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Nikkei Net Trading


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									MEDIA DATA 2001

Nikkei Net Trading

Reader Profile
Nikkei Net Trading’s goal is to facilitate online trading by offering helpful information to individuals who use the Internet to invest in financial products such as stocks and investment trusts. Information contained in Nikkei Net Trading can be categorized into two types: One is the basic knowledge of investing in financial products and the other is about use of the Internet and personal computers for efficient online trading. The magazine evaluates user-friendliness of online brokerage firms from the standpoint of its target readership of entry to intermediate-level online traders. Major advertising clients of Nikkei Net Trading are companies that offer financial services on the Internet such as brokerage firms, mutual fund companies, banks, life and non-life insurance companies plus makers of PCs and software needed to use such web-based services and companies in the Internet business such as Internet service providers.
Age range
Over 65 3.1% 60-64 6.1% 55-59 5.6% 25-29 11.1% 50-54 9.6% 45-49 9.9% 40-44 13.8% 30-34 17.7% 35-39 16.9% Average: 41.3 Under 19 1.7% 20-24 3.9%

Experience of Internet trading
No experience 50.3% 3 months or less 17.2% 3-6 months 12.9% 6 months-1 year 9.6% 1-2 years 5.6% 2 years or more 2.0% Average: 4 months or less


Media Outline
Circulation: 100,000*
*The circulation here stands for the latest number of copies distributed since the magazine is too young to present its ABCaudited circulation.

First published: April 2000 Publication frequency: 4 times a year Size: Modified A4 (208mm 280mm) Printing: Four-color offset lithography Sales method: Sold at bookstore and convenience stores


Nikkei Net Trading
2001 Advertising Rates (Unit=1,000Yen)
Size unit Four color 1page B/W 1page 1X 800 550 Payment should be made in Japanese yen only. The four-color advertisement refers to one printed in black plus three primary colors or black plus any primary colors among the three. Rate adjustment: Nikkei Net Trading reserves the right to change rates with due notice. Billings will be adjusted at the end of a 12-month period beginning with the first date of insertion to cover the rebates or rate increases stemming from changes in the frequency stated in the contract. In case of yen revaluation, the publisher reserves the right to renegotiate this price schedule.

Space Units
Space Units Trim-size Full page 2-page spread Inches (W H) 8-1/4 11-1/8 8-1/4 11-1/8 16-5/8 11-1/2 Millimeters (W H) 208 208 416 280* 280* 280*

Head Office
Naoya Nakamura Advertising Administration Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. 2-7-6, Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8622, Japan Tel: 81-3-5210-8311 Fax: 81-3-5210-8530 Homepage:

*Ad material should be made in 214 286mm or 422 286mm size to avoid white lines at edges. In addition, important elements such as text, logo types, symbol marks, illustrations, etc., which must not be trimmed, should be 2/5 in. (10mm) within all register marks.

New York
Tateki Tom Yamamoto President Nikkei Business Publications America, Inc. 575 Fifth Ave., 20th Floor, New York, NY 10017 U.S.A. Tel: 1-212-867-3414 Fax: 1-212-867-3278

Silicon Valley
Jim DiFilippo Executive Vice President, President-High Tech Group Nikkei Business Publications America, Inc. 5201 Great America Parkway. Suite 222, Santa Clara CA 95054, U.S.A. Tel: 1-408-327-1102 Fax: 1-408-567-0870

Issue / Delivery Date / Order Deadline / Material Deadline
Vol.5 Vol.6 Vol.7 Vol.8 Jan.29.2001 Mar.26 Dec.12.2000 Feb.16 Dec.26.2000 Mar.2

Anthony Brondbjerg Managing Director & CEO Nikkei Business Publications Europe Ltd. Fifth Floor, Temple Bar House, 23-28 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1AA Tel: 44-207-936-2855 Fax: 44-207-583-6637

Dates to be advised in due course. Dates to be advised in due course.

Hong Kong
Handy Chau Business Director Nikkei Business Publications Asia Ltd Unit 1404, East Point Centre (New Wing) 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: 852-2575-8301 Fax: 852-2574-8175

Ritsuya Kaminaga Deputy Managing Director Nikkei Business Publications Asia Ltd 7th Floor, No.55, Tien Mu North Road, Taipei,Taiwan Tel: 886-2-2875-3038 Fax: 886-2-2875-3144

Philip S.S. Lim Regional Sales Manager Nikkei Business Publications Asia Ltd Singapore Representative Office, 47 Hill Street #06-06, SCCCI Building, Singapore 179365 Tel: 65-338-8711 Fax: 65-338-8722

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