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					Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Thank you for your purchase of this handmade jewelry that was crafted at the Nehemiah Neighborhood Center, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Houston. This MicroEnterprise Project includes mothers from the Third Ward area of Houston; participants earn additional income for their families and raise funds for worthy projects in their community. The Nehemiah Center incorporates a multi-faceted ministry model that utilizes education, emotional wellness and spiritual enrichment to provide assistance for low-income families who are invested in seeking a better future for their children. For additional information please call 713.526.5015 or go to The Bracelet Story The Star of Bethlehem Followed by Three Wise Men Announcing the birth of the Pure Son Who became a Carpenter And a Fisherman of Souls He was followed by Twelve Disciples Until one day of hatred, jealousy and death He was crucified And spilled His Blood For our Salvation He is now in Heaven As The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit And He did all this for Love

Star 3 Beads Clear Crystal Wood Bead Fish 12 Beads 3 Black Beads Cross Red Bead White Bead Blue Bead 3 Beads Heart

Bracelet Prices: Large Bracelet $20, Small Bracelet $15