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									P F G B E S T. C OM

“The BEST thing about our technology is our people.”

Our new brand and tagline represent our evolution and the standard. This standard helps to guide the expansion of our industry as well as our corporate growth. has experienced global leadership and substantial growth because of the and service, and deliver this to you.

people who collectively pool their knowledge of every aspect of the markets, online trading,

To me, our people are our core strength, and our strategy is to continue to hire and retain

this talent. Toughness and rugged ability to navigate highly challenging markets is part of are driving change to stay ahead of cross-continental and multi-asset-class global market

our DNA. Our technologies, created and supported by these diligent people, opportunities. To supply our customers with superlative access to traditional and alternative product choices, in a 24-hour a day e-business, there is no following the herd. As Winston Churchill said, “Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.”

This combination of intelligence, experience and diversity is what triggers fresh ideas from our company’s leaders, and the intellectual capital of the teams give us the fundamental ability to transform when time is everything. At, our consistent of their evolving needs, and the talent and resources to provide analytical, flexible and customized solutions.

hallmarks remain: respectful and diligent care of customers and their accounts; a keen sense

Here, the BEST people will elevate your expectations and leverage all that we are and do, together as a team, to give you every possible edge in your trading and investing. -Russell R. Wasendorf, Sr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 

2007 saw rise to the 35th largest FCM in the U.S., based on $298.6 million in customer assets on account for futures and forex trading. The company has been in an capital position of well over $20 million at the start of 2008. expansion mode for its entire history, since being incorporated in 1990. It had a solid net

The acquisition of customer assets from a purchase in the wealth region of southern even greater profitability in coming years. More than 22,000 new futures trading accounts were opened during 2007, underscoring our strength in this core business. Simultaneously,’s growth in FX trading and new accounts continued to set new

California, combined with an already-strong presence there, will generate synergies for

records on a monthly basis. One example is the rate of opening more than 200 new accounts per platform launched in January be a key growth sector.

month on FX Express, the online 2007. Online futures options will

Just over two years ago, when PFGBEST. com acquired a Canadian retail and hedge account group, I was asked to use my 20 years of experience and compliance background to help supervise and build this business. We were given the tools and support to help employees and customers succeed, and today, the whole team has a clear understanding of the concept ‘win:win’.
Jim Klotz, President of Can a d a – Mississauga, Ont a r i o

The work force expanded by 30%

from 2007 to 2008, to keep up with the accounting, customer care, business development and IT demands. We created new teams to focus on vendor integration, and for matching trading systems and auto trading to customized trader demands. And’s managed futures and funds won large-scale mandates that required personnel for due diligence as well as to capture sales opportunities.

Starting in late 2007, met the challenge of steadying expenses in order to launch an extensive, national advertising and marketing campaign to promote the brand. The initiative continues and results are showing that the level of new leads generated exceeds projections. 

S E RV I C E S. P RO D U C T S. T E C H N O L O G I E S. is one of the largest non-clearing U.S. futures commission merchants, with customers, affiliates and brokerage offices in more than 80 countries. It offers a diverse range of trading and investor products and services for individuals, as well as for

commercial and institutional clients. has an industry leadership position in for corporate and institutional clients, online futures options, managed accounts featuring numerous alternative asset classes, and demand-inspired technologies. A critical value BESTDirect 8.0, BESTDirect and other proprietary trading

online futures, retail futures brokerage, online foreign exchange (FX) trading, FX services

proposition is connectivity from FX, FX Express, FX Solutions platforms to other front and backend systems in ways that help traders customize their execution options, their screens and their The company has successfully account management functions. white-labeled its hybrid platforms and capabilities so that they can

The people I work with always go beyond the call of duty, and they are intelligent and creative. At you do not hear the words, “that’s not my job.” We all take great pride in helping each other, our customers and doing whatever it takes to ensure the overall success of the company.
F iefie Niles, Futures IT Manager – Chicago, Illino i s

be utilized by other trading entities, forming an additional profit center to counter the ongoing investment in information technology development. has developed a portfolio of managed futures and forex products accessible to clients with various account sizes. The ability to diversify in these alternative investments helps investors to achieve a substantial degree of overall risk reduction, in

terms of expected return, for relatively limited costs.’s managed futures managers who outperform and can be developed into CTAs and to help them build their

and forex teams work closely with many successful trading advisors and brokers, to spot business. For systems traders, it has developed tie-ins to BESTDirect. has

sponsored its CTA challenge since 2005, and continues to create new trading competitions. 

C U S TO M E R - D R I V E N I N N OVAT I O N . was built on a foundation of being flexible and responsive. Through massive expansion over the last decade fueled by organic growth and acquisitions, it adheres to those essential values.

