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									David G. Gallo, Ph.D., Director of Special Projects, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Water Crisis on the Blue Planet We live on the "blue" planet with more than 70% of the Earth's surface covered by water. Yet more than 1 billion people still lack safe, clean drinking water and another two billion lack adequate treatment for wastewater. With global water wars looming, clues from the ocean indicate that we are on the verge of a significant change in climate. Warmer temperatures are causing increased melting of ice at the poles, altering the movement of warm ocean currents. How will changing climate and diminishing freshwater supplies alter human survival, global tensions, and the natural landscape? How will it affect us, living beside 20% of the world’s freshwater? Extreme Deep: Exploring the Ends of the Earth─Neptune’s Basement We’ve only explored a few percent of the world beneath the ocean waves and yet we have found the most incredible things. The world’s highest mountains, deepest valleys, underwater rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and thriving communities of life all exist in a world without sun. Almost every undersea expedition returns to shore with new information about our origins, evolution, and destiny. This presentation will use high-resolution video to share some f the most recent discoveries, and will introduce the audience to a new era of undersea exploration. Explore the underworld with Dr. David Gallo of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute who has led numerous expeditions over the past twenty years to the ocean's great trenches and fracture zones. We are just beginning to design the most sophisticated robot that will, for the first time ever, allow us to explore the ocean's great trenches and fracture zones. Until now, all ocean exploration has been done at depths less than 20,000 feet (3.75 miles). In fact, much of the research on hydrothermal vents is done at depths shallower than 2.5 miles. The new era of exploration will take us more than twice as deep! We have NO idea what we will find in this deepest and darkest and most hostile of worlds, but given what we have seen in shallower waters---our anticipation is incredibly great. Biographical Sketch David Gallo is Director of Special Projects at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. In 1987 he was invited by Dr. Robert Ballard (discoverer of the wreck of RMS Titanic) to join his team at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as the Assistant Director of the Center for Marine Exploration. In his present role, David works closely with scientists and engineers at the forefront of global exploration and discovery. He has participated in numerous expeditions to the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean, and to the Mediterranean Sea. He was one of the first oceanographers to use a combination of manned submersibles and robots to map the undersea world with unprecedented clarity and detail. Most recently he was co-expedition leader during an exploration of RMS Titanic and the German battleship Bismarck using the Russian MIR submarines. David is passionate about exploration and discovery and dedicated to communicating the importance of science and engineering to the public-at-large. He maintains close working relationships with scientists, filmmakers, and media broadcasters (Discovery Channel, History Channel, and National Geographic, PBS). He was instrumental in the development of the JASON PROJECT and is presently involved in the development of the FIRST Lego League Ocean Odyssey. David has lectured extensively nationally and internationally, to audiences ranging from elementary school children through CEO’s and he has participated in numerous television and radio broadcasts. He was awarded a Computerworld-Smithsonian Award and is a recipient of the John J. Conley medal for communicating science to the public.

David G. Gallo ~ Talk Testimonials “Dave Gallo has the rock-solid information of a scientist, the sense of wonder of a child, and the delivery of a stand-up comedian. He makes this combination of attributes look so natural that it's only well *after* his presentation, when the immensity of the new undersea world he's illuminated really sinks in, that you realize he and his colleagues are rewriting the story of planet earth and of life on it. This is a guy who's really deep, in all the right ways.” --Cyndi Stivers, President/Editor-in-chief, Time Out New York “Several weeks have passed but our membership is still raving about David’s extraordinary presentation. The visuals were awesome and the importance of the work far-reaching.” --Richard Weir III Chairman House Committee, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, Center Island, Oyster Bay, NY 11771 “One judge commented that it was the most informative, exciting, and educational program he has ever attended. Everyone went away in awe and wanting more. Another judge stated that he could have watched and listened all night. The only way to improve the program would have been to lengthen it.” --Salvatore Ricciardone, Executive Director, Flaschner Judicial Institute, Boston “Dave was the perfect speaker. His lecture and film not only kept everyone awake but energized them for the rest of the day’s activities. Adjectives used to describe his presentation included….Zowie….Amazing….Motivating and engaging….wondrous….exceptional…..I was agog with wonder. When we asked participants to evaluate the meeting….well over 70% mentioned David and his remarkable presentation.” --Laura A Johnson, President, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Lincoln, MA “It is no exaggeration to say that I cannot recall another occasion when I learned of so much that was so important in so little time.” --Michael B. Mukasey, District Judge, United State Courthouse, NY, NY “It was easily the best seminar we’ve had to date. I was talking with some of the other students who stayed after to ask questions. They were all just as blown away as I was. It’s not often that one meets people who provide true creative inspiration, Thank you.” --Collate Sandstedt, Screenwriting Fellow, American Film Institute, LA “I've seen Dave enthrall audiences from inner city high school kids to top television executives. He has a unique stortytelling style…a blend of science and humor. Dave Gallo is a stand-up scientist!” --Steve Burns, Senior Vice President of Production and New Media Development, Discovery Channel “Dave Gallo's provides a totally immersive experience. He floods the room with video of creatures, and opens up the most opaque of worlds to every one who hears him. I never knew science could be so much fun and entertaining. I laughed so hard I am ready to go under the sea with Dave Gallo any time.” --Sunny Bates, CEO SunnyBates Inc. “Using the vast and secretive oceans that surround us, David Gallo brings into sharp focus the context of our place in the world, and the universe. He gives us a deepening understanding of our Earth, the role that it has played in bringing us to our present, and the role we will play in its future. His work is definitely must-sea TV!” --TED Stout, Professional Generalist with portfolio, Founder, The ROI Institute

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