the program with a four year degree. Lamb commented on CUMC staffing and salaries. Coppard responded by stating they are now locally competitive. Daniels questioned how the interviews for admission will be done and Coppard responded that she has not seen a final draft of the process. Pharmacy Practice Chair, Michael Monaghan submitted a department report; please refer back to materials in the AAB binder. There are 44 current faculty members in the Pharmacy Practice (PP) department. The department is currently working with Mirixa and the Nebraska Pharmacist Association to identify patients that are qualified for medication therapy management but are not currently receiving the service. The department needs more space, especially for therapeutic case studies. Administratively, the department is focused on service and developing a process for department to identify service projects. The department is changing guidelines for tenure vs. non-tenure and is doubling the scholarship for teaching research.

Pharmacy Science (PS) Department Chair, Alekha Dash submitted a department report; please refer back to materials in the AAB binder. In teaching awards, Victoria Roche received the AACP Chalmers Award; there are eight faculty members that received an AACP teaching award for 2007. The department has received 21 grants and is in the process of hiring two new faculty members. Transitional PT Director, Caroline Goulet gave the PT department report on behalf of PT Chair Sandstrom. There are currently 189 students enrolled in the program, of which 42 are transitional DPT students. The program has received accreditation. Gail Jensen was promoted to the Dean of the Graduate School. Physical Therapy currently has 13 faculty members, with one open position. Goulet discussed scholarships, stating there are many community engagement type grants for service learning in higher education. These help students to meet the needs of the local community while increasing scholarships. The collaboration with Madonna Rehab Center in Lincoln is strong. The Post BS Doctor of Physical Therapy program has a decreasing demand. Josh Richling spoke about the PT residency program at CUMC. PHPSG President, Jaime Herrmann, gave a brief overview of how the student government works. PHPSG is focused on being consistent with fair representation to campus and distance students within all disciplines. The School’s fall picnic had one of the largest turnouts in the event’s history this year. PHPSG is promoting programs through the Creighton Student Union; such as the smoke-free campus and trying to apply the School’s dress code. PHPSG is increasing interdisciplinary programs within SPAHP, as well as with the Schools of Medicine and Nursing. President Sylvestri offered to be a volunteer with that endeavor. Herrmann would like to increase alumni attendance at the Retreat Dinner January 17, 2008. PHPSG is arranging a financial planner to speak to students about budgeting and managing debts after college. The Creighton graduation fee was discussed. Lamb questioned perception of alumni to students; Herrmann commented that here is not a day-to-day thought by students of alumni. In order to change students’ views and improve the visibility of alumni, there could be a SPAHP night for student-alumni discussion and web-page with contact information. Item 6- Approval of March 23, 2007 minutes The motion to approve the March 23, 2007 minutes was made by Lamb and seconded by President Sylvestri. The minutes of March 23, 2007 were approved unanimously as written Chairman Kawa announced a short break at 3:05 p.m. Chairman Kawa called the Board back to order at 3:18pm Item 7- Mission and Vision Assistant Dean Barr spoke about the SPAHP Office of Alumni Relations’ new mission and vision. There is a new business plan for development being drafted, which will identify three major areas of need. Item 8- Committee Reports (reports were submitted, please refer to AAB binders) Banquet Speaker- Lamb: The committee is meeting soon to discuss a speaker for next year. Barr commented that all attendees at the banquet will receive a survey to better plan for next year’s banquet. Awards Committee- Gomer Taylor: All but one award winner will be present at Alumni Banquet. Dean Bradberry asked the board members to introduce themselves to award winners and make themselves visible. Class Liaison Committee- Josh Richling: There were conference calls to discuss the contacts for the alumni weekend; this seemed to have a positive outcome. With 22 possible social and giving chairs, the School filled fewer than 20. Next year, efforts will be made to fill every class reunion chair position for all five year reunion classes. The chairs will be asked to become Class Liaisons, so hopefully at least one class liaison will be identified for each class within the five years. This will be completed in five years.

Developmental Committee- David Kohll: Committee has not had time to meet, but they have had informal discussion. Memorial Plaque Committee- Art Farha: Each member was asked help develop and include their comments on the design, wording, and type of plaque. The Committee is waiting for Creighton’s Facilities Management to assign the specs and drawing, potential costs, etc, but the University President, Fr. Schlegel, has tentatively approved the concept of the plaque. Kawa thanked every committee and moved to next discussion item. Item 9- Endowment Updates Jessica Graner submitted a report of endowment updates; please refer to AAB binder for more information. Graner stated that the report includes all outside dollars donated, and that the School has received contributions that exceeded expectations. The Kathleen Werner Scholarships was endowed in 2006. SPAHP has asked for $1 million in additional scholarship funding to be used for recruiting, the most desirable student scholarship. The School needs an additional $250,000 installment to reach the $1 million goal. Richling questioned the tuition reduction process and its application. Dean Bradberry stated that this gives the School’s the ability to be flexible in awarding money, allowing the School to award based on performance, financial need, and diversity. Items 10- Alumni Events Update The AAB binder includes hard copy of the SPAHP Alumni website opening page and its development, including a calendar. Barr spoke about School events and presented a comparison chart of alumni events in 2006 and 2007. Senior students are treated as “alumni in residence” in order build their loyalty and involvement after graduation. The Board members expressed a lot of positive feed back of Alumni and Friends receptions and “Get Blue” events. Items 11- Alumni Banquet Update The AAB Binder included an hour breakdown of the events of Oct. 5, 2007 for the Alumni Reunion Banquet. Mack Dryden is the keynote speaker. The event agenda for the weekend was included in the AAB binder as well. Barr thanked the Board members for taking the time to be active with the Board and the Alumni Reunion Weekend. David Kohll questioned that if a board member travels to a convention, are they able to be provided with contact information to visit alumni in the area and be more active in development. Barr answered that we hope to get the deans involved and would welcom any of the Board members to do the same. Item 12- Open Forum President Sylvestri gave a review of the vision for the board, new business and ideas for of new initiatives to be added to the agenda for the spring AAB meeting. The Board Guidelines need to be revisited; an adhoc committee will be formed and Herrmann was asked to join the committee as an “alumnus in residence” and Herrmann agreed. Lamb discussed the Dale Carnegie organization, which has training in leadership and human relationship skills; she feels this would be very beneficial for alumni, students, faculty, and staff to attend. The cost of the program is $1500 after a $500 discount. Corporate sponsorship is possible, or cost could be reduced through volume. Greco agreed that it could be helpful in a doctorpatient relationship and in developing confidence in treating patients. Laham commented about opening sponsorship to a wider base, rather than just corporations; he also agreed to come back for the spring meeting with more information about the Dale Carnegie course. Dean Bradberry expressed the possibility of incorporating the course into a campus student leadership group. Lamb requested to work with Herrmann, and Herrmann accepted, to explore the possibility of piloting a program and report to the Board with feedback.

Plaques of appreciation and recognition were presented by Barr to Board members Richling and Kawa, who are completing their service to the Board at the end of 2007.

Item 13- Next meeting President Sylvestri suggested March 28, 2008, tentatively, as the date for the AAB spring meeting, as the PHPSG Spring Banquet is scheduled for March 29, 2008. A meeting request with the date and location of the meeting will be sent by Barr before the end of the year. Motion to close was made by Farha and seconded by Lamb at 4:16 pm; the motion passed.