BESTDirect was among the very first platforms that customers could use to transmit their electronic orders

directly into the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Globex clearing engine. Just as it was then,

is, above all else, driven by customer demand. Creation of more than ten platforms since the millennium is a need it, we can, and will, build it. BESTDirect versions 7.0 and 8.0;

testament to the promise that if clients

Here, being good simply isn’t enough. We are great at anticipating and responding to customer needs – putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer and working from that vantage point to offer products and provide solutions.
Pa i ge M i l l e r, C u s t o m e r R e l a t i o n s D i r e c t or – C e d a r Fa l l s , I owa

BESTDirect PROTrader (Powered by

Avadhi); BESTDirect Trade Navigator; BESTDirect Web; a New York Institution Services Platform; FX Express; FX Solutions; FX Platinum; and TradeBolt are a sampling of the company’s technology products.

Throughout the past several years, has added a number of partnerships to widen its breadth of electronic trading capabilities. One example is Currenex ® and MarginEXpert products into the BESTDirect product suite.  another is Rolfe and Nolan (RAN) – a partnership created to integrate Edge, QST, and’s global reach encompasses offices and IBs in over 30 countries. also serves clients in more than 80 countries.

G L O BA L D I S T R I B U T I O N .
The list of brokers, introducing brokers, forex brokers, foreign introducing brokers and guaranteed introducing brokers exceeded 360 at the start of 2008. They are everywhere, from the trading desks in New York and Chicago, to offices in the vast

reaches of South Africa, China, Israel, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and beyond. At the start of 2008, had a network of branches and wholly-owned

subsidiaries that included New York City and Bloomfield, NY; Chicago, IL; Cedar Falls, IA; Los Angeles, Camarillo, and Mission Viejo, CA; Winter Park, FL; Addison, TX; Scottsdale, AZ; Canada; Asian Division; Russian Division; Europe; and PFG Green Energy.

All of these entities are supported by a workforce comprised of the BEST talent that can be tapped from the industry, from the disciplines of customer service, risk management marketing and more.  and operations, compliance, business development, back office services, finance, IT, legal,

L E A D E R S.
Russell R. Wasendorf, Sr. is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of, one of the largest non-clearing futures brokerage firms in the U.S. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, while engaging in commodities

research and consulting, and while building a global brokerage, he invested electronic trading of futures. Mr. Wasendorf is a noted publisher, author and educator, and is a widely recognized expert on risk management and derivatives. heavily in technological capabilities to create one of the first platforms for

Neil J. Aslin is Vice Chairman of and serves as President of the company’s global funds division. He joined the firm in 1998 and products for sustainable investing opportunities. now focuses his talent on development of institutional structured managed

Russell R. Wasendorf, Jr. is President and Chief Operating Officer of In this role, he runs all aspects of the company and affiliated entities on a day-to-day basis as mandated by the Executive

Committee. He has been active in the derivatives industry since 1987. A of forex, just as futures are well regulated, he is a founding member of the FX Industry Association. noted spokesperson and a prominent advocate of improving regulation

Brenda Cuypers, Chief Financial Officer, joined in 1994 and was promoted to CFO from Controller in 2006. Ms. Cuypers is instrumental the Executive Committee during this time of strategic advancement for the company. in overseeing the accounting division and financial planning as a member of

Liam J. Boyle, Chief Information Officer, joined in 1998. Prior to assuming the role of CIO, he was Vice President of Information Technology. Mr. Boyle helped shape the direction of the

company’s technology strategies and development of electronic and back development and testing, and manages the largest employee group of office operations. He is responsible for software and hardware research,

Rebecca J. Wing is General Counsel for She was a Principal with the law firm Bellows and Bellows, P.C. from 1988 to 1997. Ms. Wing is a member of the Colorado and Illinois Bar, and practices industry law before the CFTC, NFA, SEC, FINRA, and a host of exchanges.  received her J.D. degree from the University of Denver College of Law. She

Embarking on a major national advertising campaign to promote, I challenged all members of our company to exceed goals by embracing the opportunity provided by this extensive campaign. I am not surprised with the overwhelming response, nor with the endeavors and they require extreme teamwork!

new mandates that have outstripped expectations. Technology and service are both creative

The stage is set for a continuation of’s organic growth, payoff from a series

of acquisitions, and the teamwork across divisions to achieve our strategic priorities. These capital (the BEST people, and the BEST technical experience and talent), and best-in-class, customer-driven support.

priorities are: packaging and distribution of products and technologies, growing intellectual

Forex is the fastest-growing sector within, with average monthly notional volume of more than U.S. $85 billion. We created and launched the FX Express trading system and expanded distribution through a host of partnerships. However, futures trading is still our flagship, and it has propelled to again be one of the Top 50 Brokers in the U.S. A leader in efficiency, we have added forex to existing and new futures platforms, licensed and white-labeled many of our technologies, and tapped the fast-growing frontier of online options trading for our customers.

Managed futures and forex successes prevail as we’ve partnered with pension funds, high-networth clients of premier private banks, and retail investors. Blended portfolios, customized strategies. and managed by, are in great demand as diversification and enhanced return

With all of this happening simultaneously, I am most proud of our employees, as they guidance on any product, account or transaction.

make clients’ lives easier, help them have a sustainable investing experience and give clear -Russell R. Wasendorf, Jr., President and Chief Operating Officer 

190 S. LaSalle St., 7th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603 312.775.3000 | 800.333.5673 |

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