Is This A Great Business Opportunity for Me by BrittanyGibbons


									Is This A Great Business Opportunity for Me?
In spite of a weak economy, this country still offers, what I believe to be the best opportunities for ANYONE to enjoy financial success. Because there are so many great opportunities available, it can be overwhelming just trying to get through the maze of offerings. Because most of us do not have vast economic wealth, we must rely on research, and instinct to find and the right business opportunity for us. However, we can make use of some of the advice of those who have achieved financial wealth. An overwhelming number of the very wealthy in this country agree that network marketing is a solid business model for dramatically improving one’s economic position. They all point to the residual nature of the income stream created through MLM as the main reason for their support of the industry. I have created a set of questions one should ask in their effort to determine if an MLM network marketing business opportunity is best for them.

About the Company: 1. 2. How long has the company been around? Who is the “captain of the ship”/CEO? What is his background?

About the Product: 1. 2. 3. Is there demand for the product or service? Will the cost of the product/service result in an additional regularly recurring expenditure for my customer? Is this a fad?

Training: 1. 2. Is there any type of training in place? Does the company provide “tools” to help the consultant promote the business opportunity in addition to the product/service?

Sponsor/Upline: 1. 2. Is my sponsor committed to my success? Is my sponsor/upline willing to work directly with me, sharing their knowledge and offering support?

Me: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Can I generate enough immediate income to offset my initial investment? Is this opportunity well suited to my own dreams, goals, and desires? Do I have a clear understanding of the use of leverage to build a solid distribution network? Is this something I believe I can make money with? Do I have a clear understanding that this is a marathon NOT a sprint? Am I committed to my own success?

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