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					Calendar for the week of April 13, 2008
Sunday, April 13 Sunday, April 13 Sunday, April 13 Monday, April 14 Monday, April 14 Monday, April 14 Tuesday, April 15 Tuesday, April 15 Tuesday, April 15 Tuesday, April 15 Wednesday, April 16 Wednesday, April 16 Thursday, April 17 Thursday, April 17 Thursday, April 17 Sunday, April 20 Sunday, April 20 Sunday, April 20 Sunday, April 20 Sunday, April 20 9:00 AM 10:10 AM 10:15 AM Sunday School for All Ages Congregational Hymn Sing Worship Newsletter Deadline Men’s Softball Boy Scout Troop 23 weekly meeting Tax Day Deacons Trustees Scout Committee Meeting Presbytery Clergy Luncheon Chancel Choir Rehearsal Faith Builders Study Groups at Third Presbyterian Greater Rockford Clergy Luncheon Davis Circle at the home of Wylda Huffman Wear Third Pres Shirt Sunday Sunday School for All Ages Congregational Hymn Sing Worship Fellowship ½ Hour hosted by the Delta Club in honor of Shirley Johnson

April 13, 2008 10:15 AM ,

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Third Presbyterian Church
Third Presbyterian Church
1221 Custer Avenue ♦ Rockford, Illinois 61103 Phone (815) 962-7889 ♦ Fax (815) 962-9133 WTPB LP 99.3 is on the air every day! E-mail: 1221 Custer Avenue ♦ Rockford, Illinois 61103 Phone (815) 962-7889 ♦ Fax (815) 962-9133 WTPB LP 99.3 is on the air every day! E-mail: Dr. Murray Hanson, Pastor Amy Sandberg, Congregational Liaison & Program Coordinator Jessica McDonald, Church Secretary

The CHURCH at WORSHIP April 13, 2008 10:15 AM Third Sunday after Easter
Lu Willsey, Organist Amy Kats, Chancel Choir Director Fred Fauerbach, Worship Leader GATHERING TO PRAISE GOD * All who are able, please stand -------- Interlude for seating WELCOME and HYMN SING at 10:10. As you enter the sanctuary, you are invited to join us for five to seven minutes of singing. HYMN NO. 2026: “Halle, Halle, Hallelujah” (blue book) HYMN NO. 2077: “You Alone Are Holy” (blue book) HYMN NO. 2064: “O Lord, You’re Beautiful” (blue book) SERVICE OF LIGHTS and SILENT MEDITATION As the Call to Worship nears, you are encouraged to quiet your mind and heart as you listen to the music. CALL to WORSHIP, PRAYER of INVOCATION and LORD’S PRAYER * HYMN NO.: -----PRAYER OF CONFESSION: We confess, Lord, that sometimes we allow our society’s celebrities to distract us from the voice of the Good Shepherd. We sometimes allow the noise and tumult of our world to drown out the calming voice of the Good Shepherd. We sometimes give greater attention to the pressures of the flock than to leadership of the Good Shepherd. Pardon us for our waywardness, and tune our ears and hearts to the Good Shepherd. (Here each worshipper may silently lift up their own prayer of confession.) Amen. ASSURANCE OF PARDON ANTHEM: CHILDREN’S STORY LEARNING TIME (ages 5-3rd grade) “I Love To Tell the Story” Chancel Choir Jayne Maxwell Julie Leber “” (red book)

ANNOUNCEMENTS, SIGNATURE of FRIENDSHIP MISSION MESSAGE: “Wear Third Pres Shirt Sunday” Tami Saunders CARE REPORT, CHIMES, PRAYER of INTERCESSION and CHORAL RESPONSE PRESENTATION of our OFFERINGS OFFERTORY: SCRIPTURE READING: HYMN NO. 581: SERMON: * HYMN NO. 321: “There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit” “” “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us” (seated) (red book) Dr. Murray Hanson (red book) “The Everlasting Arms” arr. Lani Smith * DOXOLOGY (No. 572 red book) and PRAYER of DEDICATION

