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Trading Tips

There are some good, creative trading techniques that you can adopt easily in your daily business practices that will drive new cash customers, increase customer loyalty and convert Trade Dollars to cash. Value Adds / Gift with Purchase
Everyone likes to get something for free and savvy marketers know this. Used as promotional tools and incentives to buy, value added benefit gifts with purchase are often offered by companies looking to boost sales, heighten brand awareness and attract new customers. I encourage Bartercard members to use Trade Dollars to purchase value added benefits from other members to offer to their customers.

The type of items vary depending on the price point of the product you are adding value to. From meals or accommodation through to promotional items, there are a whole array of appropriate products and services available through the Bartercard membership.

There are many opportunities to advertise using Trade Dollars including the more traditional method of magazine and radio. Often the greatest cash expense in marketing is in the design and production of printed materials. Advertising production, graphic design, email based marketing, and printing for direct mail can all be easily sourced through the Bartercard membership. Using Trade Dollars to pay for these services ensures that you have more cash to spend on media placement and attract even more new business.

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Expand a Product Line
By purchasing stock from another Bartercard member at wholesale or trade prices and reselling them as additional lines in your business you can turn Trade Dollars into cash profits.

Many Bartercard clients find it cost effective to buy products at normal retail prices with Trade Dollars because of the low cost of their Trade Dollar. Essentially the Trade Dollars they earn on the sale of their products or services creates enough profit to buy products on Trade, sell them for cash, pay Bartercards cash transaction fees, replenish their own stock and still make a cash profit.

Clear Excess Stock
Most businesses will at one time or another find themselves with slow moving or excess stock. Often these are the result of a promotion or contra deal that has been conducted with businesses that are not Bartercard members.

There are many ways in which this stock can be sold through the Bartercard community including online trading. By selling the stock through the Trade Exchange a member can then use the Trade Dollars generated by the sale on other areas of the business such as those already mentioned, thus increasing cash-flow.

Cash Conversion
Converting Trade Dollars to cash is relatively straightforward, and can be achieved on small and larger scales.

Cash conversion is achieved by a Bartercard member buying products or services with Trade Dollars and then on selling them for cash. An example of a small cash conversion is if a member went to dinner with a group of family and friends at a restaurant. The member pays for the dinner with Trade Dollars and is reimbursed by the other diners with cash.

Buying stock on Trade and reselling for cash to customers is another example of cash conversion, e.g. a hotel buys wine on Trade and sells to their patrons for cash, or using a Bartercard member to provide dental or medical services, paying with Trade Dollars and then claiming the reimbursement in cash from a health insurer.

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