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									Bazaar Donation Guidelines 2009
Our annual Bizarre Bazaar is Saturday, November 14, 2009 from 8:30am – 2:00pm. The bazaar is our yearly sale of items donated by church members, friends, and neighbors. Proceeds are used for our vibrant church programs. Listed below are guidelines about what we take for the bazaar. Also see list of what we don’t take at the end of this article. You may bring items to the church during Bazaar Week, Nov 7-12. Intake schedule will be posted. All items must be clean, useable and not broken. A good guideline is to donate items to the bazaar you would give to a friend. If it’s dirty, broken, stained, moldy, has missing parts, please dispose of it yourself. We gladly accept items in the categories listed below. If you have a question about a particular item, please contact Carey Gellman or Lisa Reeds, Bazaar Co-Chairs. White Elephant (Housewares): Small appliances (e.g. microwaves, blenders, crockpots, coffeemakers, rice steamers); cookware such as pots and pans, utensils; dishes, decorative items, picture frames, artwork, framed pictures with intact frames that are ready to hang, musical instruments, Christmas decorations, tools, vacuum cleaners, pet equipment, bed linens in good condition (please indicate size), good bedspreads, blankets, table linens, kitchen or bath rugs, luggage. No curtain rods, blinds, bed frames, cosmetics, bottles of things, or paint. Books, CDs, Records: Hardbacks and paperbacks including children’s books, books on tape, CDs, DVDs and vinyl records. Good condition please – no moldy or damaged books. No textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines, videotapes or cassette tapes. Women’s Boutique Clothing: High (Consignment Shop) quality clothes that are still in style. Good quality dresses, pantsuits, blouses, sweaters, slacks, good quality jeans, coats, jackets, and fine quality accessories (e.g. silk scarves, name-brand handbags). Clothes must be on hangers. No shoes, sleepwear, socks, underwear, bathing suits, tees, or shorts. NO rips, broken zippers, spots, or missing buttons. Jewelry: Costume jewelry, silver jewelry, jewelry boxes, watches. Cleaning of jewelry prior to donation appreciated. Men’s Clothing: Suits, jackets, outerwear, polo shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, trousers, jeans. Must be on hangers. No underwear, socks, shoes or boots. Newer, stylish items sell best. Children’s Clothes: For children up to age 12: Baby clothes, toddler matching outfits, dresses, sweaters, fleece, outerwear (coats, jackets, raincoats, snowsuits), rain or snow boots, Halloween costumes. Must be clean and wearable (please wash and iron if possible). Neatly folded if not on hangers. No rips, nasty spots, mold, or mildew. No underwear, socks, pajamas, shoes, shorts, mismatched tops.

Toys: Toys, games, plastic play tables and chairs, etc.. Be sure items have all the pieces/parts, are clean, and have not been recalled because of safety concerns. No “adult” games please or toys with magnets. Most of the proceeds from this room help to pay for the Boston Trip, so please donate some nice things for the junior high kids to sell. Board games, stuffed animals, non-electric or non-battery operated toys, Lego’s, Barbies, GI Joes, and small plastic/rubber figures sell best. Baby Equipment: Strollers, changing tables, etc. in good condition only. No cribs or car seats. Please make sure the item has not been recalled for safety concerns. Silent Auction: Nicer collectibles - new items, fine jewelry, antiques, collections of things, objects d’art especially from other cultures, items you might find in an estate sale etc. Include information about the item on Special Item Form. eBay Sales of fine quality items: Name brand, finer items with an identifying “mark or stamp”, antiques and collectibles, cameras and video recorders, designer apparel and accessories, electronics, musical instruments, memorabilia ,etc. that will fetch more money by being advertised to a world wide audience. Must be worth $50 or more on eBay. Please fill out Special Item Form and bring item to special intake area during Bazaar week. Electronics and Computers: Computers that work (complete systems: CPU (Pentium III equiv or later), monitor, keyboard, mouse, installation CDs), laptops, LCD monitors, stereo/audio systems that work, computer software, video games, televisions, car stereo equipment, flat-bed scanners, printers (with instruction manual, installation CDs, cables). For TV donations, prior to delivering your old set to the Bizarre Bazaar, please send an email to the Electronics and Computers chair at noting the make, model, and condition of the old set. The chair will determine if the TV might sell and approve dropoff. Sporting Goods: Sports equipment (small) and bicycles (good condition). No treadmills, exercise bikes, large exercise equipment. Baked Goods, Breakfast and Lunch Foods – Cookies (various types), brownies, cupcakes, whole cakes, breads, pies, etc. Bring baked goods packaged ready to sell in zip lock bags, individually wrapped, etc. Label what the item is. Breakfast items (muffins, cinnamon rolls, bagels, breakfast casserole, strata, etc.). Lunch foods – chili (vegetarian, meat, turkey, etc.), soups, salads for the salad bar (pasta, fruit, vegetable, slaws, gelatin, etc.) Salad greens will be purchased in bulk. Bring soup and chili in crockpot and include card with information on ingredients and degree of spiciness. Food donations accepted on day of bazaar. Baked goods can be accepted on Friday night before the bazaar. Items we don’t take (in addition to those listed above with a specific category: Furniture, lawn mowers, building supplies, large pieces of exercise equipment.

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