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									Solar Heating

Can Solar Heating work in the UK? Yes! Far more solar energy falls on the UK than most people realize. Each year, every square metre of the British Isles receives 60% of the solar radiation found at the equator. Solar collectors do not require direct sunshine to work, but use radiated light. For example South East enjoys the most sunshine in the UK.

How Does Solar Water Heating Work?

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems (STHW)
Solar thermal water heating systems use energy from the sun to heat water. This can be for use in the home or for larger applications such as swimming pools. STHW also has many non-domestic applications. A SolarAge STHW Installation

Solar panels such as these can also be ‘built-in’ to the roof. A standard STHW system - Project example. 2 Flat plate collectors – 3.66m2 1 unvented 210L solar cylinder 1767.78 kWh produced per year CO2 savings 760kgs/year (207kgs carbon equivalent) 60% - minimum hot water supplied by solar. 60% - minimum saving on water heating bills The solar panels collect energy from the sun via specially designed heat absorbing material which in turn heats a glycol based fluid within an integrated network of pipes. When the fluid in the collectors is hot enough the pump station circulates the hot fluid around the system and transfers the heat to the solar cylinder (tank). The boiler will only fire up, heating the top coil, if the system needs a boost to top up the water temperature. The solar controller manages the solar system throughout daylight hours. During summer months it is quite usual for the STHW contribution to be 100%. Typically STHW doesn’t need only direct sunlight as it can utilise diffuse solar radiation on cloudy days.

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