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Our values

Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 advertising campaign

ZILLI clothing is produced through the work of passionate men and women who perpetuate their knowledge and transmit their exceptional know-how. True maestros, they take excellence to exceptional levels of performance. They are passionate about their trades, passionate about the products and materials, and they make each garment unique and exceptional.

Creation Perfection
Thanks to its fiercely defended independence and freedom, Maison ZILLI has never simply followed fashion. Rather, we have invented our own style, in which creation knows no limit. Our designers understand the men they clothe. And our clients love our brand because it is unique, extraordinary and it respects the traditions of menswear. The ultimate in fine craftsmanship for a luxury brand. The employees of Maison ZILLI are highly qualified and have irreplaceable know-how, and they work with the most rare and precious materials and skins to craft unique pieces, applying the very same high level of standards as the people who wear them.

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ZILLI’S lines of business
ZILLI’s garments are made of leather from the four corners of the earth, rigorously selected for their remarkable quality. The noblest leathers, such as ostrich, crocodile, peccary and python, constitute the heart of the fashion house’s inspiration. When ZILLI garments are not made of leather, they are crafted in linen, Dolce silk or cashmere. Each season, new fabrics are added, such as chinchilla cashmere. The originality of the garments can also be found in their linings. Whether they are printed or embroidered, ZILLI linings are the product of constantly renewed creation, thereby contributing to the uniqueness of ZILLI garments.


p. 5 & p. 6: Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 advertising campaign

Created with the talent of the best craftsmen, the leather goods, belts and baggage are made of the very finest leathers. ZILLI accessories are made entirely by hand and are held to the utmost standards of quality. The exceptional full-skin, “all alligator” briefcase is an exclusive ZILLI product. Made entirely by hand by a single craftsman, the briefcase is adorned with a clasp available in five models and three types of gold. Another exclusive feature of the fashion house: crocodile belts made with a single skin, with no seams.

The knitwear collection embodies all the traits that make ZILLI collections unique. Infinitely customisable, ZILLI knitwear features crocodile, python and glazed lambskin inlays. An acclaimed expert, ZILLI enriches its knitwear collection each season with new fabrics created from unusual combinations of materials. For instance, silk is blended with bamboo to achieve an absolute sheen. Another exclusive fabric of the fashion house is the combination of cashmere and chinchilla, used for the first time in the knitwear collection in 2008.

Classic elegance associated with the exclusive combinations of the very finest fabrics, made exclusively for ZILLI by Italian and English weavers, make ZILLI suits exceptional. Another detail symbolising the fashion house’s level of excellence is that the suits are silk-lined with the ZILLI monogram, and genuine mother-of-pearl buttons add the perfect finishing touch. Driven by the desire to constantly innovate and reinvent the rules that govern men’s fashion, ZILLI was one of the first houses to introduce colour and patterns in the fabrics and to work with new materials, such as bamboo fibre.

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ZILLI’S lines of business
The two annual necktie collections each offer between 70 and 80 new designs in about 10 different colours. Made entirely by hand, the classic tie requires one hour to produce. However, it takes 90 minutes to make the “7-fold” tie in accordance with a patented folding process. The finishing, which exemplifies ZILLI’s excellence, is identical to all the other ties. The back, featuring the famous ingot, reveals an original folding pattern beneath inlays of interwoven silk, echoing the model’s motif.

As in the fashion house’s other collections, the possibilities are infinite: the client can choose from amongst six models and over 80 exclusive fabrics, such as Egyptian cotton or Sea Island. The range of shirts also offers 13 different models of cuffs and over 30 models of collars, in two categories: sports collars and classic collars. All the models offered by Maison ZILLI can be entirely tailor made.

The range of ZILLI shoes goes from sneakers to ankle boots and from derbies to moccasins. The models, made using traditional shoemaker methods, are available in an impressively wide range of materials and colours. Most ZILLI shoes are crafted in the very finest leathers such as crocodile, python, patent calf or peccary. The expertise of the fashion house’s craftsmen enables us to offer certain models combining several different kinds of leather, such as the moccasin in calf suede and ostrich leg, or ankle boots in crocodile and patent calf. From pure classic to ultra luxury, the style of ZILLI shoes is always unique.

Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 advertising campaign

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ZILLI’S lines of business
Each pair of sunglasses in the collection is fashioned and polished by hand, in keeping with exclusive French know-how. ZILLI frames are made of cellulose acetate, a natural, hypoallergenic material made of cotton flakes. The association of these exclusive frames with Carl ZEISS polarised anti-reflective lenses reveals ZILLI’s high standards of quality. The thin stems of certain models feature the “Gold” ingot, the emblem of the fashion house, while the wider stems of other models are adorned with a Gold ZILLI inlay.


Genuine pieces of fine jewellery, ZILLI cufflinks are designed in exceptional materials. The gemstones are precious and rare and are combined with white, yellow or rose 18-carat gold. For the creation and production of these jewels, Maison ZILLI has associated with the best workshops, acclaimed for their know-how and mastery of thousand-yearold techniques. ZILLI cufflinks are customisable as well: precious gems, mother of pearl, gold: a wide array of possibilities to create a unique model.

The international development of the brand and its reputation has encouraged the fashion house to design and create a full collection of fur garments for women. Since the Autumn/Winter 2007-2008 season, ZILLI has been using exceptional furs such as Russian sable and black velvet chinchilla to dress women, playing audaciously with unusual combinations of materials. Leather goods and accessories are also available for women, in leathers traditionally used by the fashion house and in a vast selection of colours. The Domitille bag, a prime feature of the women’s collection, has been a huge hit since its creation.

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Distribution networks adapted to the development strategy
For nearly 40 years, ZILLI has been developing its international expansion in the five major global markets, thanks to distribution networks adapted to its strategic ambitions.
Genuine showcases of the fashion house, ZILLI boutiques can be found in the world’s principal capitals and major cities, where international personalities and affluent VIPs live. Each of these boutiques meets the same criteria of interior design, luxury and ambiance that reflect the ZILLI spirit and make the fashion house so special. Multibrand retailers offer ZILLI the opportunity to increase its international presence, especially in the CIS countries, its main market, but they also enable the brand to explore new markets by setting up shop in different geographic areas. ZILLI has also managed to capitalize on the emergence of the tourism industry and the expansion of air travel by making travel retail an additional focus of development. This distribution network, which is especially well adapted to the lifestyle and buying habits of the fashion house’s cosmopolitan customer base, offers the brand heightened visibility.


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