Rocky Mount United Methodist Church 35 North Main Street, Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Phone: 540-483-5338 Fax: 540-484-1698 E-mail: Web Site: Our Mission: “To Know Jesus and Share His Love” John Plummer, Pastor July 2009 family picture inside a Christmas card, but if you’re going to wish someone a Merry Christmas, go ahead and reference it as a religious holiday. “So today as I was putting away my Christmas cards, I decided to count. We received 35 cards. Only 12 did not feature a family photo on the front. How many referenced Christ in any way? Four out of 35. (If you’re wondering the religious folks were my mother in law, 2 folks from church, and my brother, Matt. “Don’t get me wrong. I loved hearing from everyone, but the editorial did get me thinking. My cards? (ordered before my epiphany) Family photo; Merry Christmas with snow; no cross or Christ. (I actually never sent them because I got too busy then sick.) Next year the picture is going in the card. And on the front is going the baby Jesus.” Mitzi made me proud by writing that reminder to us all. I went back and counted the Christmas cards Joanne and I received. Maybe it’s because I’m a minister and people were cognizant of that, because my “Jesus” percentage was higher than hers but it was still less than 50%. So, this year, as you’re selecting your Christmas cards, remember the reason for the season and include Christ in our Christmas greetings. Yours in Christ, Pastor John

From the Pastor
This may seem like a strange time to be reading an article about Christmas cards, but there’s a reason. This is an email my family and I received from my daughter, Mitzi, written just after Christmas last year. I’ve purposely saved it for July so that as you select your Christmas cards this year, you can consider her point. When you read it, I think you’ll see why. She wrote: “A few weeks ago I heard a Jesuit priest deliver an editorial on NPR of all places that has really stayed with me. His topic was his unhappiness with the fact that the vast majority of Christmas cards now feature family photos on the front. “He asked, ‘Doesn’t it strike you as weird to set aside the Holy Family in favor of your family? Does a photo of Cabo San Lucas trump the story told by the original San Lucas? Is Christmas really about you?’ “At first, I kinda wrote it off, but after a while I have to admit I agree with him. His point is that it’s ok to place a 1 2 I SS U E H I G H L I G H T S From the Pastor Celebration Sunday/Vacation Bible School/Stop Hunger Now/UMW Heavenly Manna/Wedding/ Youth News/Music Notes Up Close & Personal

3 4-5


Celebration Sunday
(Marion Higgins, Coordinator)

form by the church office or contact Melinda Justice (493-4664) or Blair Graninger (537-8272).

Pat Robertson stepped up to host Celebration Sunday on the Sunday AFTER the July 4th weekend. She asks for someone to give her a hand with the day’s event, so please give her a call and let her know you can help out on Sunday, July 12. It is so much easier when the work is shared. Remember, our Celebration Sundays began to give us all the opportunity to socialize, and to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. We do not need to make elaborate meals nor do we need to go all out with decorations. Sometimes we just make extra work for ourselves, losing sight of our original intent.

Stop Hunger Now
We had about 62 people who participated in the "Stop Hunger Now" food assembly project on May 30. In about 1 1/2 hours we packaged 10,626 meals! What a blessing it was to all of us to be able to help feed the hungry through this team effort. The cost of the dried food for that many meals is $2,500. We would like to have another such event sometime in the future as God directs us to contribute that amount for one. Our heartfelt THANKS to all who gave and all who participated in the actual assembly of the bags of food.

Vacation Bible School
(Melinda Justice and Blair Graninger, Coordinators)

United Methodist Women
(Martha Collins, President)

We are inviting all children ages 3 thru rising 7th graders to go to the edge this summer for Vacation Bible School. "Camp E.D.G.E.: Experience + Discover God Everywhere" is an extreme adventure camp taking kids on exciting Bible treks to experience and discover God everywhere, every day. We are very excited to have Rocky Mount Christian Church joining us this year. The fun begins July 26 with a picnic in Mary Elizabeth Park at 5:00 p.m. We will be grilling hot dogs and we invite everyone to bring a covered dish and help kick off our week for VBS. The Camp Edge experience will begin on Monday, July 27 and end on Thursday, July 30 from 6:15 – 8:15 p.m. at RMUMC. Each night will include story telling, games, crafts, and snacks. To be a part of all the extreme fun at Camp Edge, please pick up a registration 2

There were about 33 members and guests who came to our annual picnic hosted by Dee and Dick Shoemaker on June 1 with help from daughter Jenny, granddaughter Avery, and grandson Will. We had many extra special salads and desserts to compliment our barbecue and buns, so over eating was a MUST! Pastor John brought a delightful message with lots of personal experiences that we enjoyed hearing. It is always great to hear a pastor tell stories of embarrassing moments that have happened to them in church or at other times in their lives and ministry. He left us with serious reminders that every Christian has a responsibility to share what Christ has done for us, and to do it NOW! Following that stirring message and more eating, Dick took those interested on a walk to the iron furnace and he and Will shared some of the history

of it. Dee taught others the yard game of "Bocce". More eating and more visiting followed, as we were reluctant to end such a happy time. On June 6, Marion Higgins, Peggy Santrock, Jeannette Domm, Shirley Owen and Martha Collins went to Ferrum to the UMW day they have for our members each year. Nancy VanZant shared her musical talents with us and President Jennifer Braaton gave us new challenges. The stirring message was brought by Rev. Myrtle Hatcher on being modern day Good Samaritans. The play "Wedding Belles" was delightful and entertaining, followed by a luncheon buffet. Quite a bargain for $12.00. Our next meeting will be September 14 with the program by Marion Higgins and hosted by Gloria Burnett and Dot Harper. We expect opportunities to provide meals for work teams at Henry Fork and/or Habitat for Humanity during the summer so I may be calling on some of our church/UMW members to help me.