* BENEDICTION AND CONGREGATIONAL RESPONSE: “Go Out and Tell” Go out in peace, go out in joy, go out and tell the world that Jesus Christ is Lord Go out in peace, go out in joy, go out and tell the world that Jesus Christ is Lord That all may know the difference that He will make by trusting in His word Go out in peace, go out in joy, go out and tell POSTLUDE: “We Believe in One True God” arr. Gylncannon The Chancel Flowers this morning are presented by Jan Schabacker in memory of loved ones. GREETERS: Sam & Mary Wiltzius USHERS: Tom Lyford, Earl Lutzow, Bob Neumann and Pat Murray EXIT GREETER: Stacy Gray, Board of Deacons NURSERY: Fred & Jeanne Fauerbach Care Report ™ Edith Williams is now back in her apartment at Peterson Meadows. This past Thursday she celebrated her 99th birthday! If you would like to send her a card, her address is: 6401 Newburg Rd., Apt. 227, Rockford, IL 61108. ™ Bernice Read is at Rockford Memorial Hospital.

Share Your Gift of Music this Summer!
During the summer months, our choir takes a break. Many opportunities for special music are available. Volunteers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to share music offerings with our church family. Third Presbyterian is a warm and caring environment or first time music volunteers. Don’t miss this opportunity to bless and be blessed by participating in this special ministry. Please sign up before May 9 to allow the church staff adequate time to plan our summer worship services.

The Worship

Committee is inviting everyone to wear Third Pres. and

other Christian shirts and jewelry to church on Sunday, April 20th. You are invited to wear any apparel that promotes Third Pres. Church, vacation Bible School, Night Crusaders, Women’s Association, Stronghold, Faith Builders, Third Presbyterian softball teams, etc. Women’s Association pins and any jewelry with crosses or angels would also be appropriate. Please check your closets, dressers and jewelry boxes for items that show your love for God and Third Presbyterian Church and mark your calendars to wear them to church on Sunday, April 20th!

Attention All Third Pres Softball Teams!
There will be a church softball practice TODAY at 3 pm at Brown park across the street from Third Presbyterian Church. Please come if you can! Men’s games begin April 14 and Coed games begin April 22. If you have any questions, please call Aaron Babcock at 815-986-8625

Let's Go Camping at STRONGHOLD!!
You won't believe the fun, friendships, and great Christian experiences that you will have at this year's camps that Stronghold has to offer. Kids who have completed grades 1 thru 12 will find a variety of camps to choose from. There are flyers at our church or you can go online at to get the details of all the different camps, the dates, and their cost. And speaking of cost, as in the past, our church will cover 50% of the cost of the camp fee. If you turn in your form p before May 5 you will receive a discount of $25. Don't wait too long to sign up! These camps are popular and can fill up fast! Please turn in your form in the church office to be mailed to Stronghold. Questions - call our office at 962-7889 or Julie Leber at 636-8825. See ya at the Castle!!

I welcome a call to arrange a time for me to share my gift in church this summer: Name:_______________________________________________________ Phone:_______________________________________________________ I could accompany a soloist:_______________________________________ I would need an accompanist:______________________________________

Vacation Bible School June 23-27, 2008
Mornings at Westminster Presbyterian Church together with First and Westminster Presbyterian Churches

The Membership Development Committee will be delivering lunches for the benefit of Habitat for Humanity. If you are available for an hour or so on May 2, we will be putting together sack lunches of cookies, chips, fruit and a sandwich, then we will be delivering them on May 3. If there are any questions please call Lorie Bentley at 815-987-1274

NES-Watch Crime Fighter Event
On May11, there will be a NES-Watch Crime Fighter Event at West Middle School from 10 am until 5 pm. We are going to have a table set up in the school with information about us. If you are able to spend some time at our table we would very much appreciate it. All that is needed is someone to be there to hand out brochures and answer any questions about the church. You can look up the event at for more information. If there are any questions, please call Lorie Bentley at 815-987-1274

One Great Hour of Sharing
Last Year’s Final Total: $3,446.90 This Year to Date: $3,082.35 (You may use envelopes in the pew pockets)

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