REALM OF DARKNESS Although this game is not complex to solve in terms of the uses of/for objects, the order in which you perform certain actions is crucial. The order in which you obtain the jewels is not important. Some objects are needed only once, others more than once. Some objects were needed to get the jewels directly, some to get the treasures directly, some to get these items indirectly. Mapping is relatively simple. Rather than provide a walkthrough, general hints, detailed hints, necessary objects, their purpose and locations, and how to access them are given below. Type help for some clues. Solve the crytopgrams by substituting each letter with the previous letter in the alphabet. For example, substitute F with E, S with R, and so on. Additonal hints are given below. Get the chest as soon as possible. Otherwise you can only carry 5 objects excluding what you wear. If you drop an object, the thief takes it. I believe you can retrieve these objects from the secret room north of the Treasury, once you have the card, but I did not need this. To carry more objects, drop chest (not beside a hole), climb chest, drop object, go North to find yourself where you were, or South to the Dispatch room. Don’t forget to take the chest with you. To retrieve objects from the chest, just take them. You need to dig with the spade four times: at the beach for the bottle, at the mound north of the hut to enter the cave system where you also need to dig to find the diamond, and at the bumps to get the carrot to give to the rabbit. You need the knife for three purposes: to prise the amethyst out of the split tree, to cut the strap to get the key and to cut the reed to make a breathing tube. It is important to do the last action last, as you lose the knife. Wear the net, robes, ring and boots. Jewels - Location/Access

Diamond - Dig with spade in cave system south of the mole Sapphire - In clear water Gold Bar - Examine/search straw Opal - Examine slab, follow directions Emerald - Hit boulder with hammer Ruby - Push altar Pearl - Take necklace. Go down to get the pearl Amethyst - Prise amethyst from split tree with knife Treasures - Purpose - Location/Access Bracelet - open trap, move boulder - In the safe in hut Staff - jump over boulders and ravine - In rabbit hole Sunstone - see in the dark - Examine picture, follow directions by statue Orb - none discerned - Break urn with hammer in cottage Elfstone - see in murky water - In black box north of cold annex Obstacles - How to get past, what to do

Hyena - Drop bone Dog - Eat bean Cottage - Ring bell, give password Marsh - Wear boots Password - Listen, shout at clearing south of thicket, find poacher and open trap Boulder - Wear bracelet Black box - Unscrew screw with screwdriver Mole - Have heatshield Statue - Examine picture, follow directions Small Annex - Pray or kneel Elephant Doors - Insert tusk Tangler Tree - Chop roots Tea Chest - LOOK SEA in tree with bees, go North of boulder at beach, search flotsam, wait Objects - Purpose - Location Axe - Chop tangler roots - Gypsy stall Bean - Pass dog - Search grass Bottle - Catch bees - Dig with spade at sea cave Bone - Distract hyena - East of palm print cave Boots - Cross marsh - Switch computer on Can - Kill rat - Search nest in pool Card - Retrieve stolen objects (?) - Free poacher by opening trap Carrot - To get staff from rabbit - Dig bump Coin - Give to gypsy to get axe - In chest Gloves - Avoid burning yourself - Examine armour Hammer - Hit boulder, break urn - Search leaves east of mole Heatshield - Pass mole - East of dog Key - Open safe - Cut strap with knife Knife - see above - Climb tree in woodland, examine branch Net - Catch bees - Search sea cave Opener - Open can to kill rat - Search rubbish Password - Enter cottage - Free poacher by opening trap Reed - Breathe in pool - Cut bushes Ring - Open door - Search reeds Robes - Open door - Small annex Screwdriver - Open black box - Sift ashes Skeleton - Get key - Cave system west of hut Spade - see above - Look under bushes Tusk - Open elephant doors - Beside dog Terri Sheehan June 2000 ***************************************************** Displayed on the Classic Adventures Solution Archive:

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