Youth News
(Stephanie Brabson, Children and Youth Education/Program Coordinator)

Heavenly Manna
We collected 26 pounds of canned food this month for Heavenly Manna. In July, we will be collecting green beans and corn.

Hello everyone and happy summer! By the time you read this we will be on our way to Georgia. I know that we are going to have a great time. Let me see, 15 teenagers, 4 adults, 9-hour drive, hard work for Christ and the beach. I will let you be the judge. Once we get home, there is only 4 days until we leave for Kings Fest. Shorter drive, but more teenagers. 18 teenagers and 4 adults, but boy do we have a blast! I wanted to thank everyone again for helping fund the mission trip. Without your help, we would not have been able to go. I appreciate your generosity more than you know. There were several youth who would not have been able to go on this trip if it had not been for the support of the congregation. Summer is already flying by and before long we will be starting our youth meetings again. In the meantime, please continue to come to Sunday School and our bi-monthly Bible study. Enjoy the rest of your summer! In Christ, Stephanie

Music Notes
(Lynn Meeks, Director of Music Ministries)

Coree Weaver and Chris Riddle will be having their wedding ceremony here at RMUMC on July 4 at 5:00 p.m. Karla Weaver-Pagans extends an open invitation to the church to attend the ceremony, if they wish. 3

July is another planning month for our music ministry. I will be previewing and ordering music for fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with all the choirs in mind. July means Vacation Bible School. The music looks great! We are going to have a super time. There will be more

details in the Sunday worship bulletins. Mark your calendars now!! After making beautiful music for worship in June, the Praise Choir and Handbells are taking a break until September. See you then! Chancel Choir members remember to check the calendar for Wednesday nights that we will rehearse. Have a safe and restful month. Love and Peace, Lynn

July 22 July 23 July 23 July 23 July 27 July 28 July 29

Katelyn Lorens Alexis Dillon Edward Peterson Bonnie Wray Charne' Delport Anna Cooper Cameron Blankenship

Up Close and Personal

Happy Anniversary to: July 2 Deroy and Anna Campbell July 6 Tracey and Gracan Montpetit July 22 Matt and Lindsay Sherrard July 23 Josh and Christina Gibson July 24 Alan and Leah Broholm July 24 Ed and Kelly Peterson

Prayer Concerns:
All those affected by the events taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan; Christine Maxey; Owen Lewis; Andy Anderson; Tim Anderson; Sandra Pugh; Wes Astin; Elaine Astin; Louise Woody; Ricky Furrow; Nedra Jamison; Elizabeth Herring; Betty Shepard; Paula Ratliff; Lester Banks; Mildred Dillon; Laine Clements; Walter L. Jones; James H. Morris; Luther Scott; Sandra Coburn; Natalie White; Sharon Quinn; and Kay Henderson.

Happy Birthday to: July 1 Louise Moore July 4 Jim Robertson July 8 Arnold Dillon July 8 Irene Myers July 8 Samantha Robertson July 9 Leighton Naff July 9 Bill Torrence July 9 Carter Watts July 9 Allen Woody, III July 11 Thelma Cundiff July 11 Julie Watts July 12 Mary Hall July 13 Al Angle July 13 Luke Damron July 13 Sarah Funk July 13 Jerry Leonard July 15 Eleanor Easter July 15 Steve Lewis July 16 James Cooper July 17 Ford Cundiff July 17 Whitney Kent July 21 Perry Hambrick 4

Zelma Cundiff; Thelma Cundiff; Nancy Hamlin; Nancy Cooper; Ruth Rakes; and Jo Price.

Jesse Moore and family in the death of his stepfather Family of Angie Winget who passed away

Church Finances:
Budget 2009– 273,160 Needed per week – 5,253.08 Received to date – 114,666 Needed to date – 126,073.92 Difference – (11,407.92)

Attendance for May 2009: Average Sunday School Attendance: 40 Average Worship Attendance: 128

Declaration of interdependence
Let it be declared, announced and hereby celebrated … • That all people everywhere are dependent upon one another. • That everyone needs everyone else for freedom, life, love and happiness. • That all things in the natural order are dependent upon everything else. • That our little planet and all the planets and stars in the solar systems are in a state of mutual dependence upon one another. • That this universally shared dependence comes from God and is of God. • And that each individual part of this relationship has its own part to play — its own destiny to fulfill in God’s plan.


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