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Sponsorship Opportunities for Seawork 2010
Maximise the impact your company makes at Seawork 2010 International and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Sponsorship helps familiarise potential customers with your company name, logo and colours, improve brand recognition and enhance your presence at the event. Don’t forget – the sooner you book your sponsorship, the more you benefit from your logo, company profile and hyperlink on www.seawork.com All Seawork sponsors benefit from the following: • your logo will appear on every piece of promotional literature which leaves the Seawork offices, including the newsletters and the Official Catalogue. • your logo on the sponsor’s page on www.seawork.com, with details about your company and a link to your own website which lasts for a whole year! There are sponsorship packages to suit every budget – book yours now to avoid disappointment!

Visitor Badges £2500+VAT
The most popular sponsorship, ensuring every single person who registers as a visitor for Seawork 2010, whether they attend the event or not, receives a badge with your company logo on it at least two weeks before the exhibition. The visitor badges are sent out inside colourful pocket mailers which also contain directions to the event, opening times, the hotel reservation hotline number and details about all the exciting things that are happening at Seawork! Visitor badges are the first point of eye contact for exhibitors and visitors and your logo will appear in full colour, alongside the Seawork logo.

Carrier Bags £2500+VAT (£4000+VAT if we print the bags)
An extremely high profile sponsorship opportunity. Imagine every single visitor at Seawork 2010 International carrying a bag with your company logo on it! There are 7000+ carrier bags, each containing a copy of the Official Seawork Exhibition Catalogue and the June issue of Maritime Journal. Every visitor receives a bag at registration and uses it to collect literature and promotional items whilst walking around the event. Photographs are taken during the show by our official photographer and we use these in our brochures, newsletters and on the Seawork Website to promote Seawork 2011 – your carrier bags will feature in all of them. As sponsor, you can have your own promotional literature inserted into each bag too!

Visitor Registration £3000+VAT
Immediate visual impact and prestige – your logo appears on the registration desk panels at the entrance to the show and is the first thing visitors see when they arrive. This sponsorship gives you maximum exposure, raises your profile at the event and reinforces your company name, colours and logo. You may also provide ties, scarves or shirts for the registration staff to wear. There are railings outside the main entrance which channel visitors into the exhibition – you may attach banners to these if you wish. Sponsoring Registration is always popular as other companies are not permitted to hang banners or have promotional signage or exhibits in this area. The entrance to the show, with visitors pouring in, always features heavily in our promotional material for the following year.

Pontoons & Quayside Exhibits £2000+VAT
An excellent, high-profile sponsorship opportunity. The official sponsor can provide prominent banners displaying their company logo and slogan to run along the walkway onto the pontoons. Your logo will also appear on huge ‘pontoon and quayside’ plans positioned at strategic points around the event, on ‘berth number plaques’ which go onto the pontoons, on the inside cover 'map flap' and the ‘vessels afloat’ pages in the Official Seawork Catalogue and, of course, on the Seawork Website.


Restaurant Area £2000+VAT
Most people go to the restaurant for sandwiches, snacks or hot food at some point during their visit to Seawork. As official sponsor, your logo appears on a giant banner hung over the restaurant which can be seen from the other end of the hall! You may also supply branded coasters, tablecloths and table pennants, in fact, anything to add value to the sponsorship. Photos of the restaurant will appear in the brochure for 2011, on our website, within our quarterly newsletters and in magazine reviews. The restaurant is an extremely popular area of the event and it follows that this is an extremely popular sponsorship opportunity.

Innovations Showcase and Award £2250+VAT
75% of all visitors come to Seawork specifically to see new products. The Innovations Showcase comprises approximately 50 of these. It is a fantastic feature which aims at highlighting all the new products and innovations which have come onto the market within the previous 12 months. There are five categories: marine equipment, electronics and materials; vessel design and construction; marine civil engineering and construction; safety and training; diving and underwater technology. There is a winner in each category and the coveted Spirit of Innovation Award is presented to the best overall. As Official Sponsor, your logo is splashed all over the showcase. It appears on information boards positioned alongside the showcase and at strategic points around the exhibition. It also appears on the Innovations Showcase page in the Seawork Catalogue and on the Seawork Website. As Sponsor, you may presentthe Innovations Award at the prestigious Gala Dinner which takes place annually on the Tuesday evening. This is an extremely high profile sponsorship – worth every penny, especially when you take into consideration all the post-show promotion within the Seawork newsletters, the brochure for 2011 and press releases within our own publications, Maritime Journal and Boating Business.

