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					Mike Amen
Graphic Artist 917.816.2645 Computer proficiencies General Software: Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Outlook Able to type over 60 WPM General FTP software Windows 95 – Vista

Web/Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe ImageReady Macromedia Dreamweaver Corel Draw

Animation: Alias Maya Mental Ray Rendering Engine Pixilogic Zbrush Macromedia Flash Electric Rain Swift3d Cinema 4d

Experience Overview:

Making low poly models with the purpose for integration for a web environment as well as a range of 3d game engines.

Very good at working with size constraints while producing a very high quality animation. Producing photorealistic 3d models of given subjects, such as jewelry, production items, as well as residential and commercial project simulation. Some knowledge of solid works and using 3D modeling for an engineering application such as Jewelry prototyping and rapid parts prototyping. Extensive Knowledge of FTP use, along with the production pipeline of any dynamic web page, or web environment. Basic understanding of HTML. Extensive knowledge of photo retouching as well as light and gamma correction. Use of Adobe Illustrator to produce vector artwork for silk screen designs, as well as Die-cutting designs made in Adobe Illustrator. Designing and producing shirts made for Heat Transfer, including operation of a laser printer using vector artwork.

Work History Jewelry photographer and retouch artist. Diamond District 46th street, NYC. 02/2005 02/2007 Job responsibilities include: Prepping jewelry for shots, as well as setting up adequate lighting environments with a light box. Shooting the products as well as cleaning them up for use in spread sheets, websites, catalogs, proposals, and even QVC Television events.

Internship for Video game company. Super Ego Games. SoHo, NYC. 07/2007 - 04/2008 Job Responsibility’s include: Low polygon modeling, making sure all models implemented meet requirements set by the director. Making sure textures are not stretched as well as checking for overall quality in the UV map layout.

Web Designer / Graphic artist. Artistic Stitch. Middle Village, NYC 05/2008 - Present.

Job responsibilities include: Making flash pieces for clients, as well as creating websites attune to what they request as part of their website. Sitting with clients to work out exactly what they want, and need on there websites. Creating logos for use on silk screen designs. Color separations of existing logos. Some small amount of digitizing for use on a embroidery machine. Using a laser printer after creating vector graphics for various team jerseys, outfits, and articles of clothing. Creating large scale banners for businesses, as well as re-creating banners brought in by clients. Custom logo creation for use in various applications as well.