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									Math 11: Mathematics for Technology

Specific Heat: Specific heat (SH) is the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of 1g of any substance by 1oC. Each substance has its own SH, which is a physical property of the substance. You can find tables of specific heats for specific substances. For example:

Specific heats are often needed to find out the amount of heat required to change the temperature of a specific substance by a certain number of degrees. The formula for this is as follows: Amount of heat = specific heat x mass x change in temperature = (SH) (m) (T2 – T1) Units for the formula: Amount of heat measured in calories (cal) Specific heat measured in (cal/g oC) Mass measured in grams (g) Temperature measured in Celsius (oC)

Example 1:

Math 11: Mathematics for Technology

Homeworks: Specific Heat: / Formula Manipulation 1. How many calories are required to heat 731g of water from 23 oC to 95 oC?

2. How many calories are required to heat 731 g of water from 8 oC to 74 oC? (Ans: 48 kcal)

3. If we add 450 cal of heat to 37 g of ethanol at 20 oC, what would be the final temperature? (Ans: 41 oC)

4. A 100g piece of iron at 25 oC is heater by adding 230 cal. What will be the final temperature? (Ans: 46 oC)

5. If 168 g of an unknown substance requires 741.9 cal of heat to raise its temperature from 26 oC to 74 oC, what is the specific heat of the substance; according to the table you have what substance is it? (Ans: 0.092 cal/g oC)

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