Gala Dinner £2750+VAT
This is a unique opportunity to sponsor the Seawork Gala Dinner which takes place annually at the De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel, in the maritime city of Southampton. The Gala Dinner has become a Seawork tradition, providing exhibitors and guests with the perfect opportunity to socialise and network in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, whilst enjoying presentation of the Innovations Awards and taking in some light-hearted entertainment. The sponsor’s logo appears on a large banner outside the venue, on the invitations and menus and on the ‘holding slide’ for the awards. The sponsor also gets an official ‘thank you’ from the Organisers at the dinner. Your logo appears on the sponsors’ page in the Official Seawork Catalogue and, of course, on the Seawork Website. Photos of the dinner will appear in our promotional literature for 2011. This includes the new brochures and press releases in our own publications, Maritime Journal and Boating Business.

Gala Dinner Wine £1250+VAT

(4 bottles per table)

Customised labels on the wine bottles bear your company logo and slogan so every guest at the Seawork Gala Dinner can have a drink on you! Your logo also appears on the menus and invitations, on the official Seawork Catalogue sponsors' page and on the Seawork Website sponsors' page with a hyperlink to your website.

Gala Dinner Cocktails £1250+VAT
Treat every Gala Dinner guest to a nautical cocktail when they arrive at the venue, which you can name yourself! Your logo will appear on the invitations and menus and you will get a special ‘thank you’ on the night from the Organisers!


UK Harbour Masters Association Annual General Meeting and Luncheon £1500+VAT Wednesday 16 June
The UK Harbour Masters Association hold their AGM at Seawork every year. Approximately 90 Harbour Masters come to Seawork to attend the meeting, go to seminars, look around the exhibition and talk to exhibitors about their products and services. The Harbour Masters are an important visitor group for many Seawork exhibitors who are keen to explore ways of getting their products and services in front of them. As sole sponsor you can provide an information pack to go onto the chair of each Harbour Master at the AGM and attend the luncheon where you can talk to them on a one-on-one basis. Your logo will appear on wall panels outside the Conference lunch area, in the catalogue and on the Seawork Website.

MoD Boat Users Working Group Committee Meeting & Luncheon £1500+VAT Tuesday 15 June
Do you want the MoD to buy from you? Yes? Then this sponsorship opportunity could be the perfect 'way in'. The Ministry of Defence is an important group for Seawork exhibitors. Every year they hold a series of free conferences and seminars aimed at putting small businesses in touch with the buying personnel in the Ministry of Defence. These usually take place on the first day of the show in Conference Room 1. The Defence Manufacturers Association and the Boats and Sea Safety Integrated Project Team (BASS IPT) are also available throughout the event on Stand S3. They carry out a series of pre-booked meetings with exhibitors and are also happy to speak to exhibitors on the stand, answering questions and giving advice on how to promote their products and services to the MoD. This sponsorship represents an outstanding and unique opportunity for your company to attend the luncheon and participate in one-to-one conversations with high calibre buyers. You can also provide promotional literature/gifts to go on the delegate chairs in the Conference Room and your logo appears on wall panels surrounding the lunch area for all to see. Your logo and company profile goes into the catalogue and website as an official sponsor and there is a hyperlink through to your website from www.seawork.com.

NEW UKTI Defence & Security Organisation (DSO) Buyers and International Naval Attachés Luncheon £1500+VAT Wednesday 16 June
2009 saw the first 'Defence and Security' morning with papers on Maritime Security, Research Developments for the Home Office in Security Equipment and Opportunities, Piracy in the Indian Ocean and Export Opportunities for Industry in the EEZ Security market. The seminars were presented by high calibre speakers, sourced by the UKTI DSO and were attended by more than 60 delegates. The huge success of the first set of conferences has encouraged the UKTI DSO to continue the programme in 2010 with more topical papers covering more contentious issues. Here is your chance to have more than 30 members of the UKTI Defence & Security Organisation as a captive audience whilst also providing lunch for more than 20 naval attachés, representing the commercial interests of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South Africa, Chile, China and Korea. Your logo will go on the panels surrounding the delegate lunch area and you may provide promotional literature and/or delegate gifts to go on the chairs in the conference room. Your logo and company profile goes into the catalogue and website as an official sponsor and there is a hyperlink through to your website from www.seawork.com.


UK Trade & Investment Inward Buyers Lunches – two days £500+VAT per day
For the fourth year running, UK Trade and Investment is bringing buyers from all over the world into Seawork to hold one-on-one meetings with exhibitors. In 2009 buyers came from Spain, Portugal, China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Canada and Panama. This year the format will be the same with more than 100 20-minute sessions taking place over two days. Buyers represent port authorities, equipment distributors, vessel operators and shipyards – they are all extremely influential purchasing decision-makers. Sponsoring the lunches gives you the ideal opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with these people. The buffet lunches take place within the UKTI Inward Buyers Pavilion. As official sponsor, you can join the buyers at lunchtime and provide promotional material for them to take away. A one-off, excellent opportunity to target people it would normally take you weeks of travelling to reach – and for only £500+VAT per day!

