“Tropical Heat Wave” Choreography by pptfiles


									“Tropical Heat Wave” Choreography
Rachael McWilliams Opening (Suzanne’s Solo): ~ Nobody dancing, doing normal Station Krewe jobs (“She came from the island of Martinique”) ~ John C. Zigler leads Donna G. out to Center stage ; Donna poses with tropical drink through rest of solo ~ John C.Z. brings in box of costumes, places at back of stage

Musical interlude: ~ Get rid of station gear, put on coconut bras and grass skirts over suits, move to semicircle formation ~ Donna walks in a slow circle to the right, “hula-ing” 1st Verse:

Donna hulas, points, hands-to-hips, fanning with hand

(“We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave”) ~ 2 step-touches away from Center, arms “hula-ing” in the direction you are heading ~ 2 step-touches back into Center, hula-ing (“The temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising”) ~ Step-touch R ; R arm goes up in the air, palm facing floor ~ Reverse L, leaving R arm in the air (“I certainly can”) ~ Arms swing down to form triangle (point to the ground) (“ ---- ----“) ~ Move triangle R, then back to Center (“Can-Can”) ~ L heel lifts, then drops down as R foot comes up to L knee ; arms swing down to hips

2nd verse:

Donna continues hula-ing, pointing, etc…

(“She started a heat wave, by making her seat wave”) ~ 4 steps relatively in place, starting with R foot ; opposite arm swings out in front, hip level, slightly curved, hands in fists (“In such a way that, the customers say that, I certainly can”) ~ 3 push-drag steps to form 2 lines [Ted leads to the L, forming back line ; John CZ leads to the R, forming the front line] ; Arms push in the direction you are traveling (“ ---- ----“) ~ Arms come up to “prayer” position at chest (“Can-Can”) ~ Hands move R, L, Center Donna hula’s to Stage Right, then back across the stage to close to center


(“Gee…her anatomy…makes the mercury…jump to 93”) ~ BOATS : Front line starts facing stage L (Suzanne) , back line starts facing SR (Trish) * 3 sets of 2 strokes, plus one extra ; starting with UPSTAGE foot, changing directions each set by turning TOWARDS the audience * Suzanne and Trish stay put for 2 strokes, then change boats every 2, “yelling” (“Yes, Sir!”) ~ Step out to “sailor” pose, legs shoulder width apart, arms behind back ; nod up (yes) then down (sir) Donna hula’s, points, etc…

3rd Verse:

(“We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave”) ~ 2 step-touches, starting R, to become one line ; arms flowy – no higher than rib level * Front line moves backwards ; Back line moves forward ~ 2 more step-touches R-L, L-R as one line, continuing with arms flowing in the direction that you are stepping

(“The way that I move the thermometer proves that”) ~ 2 salsa steps: Forward R, back L ; arms loose (“I certainly can”) ~ Both arms go straight up in the air (“ ---- ----“) ~ Arms come down to shoulders (a la kick line) (“Can-Can”) ~ L heel lifts, then drops down as R foot comes up to L knee ; arms remain at shoulders

Dance Break! ~ All take a turn dancing with Donna – make sure this is something CONCRETE, even though it’s simple and fast, and make sure you are keeping her the center of attention

Repeated Bridge:

Donna can hula, moving Left then back to center

(“Gee…her anatomy…makes the mercury…jump to 93”) ~ Repeat boat section (“Yes, sir!”) ~ “Sailor” pose, nodding up and down -- but DON’T SING this time! Repeated 3rd Verse: Donna hula’s, points, etc…

(“We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave”) ~ Repeat 4 step-touches to become and as one line (“The way that she (I) move(s), the thermometer proves that”) ~ Repeat salsa steps (“I certainly can ---- ---- ”) ~ Arms up, then down to shoulders (“Can-Can!”) ~ L heel lifts, then drops down as R foot comes up to L knee ; arms remain at shoulders ~ Donna hits final pose, Left hand on hip, Right hand holding drink up in the air!

Dancers –

Thanks so much for your hard work on this piece. Hopefully these notes will help you out…. I color coded things so you could see a little clearer what’s going on. BLUE = Donna G. All of her singing and dancing notes are written in this color. If the lyrics are in blue, don’t sing them! RED = The lyrics that only Suzanne and Trish sing BLACK = Lyrics that only the guys sing AND

= Choreography that everyone except Donna does PURPLE = Lyrics that everyone sings together

Hopefully these color breakdowns are a help and not an added confusion to you. I think this number is going to be really great, provided we can get it really sharp and the moves really together. Please really focus on those arm movements at the beginning – the triangle and the prayer hands – and on keeping the rhythm really steady during the boat sections.

Please feel free to contact me at PLUdancer21@msn.com if you have any questions about the dance, or can’t decipher the choreography.

Thanks again everyone!!! ~ ~ Rachael ~ ~

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