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					Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes
You can go into just about any store and buy a jewelry box. The variety is endless from glass jewelry boxes all the way to handcrafted jewelry boxes. The handcrafted jewelry boxes stand above the rest though with their intricate detail and durability.

These boxes were quite popular way back when because the wood was easier to work with and decorate. Everyone wanted a handcrafted wooden box to hold their precious and semi-precious jewels and treasures in. These boxes were appealing in more then one way.

Whether it was the smooth texture of the wooden or the interesting wooden latch, these boxes could be described as nothing but individualistic. companies are constantly tring to recreate the magic of long ago. Handmade jewelry boxes are being recreated which is helping with the revival of the small scale industry.

With the advanced equipment they employ, the intricacy and beauty of handcrafted jewelry boxes has increased ten fold. Not only are they quite beautiful, but they are also very practical to use. You can get them in any shape or size to suit your needs. They can be used by either men or women and they have a high aesthetic value. The purpose of these boxes are endless.

Standard handcrafted jewelry boxes come with compartments for different kinds of jewelry. They are quite spacious as well; hence you can store your bangles, necklaces and even watches with ease. You can get them in different designs. Some are pretty plain and have very little carvings or other artistic features. The more expensive ones have inlaid carvings and miniature designs as well.

Some handcrafted jewelry boxes are made from a single block of wood without any kind of joints. These boxes have lovely crafted covers and are seamless. It's made from a chunk of wood which is cut and the inner portion is carved out. Sometimes you may get carvings on the outer portion and in some other boxes you may just get a more rustic or plain look.

Band saw jewelry boxes:These boxes come in different shapes as well. The main shapes are Tsunami, tides and whale play. The whale play kind of box has miniature drawers and handles which can be used to store your trinkets. Cherry wood is used to make the tsunami variety of jewelry box which is modeled like a wave and has a double drawer. Each drawer has two sections which can be used to store all the small trinkets and even money.

Women are not the only ones who love to have beautiful jewelry boxes. Now a days, men also enjoy having handcrafted jewelry boxes in which they can store their trinkets and watches in. Mens jewelry boxes have different compartments so that they can store keys, money, or even their cufflinks in them.

Handcrafted jewelry boxes are not just storage units for jewelry but are great works of art as well!

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Handcrafted jewelry boxes are a really unique way to store your jewelry and small jewels. Handcrafted jewelry boxes