Conference Refreshments £750+VAT
Seawork has a comprehensive programme of free seminars which take place in three fully equipped conference suites at the far end of the exhibition. There are around 50 sessions addressing important issues affecting marine operators on a day to day basis. Topics include renewable energy, safety, MoD procurement, port surveying, maritime defence and security, the environment, MCA Codes of Practice and much more. The Harbour Masters, Police Divers and Ministry of Defence all have their seminars within the main conference suites. Before and after each session, delegates are served tea and coffee in an enclosed area within the main exhibition hall. This encourages them to go out into the main body of the exhibition to mingle with exhibitors. By sponsoring the conference refreshments, you will be able to join the delegates on their breaks where you will have them as a captive audience. You will be able to supply promotional material for them to take away. Your logo will go on every other panel on the low-level walling surrounding the conference refreshment area. This is an excellent sponsorship opportunity for any Seawork exhibitor.

Daily Newsletter £750+VAT (three days)
Your company logo appears at the top of the newsletter which is given out every day to exhibitors and visitors. It is written by Brian and Aline Pilcher (BPPR Ltd) who are on site in the Press Office every day collating press releases and receiving news items from exhibitors. The newsletter contains information about new product launches and business that has been done at the show. The newsletter which goes out on Wednesday 16 June announces the winner of the Spirit of Innovation Award which is presented the evening before at the Seawork Gala Dinner.

Press Office £1000+VAT
Sponsor Brian and Aline Pilcher in their quest to ensure the industry is kept aware of all the latest product launches, new product applications, interesting new projects and vessels, via a network of international titles. The press office is buzzing throughout the day with exhibitors dropping off literature and visitors picking it up! It is frequented by representatives from local and national television and radio as well as journalists and editors from marine and national publications. Your company logo will appear on boards outside the press office and Brian and Aline will even wear branded T-shirts bearing your company name or logo if you would like them to! Also, electronic press packs are handed out to visiting media on USB sticks, which carry your logo. As with all of our sponsorships, you logo goes into the Official Seawork Catalogue and onto the Seawork Website, with a link to your website which lasts for a whole year.

Site Plans and Events and Demos Boards £1250+VAT
Immediate impact and read by everyone! There will be at least eight HUGE site plans positioned at strategic points around the exhibition and six Events and Demonstration boards. There is only one sponsor for all 14 boards. Your logo will appear in colour at the top of the boards and will be seen by more than 7000 high calibre visitors. It will also go onto the Seawork Website with a link to your own website which lasts for a whole year – and, of course, within the Official Seawork Catalogue.


Guinness Bar £1750+VAT
The bar area is situated half way up the exhibition. This represents a fantastic sponsorship opportunity. Come lunchtime it is filled with visitors and provides a lively environment for networking and socialising. Visitors can go out onto the quayside via an exit next to the bar. Here they can buy burgers and other 'fast food' which they can enjoy under a covered marquee on the quayside whilst taking in the waterside exhibits and pontoons. The sponsor’s logo appears on two ‘A’ boards at the entrance to the bar, ie, the ‘sponsor’s name’ Guinness Bar. The sponsor may also provide a promotional banner to hang over the bar and coasters, napkins or other branded material to go on the tables.

The Upper Crust Bar in the DiveWork and Marine Civils Pavilions £1000+VAT
Sponsor the new Upper Crust Bar when it makes its debut at Seawork 2010! This bar is situated right next to the entrance to the conferences, close to an exit out to the quayside, the Dive Tank and the pontoons and adjacent to the popular DiveWork and Marine Civils Pavilions. The sponsor’s logo appears on two ‘A’ boards at the entrance to the bar, ie, the ‘sponsor’s name’ Upper Crust Bar. The sponsor may provide a promotional banner to hang over the bar and coasters, napkins or other branded material to go on the tables. This food and bar area services the conferences and visitors who go to the UKTI Inward Buyers’ Pavilion, DiveWork and the Marine Civils Pavilion as well as exhibitors on the quayside outside!

Lanyards £4000+VAT (£2000+VAT if supplied by sponsor)
Immediate visual impact and seen by everyone! Your company name and slogan appears on the 7000+ lanyards which go around visitors' necks to hold their visitor badges. Lanyards are more user-friendly than pins and can be saved after the event to be used time and time again. They are double-sided, printed in two colours and every single visitor receives one when they register. I doubt there is a Seawork photo in existence which doesn't show off the lanyards to amazing effect. Excellent for maximum exposure!

