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Purpleheart _Peltogyne_ Medium to hard wood with tight_ fairly


(Peltogyne) Medium to hard wood with tight, fairly straight grain with moderate to coarse texture. Bright purple when cut, darkens to brownish purple with exposure. Machines well with sharp tools. Turns and finishes well. Central and South America. Thanks to Woodcraft for permission to use their picture & the definition above. Ken’s Notes: I like Purple Heart for accents and composites. It is easy to burn and you must have sharp tools to work with it. It will darken over time, especially if left in the sun, and the purple will fade to a dark brown. Some woodworkers use Purple Heart for their entire piece, but I save it for places where the purple will really stand out. I have used it several times to make cross to adorn certain clocks. I have also used it as inlays on jewelry boxes.

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