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How to Store Replica Jewelry


									How to Store Replica Jewelry
Replica jewelry is beautiful to own. It deserves a special place of its own in which to be stored. Here are some suggestions.

First, some general rules. Store jewelry in a padded jewelry box; the padding prevents scratches and dents. An enclosed box also keeps out sunlight, dirt and dust and keeps pieces from being broken. It also keeps pieces together without being lost.

If a piece of jewelry contains gemstones, they need special protection against sudden blows that can crack the stone or scratch it. Jewelry with gemstones should be kept separate, away from other gold, silver or platinum pieces that could be scratched by it.

When storing necklaces, fasten the clasps and hang them to keep them from tangling. Jewelry should be checked periodically to ensure clasps, posts and settings are secure. Jewelry boxes should be cleaned out from time to time to be rid of dust and debris.

Replica jewelry, like any other jewelry should be removed when doing household chores to avoid being damaged by cleaning products or by bumps. For this reason, keep a jewelry holder in the kitchen, the laundry room, the bathroom and the workroom to protect them. If rings are difficult to remove, wear latex or similar gloves to protect the jewelry and the hands.

When traveling, always store jewelry with carry-on luggage. Jewelry can be easily stolen from checked luggage. Airplane holds also experience wide temperature variations that can damage gemstones. Store valuable jewelry in the hotel safe and never leave it in plain view in a hotel room. Jewelry left at home should be stored in boxes tucked away out of sight. That way, if thieves break into the home, they won't necessarily find the jewelry.

Replica jewelry made of 925 sterling silver should be stored in box or chest with tarnish-free lining. These linings can help silver stay beautiful for up to 25 years longer than standard jewelry boxes. Keep in mind that wearing silver jewelry prevents it from tarnishing, so wear it often.

There are many attractive ways to store jewelry. Some people prefer the simple elegance of a traditional wooden jewelry box. Others like the fun of jewelry boxes with lots of special doors and drawers. Some prefer a box with added features such a mirror or a light.

If replica jewelry is being given as a gift, it should be presented in an elegant box that can be used to store it. This preserves the illusion that the piece is Chanel or Christian Dior replica jewelry. (Whether or not the replica jewelry is exposed for what it is, that's the giver's prerogative.)

A jewelry case is also an excellent gift to accompany the gift of replica jewelry. Consider the recipient's tastes and needs. A person with more traditional tastes would appreciate a traditional box. A whimsical person may enjoy a jewelry box with a wind-up music box and a twirling ballerina like she had in childhood. Men appreciate a jewelry/valet combination that allows him to store pocket contents for the evening.

Beautiful jewelry, whether replica or genuine, deserves an elegant storage place. The jewelry will thus preserve its beauty for many years.

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