Pens on the Registration Desks £1500+VAT (£1250+VAT if supplied by sponsor)
Visitors need pens to fill out their Registration Forms and more than 7000 will be doing just that at Seawork 2010 International. We will have pens made in your company colours, bearing your name and logo – and each visitor will be encouraged to take one when they fill out their registration form. A great opportunity to remind people who you are and what you do each time they reach for a biro! If you already have promotional pens, the sponsorship is even better value for money!

The DiveWork Pavilion £1250+VAT
DiveWork is dedicated to the commercial diving and underwater technology markets. It comprises approximately 25 companies who work within these fields. The pavilion includes a quayside Dive Tank for underwater demonstrations and displays and the ‘Commercial Diver Time Trials’ competition, a Dive Trail and free workshops and seminars. A plasma screen on the ADC stand shows footage of everything that is going on inside the Dive Tank. DiveWork is situated adjacent to an exit to the quayside and has its own bar and sandwich area. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to raise their profile within this important industry sector. As official sponsor of DiveWork, your logo appears on the ‘Dive Tank Demonstrations’ and ‘DiveWork Trail’ pages in the Seawork Catalogue and on the DiveWork site plans and demonstration boards at the event. You also get a free half page colour advertisement in the Official Seawork Catalogue, your logo on the sponsors' page and a link to your website from www.seawork.com.


The RIBWork Trail £1250+VAT
RIBWork comprises approximately 50 companies who manufacture RIBs or supply products or materials to the commercial RIB market. Each relevant stand or berth displays the RIBWork logo and there is a RIBTrail enabling visitors to ‘fast track’ their way to stands of interest. RIBWork also includes a number of free seminars covering RIBs and commercial craft under 30m. As Official RIBWork sponsor, your logo appears on the ‘RibTrail’ page in the catalogue and on RIBTrail boards at the exhibition. You also get a free half page colour advertisement in the Official Seawork Catalogue, your logo on the sponsors' page in the catalogue and a link to your website from www.seawork.com.

Small Business Enterprise Zone £1750+VAT
Do you want your company to be associated with helping small businesses on the road to commercial success? The Small Business Enterprise Zone is an area of the exhibition dedicated to new and evolving business. It comprises approximately 75 stands and the companies who exhibit within it are from all sectors of the commercial maritime industry. Your logo and company name will appear on HUGE information boards at both ends of the Pavilion, on the ‘Small Business Enterprise Zone’ and ‘official sponsors’ pages in the official Seawork Catalogue and, of course, on the Seawork Website with a hyperlink to your website.

Visitor Shuttle Buses £995+VAT
There are three shuttle buses which transport visitors between the central station, the visitor car parks and the venue. Your logo will go on signs in the front, back and side windows of the buses and on ‘Shuttle Bus’ signs attached to fences outside the exhibition and visitor car parks. As with all sponsorships, your logo will also go onto the Seawork website sponsors page with a hyperlink.

NEW Promotional Carpet Tiles £100/£175+VAT
You may have noticed the directional carpet tiles at Seawork 2009, paving the way to the various feature areas. This year, you can have your company name and logo printed onto carpet tiles which are inlaid into the aisle carpet. Visitors can’t help but notice them as they make their way around the exhibition. Use the tiles to reinforce your company name and logo and/or point the way to your stand! You can have your tile wherever you like – in the registration area, by the restaurant, on the way out to the quayside, by the conferences, the choice is yours. However, positions are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis so reserve yours now to guarantee maximum exposure! Tiles 500mm x 500mm are £100+VAT each, tiles 1m x 1m are £175+VAT each. Simply supply us with your logo/image and let us do the rest!


Other Association Events
Numerous trade organisations and associations hold events, seminars and meetings during Seawork 2010. If you sponsor one of these events, you can attend the luncheon and supply literature to go onto the delegates’ chairs within the appropriate conference session. Your logo also appears in the Seawork Catalogue, on the Seawork website and on all other promotional material. The list of association events is as follows:

Association of Diving Contractors Regional Members Meeting & Luncheon £750+VAT British Commercial Boatbuilders Association Breakfast Meeting £300+VAT National Workboat Association Annual General Meeting & Luncheon £500+VAT
There may be other Sponsorship Opportunities available. For further details or to put forward other suggestions, please contact Jane Wilson on + 44 (0)1329 820474 or email jwilson@seawork.com www.seawork.com

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