Hostess coaching by forrests


									Hostess coaching!! You should be calling your hostess 4 QUICK times before her show date! First call--- The day after she books What to say: *Talk about whom she should invite…. (Frank list or 50 guests in 5 mins) *Why she should over invite- Only 1 out of 8 guests show on average *Ask her if she has any questions about the mini-opportunity brochure *Ask her to work on her wish list (creates a desire to want, better chance of keeping date) *Remind her to mail her list within 3 days to keep her date & to be sure the hostess receives credit for her booking & to receive the Free GIFT ( tennis bracelet, free hostess shipping, anything to get her motivated) *You should be giving her at LEAST 2 pages of guest labels, mini OP brochure (pink one), a self addressed stamped envelope, and some sort of game sheet to help her think of guests the night she books the show! Always have 6 curiousity packets and 6 pre-show hostess packets as listed above. Second call--- One week later What to say: *Tell her you received her list, or ask her if she sent her list? *Excite her again -- ask about wish list *Outside orders – How easy it is (4 $25.00 orders= bonus) *Remind her of Any specials you are doing (for every 100.00 in outside orders you will receive 25.00 bonus, or $300 in Advanced Orders with a $600 show = a free bracelet All Dressed Up) Third call--- One week – 10 days before her show What to say: *Invites went out *Tell her it’s almost here and excite her again *Remind her of her bonuses *Ask if she has her 100.00 for her bonus *Call all guests to remind them, people get very busy and forget! 10 for 2nd bonus *Ask her who she invited that like to have shows or get things free? *Tell her you’ll call the day before her show to get a final count so you know how many folders to have made up (This holds her accountable to find out how many are coming) *Directions if needed Fourth call--- The day before her show What to say: *Your show is tomorrow, and I’m so excited! *How many people are coming to have FUN? *Tell her you’ll be there a ½ hour early and you will need a table with lots of light to show off the jewelry! *Tell her she can serve the desert as people come in or at the time the show starts. Inside Show Folders: (2) Guest list labels ; Self addressed colored & stamped envelope; Mini Opportunity Brochure ; 50 Guests in 5 Minutes paper ; 4-5 outside order forms Inside PINK/Purple Hostess Folder: 2 catalogs, 3 pages ( 4 to a page advanced orders forms) optional brochure out of debt, stay home mom, incentives for $300 Advanced Orders.

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