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									Achievement Operation Reachout Cadet/Junior Programme
Syllabus 1
C/J Section 1 Section 2 Section 3

 Jesus cares – John 9: 1-7  Memory verse – 1 John 4:7

 GB is an international organisation  Countries in the fellowship  Ghana  Games

 World map showing GB fellowships  Africa map (Kit)  Seeds - p3  Play soccer  Sing Jesus loves me (p14)

 Aim to collect a large jar of 5 cent pieces (ask your church to help!) and donate half to Bible Society Ghana project and half to Operation Reachout project.  Copy of Bible Society project –Seeds per girl  International Photo album


C/J Section 1 Section 2 Section 3


Jesus cares – John 6: 1-14  Memory verse – 1 John 4:7  Jesus cares – Luke 8:22-25

     

Life in Ghana Girls‟ Brigade in Africa Songs


C/J Section 1 Section 2 Section 3

Animals of Africa Games Food of Africa

     


C/J Section 1 Section 2 Section 3


Jesus cares – Gospel presentation  Memory Verse Matt 1:21

   

Festivals of Ghana Songs Games Craft

Seeds - p4-6 Info (Kit) & Photos Sing Jesus loves me (p14) African string game (Kit) Game – Leopard Trap (Kit) Seeds -p11, Pictures of African animals  Long Necked Giraffe (Kit)  Play Menya Kwan Mansen  Make sweet potato cookies - Seeds p16  Seeds p13  Bead bracelet  Talk about chocolate and make chocolate truffles  Song “I thank God for everything” (Kit)


Chocolate truffles could be used for Church morning tea for a donation to the fundraiser

Week 1 Devotions
  Tell the story of the healing of the Blind Man -John 9 : 1-7 Memory Verse – 1 John 4:7 Everything Jesus did showed people the way to God, Jesus was like a light. At Girls‟ Brigade our Leaders show us the way to God and we too can be like lights showing our friends and families about God by telling them what we do at Girls‟ Brigade.

 There are ladies all around the world who are telling girls in Girls‟ Brigade about Jesus and over the next four weeks we are going to find out about Girls‟ Brigade in Africa.  One of the songs that they sing is „Jesus Loves Me‟ but they sing it in their language. Let‟s try and sing it together.  Close devotions in prayer

Girls‟ Brigade in Africa
 Show map of the world divided into the five fellowships, help the girls to find Australia and Africa.  Complete the map of Africa showing which countries have Girls‟ Brigade.  We are going to look at the country of Ghana and see what it would be like to live there. Look at p3 Seeds magazine  Children in Ghana love to play soccer - Play Soccer (use the correct ball, set up some impromptu goals and have fun!)  Over the next four weeks as we learn about Ghana let‟s help the people that live there by seeing if we can fill this jar with five cent pieces. We can then send them the money we raise and also send some to other Girls‟ Brigade girls that need our help because they don‟t have as much as we do.

Week 2 Ghana
 Girls in Ghana do some things like us and other things are very different. Read p4-6 from Seeds, ask the girls to list things that are the same as them and things that are different. When they go to church I expect they sing some of the songs we do. Let‟s try singing „Jesus loves me‟ again.

 God cares about people all over the world, it doesn‟t matter if they are rich or poor, tall or short, black or white, everyone is special to God. When Jesus was on earth He showed He cared about people by helping them. Our Bible story tonight is John 6: 1-14.  Review memory verse and pray for Africa.

   Play „Leopard Trap‟

Girls‟ Brigade in Africa
Look at photo‟s and read information (Kit). Learn African string games (Kit)


Week 3 Devotions
 Are you ever afraid? Jesus‟ special friends, the disciples were one night. We find the story in Luke 6: 22-25.  Talk about how they can ask for help when they are afraid. Pray for the girls.

Life in Africa
  Talk about animals that live in Africa (p11 Seeds, books or video)

Make Sweet Potato Cookies (recipe in Seeds), while the biscuits are cooking make a „Long legged Giraffe‟ (Kit)  Play Menya Kwan Mansen (p12 Seeds)

Week 4 Devotions
 What‟s a name? p7 Seeds. Jesus was given a very special name – read Matthew 1:21. Give a brief summary of the gospel message explaining why Jesus came at Christmas and then died, because He cares for us. Pray thanking God for His gift of Jesus.

Life in Africa
 Christmas will soon be here. What other festivals do we have? In Ghana they have some other festivals p13 Seeds. Include the bracelet activity.  Look at p17 Seeds and make Chocolate truffles for morning tea at Church.  Play Pilolo (p12 Seeds)

Notes  When raising money encourage the girls to be involved, perhaps by doing extra jobs around the home, the amount is not important it is the fact that each girl is helping others.  Have a copy of Seeds for each girl but keep it at Brigade until Operation Reachout has finished then give them each a copy to keep. Encourage them to complete any puzzles not done in company.  The work done by the Cadets for Operation Reachout can not be counted for their Star, however the following activities are in addition to the syllabus and could be counted because of the special circumstances this year!  Jesus and the Blind Man (Bible stories about people)  Jesus feeds the five thousand (Bible stories about Children)  1 John 4:7 (Memory verse)  Matt 1:21 could be learnt over the next few weeks (Memory verse)  Learn songs – include other songs you have learnt during the year (Educational 15)

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