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Fiserv Securities, Inc.
Fiserv Securities stays online with HP NonStop servers

• • • • Total availability, zero downtime Capacity to handle current peak loads and future growth Batch processing times reduced nearly 50 percent Unlimited scalability with easy online upgrades

The sudden explosion of online securities trading has left many providers swamped with transactions and unable to keep up. That has not been a problem for Fiserv Securities, Inc. (FSI), thanks to its new HP NonStop S-series servers. FSI, a leading securities orderprocessing provider for large brokerages and the investment arms of banks, recognized more than a year ago that its processing capacity would have to significantly expand. FSI experienced an increase in online transaction volume of more than 30 percent over the previous year, and an even bigger increase in peak demands at the open of each trading day. FSI proactively moved to a new generation of NonStop technology and, in partnership with HP, implemented its migration in record time. The result: a system that exceeds the most frenzied peak capacity needs, and 100 percent availability for FSI’s customers. FSI, a wholly owned subsidiary of FiServ, Inc., is a leading national, third-party provider of securities processing to brokerage affiliates of banks, independent broker/dealers, mutual fund companies, and insurers. In addition to traditional execution and clearing services, FSI continues to develop value-added products and services that give its clients a competitive edge. FSI uses Securities Industry Software applications running on NonStop S70016 servers to provide Internet-based online trading for its customers, and to handle offline batch processing when markets are closed. As a full-service provider, FSI also offers customers a range of value-added services, such as customized mutual fund wrap accounts and annuity processing. FSI intends to make its mark as the industry standard for brokerage services and needs a server environment that is equal to the task. FSI previously ran its applications—and achieved 24 x 7 availability—on HP NonStop K-series servers. Recognizing the explosive growth in online trading volumes and anticipating the advent of extended


trading hours, FSI decided to proactively expand its capacity and reduce its batch processing times. The new NonStop S-series technology was the answer.

Coping with huge and growing transaction volumes
Every trading day, FSI handles 30,000 to 40,000 orders, with traffic loads subject to enormous variation. “We experience a huge spike in the first hours Monday morning, with all the orders that have been queuing up over the weekend,” said John Petricelli, chief information officer, FSI. “Sudden flurries can come at any time.” The “business-critical” nature of availability is even more so in the online trading industry, where customer loyalty is as volatile as prices, and a single well-publicized outage can dramatically impact business. Brokers can’t wait for system failures. Slow order-processing times and system downtime can be very costly in terms of lost dollars and customer satisfaction. “Being able to offer our customers the track record we have is simply a tremendous competitive advantage,” said Bill Giffear, FSI vice president for Information Services. “Our HP NonStop servers make it possible.” FSI also uses HP ProLiant servers to help run desktop applications such as tracking, billing, and communications, and uses a NonStop S7004 for its development environment.

Enabling steady performance in a fast-changing world
FSI’s per-customer transaction load is up an estimated 30 percent from a year ago, and additional—possibly even more rapid—growth is anticipated. “Our customers depend on our systems being up and running during exchange hours,” said Walt Koller, chief operating officer, Fiserv Securities, Inc. “A lot of big brokerages have had some very well-publicized downtime, and the volume has really given them headaches. Fortunately, we had planned ahead.” Working together with HP Services, FSI planned a rapid upgrade to the new NonStop S-series servers. The NonStop S70016 and other S-series servers combine revolutionary HP ServerNet interconnect architecture with the latest RISC processing technology to deliver outstanding price and performance, breakthrough I/O bandwidth, and unlimited scalability. NonStop S-series servers handle complex transactions and rich data types while maintaining all the benefits of the NonStop Kernel operating system: continuous availability, data integrity, distributed transaction processing and database, open networking, and security. “We’ve always tried to stay ahead of the curve, and HP has always been there with a new generation when we needed it,” Koller said. “When some of our competitors had outages, we were able to stay online. We have the capacity to handle the biggest spikes we’ll ever encounter, and we intend to keep it that way.”

HP works in partnership with FSI to migrate in record time
Time to market is a major consideration in the fast-evolving world of online trading. FSI wanted a very aggressive implementation schedule for its system upgrade—and with the help of HP Services, that schedule was met.


After looking at capacity issues and deciding to migrate from NonStop K-series to new S-series technology, FSI contracted with HP for system implementation as well as project management. “We started planning our upgrade in April or May,” said Bill Giffear, FSI’s vice president for Information Services, “and we set a Labor Day target for rollout. Something like this normally takes a full year. HP said they could get it done in less than five months, and they did.” Working in partnership with HP Services “enabled us to concentrate our efforts on planning our conversion and testing our applications rather than having to perform system configurations and startup tasks,” Giffear said. HP offered a turnkey solution that brought FSI’s organization up to speed even as the system was being installed and tested, so they could hit the ground running. “They came in and really worked as a team with our people,” Giffear continued. “The result was a smooth, flawless conversion that achieved all of our goals, with no adverse user impact.”

Supporting a strategy of continued growth
“We’re rapidly and aggressively growing, and thanks to our HP servers, we’re able to handle the increased volume,” said Charlie Landreth, senior vice president, Marketing, Fiserv Securities, Inc. The loosely coupled modular NonStop architecture provides easy, unlimited online upgrades to manage anticipated growth well into the new millennium. “Our mission is to do absolutely everything we can to assure availability to our customers, and to provide them with the best technology available and the best customized value-added services,” Landreth said. “Our relationship with HP supports that goal, and the tremendous growth that we see on the horizon. It’s a partnership for the future, and it’s worked very well for us.”

New NonStop technology cuts FSI’s batch processing time in half
HP NonStop servers, though known for their unrivalled online transaction processing, also provide exceptional batch processing performance. Anticipating extended trading hours, which would significantly reduce the time available for offline processing, FSI recognized that batch processing speed would become a serious issue. FSI needs to accomplish a huge load of offline processing each night, and have its orders up-to-date and its systems ready to go by the time the markets open the next morning. The increasing transaction load was straining existing capacity. “We use the NonStop S-series server as a front end and also as a mainframe batch processor,” said John Petricelli, FSI’s chief information officer. “Before, we were fully functional by 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning. We cut probably five hours off our batch processing time by installing the S-series—an improvement of nearly 50 percent.”


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