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C o stu m e S t a nd ard s – Dr. S cott
The following is the same for all performers. Standards are listed in three levels of preference. Level 1, “Probationary”, is for beginners, prospective cast members still on probation, or possibly Switch Nights. This is not acceptable costuming, but it will get you onstage a coupla times to get practice performing so that we can tell how good a job you’re doing. If you find yourself saying “It’s all I could find”, “At least it’s better than nothing” or “I’m gonna get something better later” your costume piece may be a #1. Level 2, “Minimum”, is the minimum acceptable costume to be fully on cast. Level 3, “Fabulouuuus!” is the best we could ever expect to reasonably get; though it is possible to be more anal and perfect than this in some cases. It carries an expectation of fine craftsmanship and class in the piece. This is what we aim for, and what I truly want. Please don’t feel that your very first costume pieces *must* be level 1; the better you can get to start with, the less work and expense later on. Save yourself some trouble. Most costume pieces will actually be between levels 2 & 3. One or two minor pieces in the sucky Level 1 can be discussed with the Casting Director, and may turn out to be acceptable. These lines are being drawn so that you know what the cast’s standards are; once all your costume pieces are at least “minimum”, you’re meeting cast standards, though you have a lot of room for improvement.. If you aren’t sure, ask your Casting Director. Note that “Fabulouuuus!” will mean you will likely have to actually *look* at stills from the movie, and do extensive searching and/or spend some cash. But many fabulous pieces can be made or found reasonably. is a *great* resource for costume details as well as makeup tricks, but don’t treat it as gospel. They have a coupla things that may be mistakes. Still, this is “Anal Retentive Rocky”: you think we’re being picky, check this shit out! --Your cast leaders Hair: Probationary Whatever you have, unless Director says otherwise. Long hair pulled back. None. No mustache. Minimum Styled and/or sprayed with silver hair spray to look old and/or stuffy. Mustache that doesn’t look shitty. Stick on is OK. Drawn on isn’t. If you have one that looks shitty or falls off halfway through, ditch it. Fleshtoned base. Wrinkles drawn on; look online or ask Di to show you so they don’t look like lines, or dirt. If you can’t get it right, don’t do it. For the Fabulouuuus! You have a good wig if your hair isn’t just right. wrinkles look really good


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C o stu m e S t a nd ard s – Dr. S cott
Jacket You have one. Light to medium colored. Navy is OK. Red is not. It should be boring. Only top button is buttoned. If it doesn’t come with an inner pocket on right for the note, make one, even if it’s crap safety pinned in. You have one You have some, that don’t entirely suck love of the Gods. Grey, 3 buttons. It’s very screen acc, with subtle white striped design. Buttonhole in lower left lapel. 3 button cuffs with dark buttons.

Dress shirt Glasses

Light blue horizontally-elongated octagonal gold wire-rim glasses. Kinda like Dumbledore’s. ;) Can be handmade if you’re careful. Check Walgreens. See below. With metal bar tie clip. Pencils are point up, BTW or else stabbity stab. Round black cufflinks. These can be permanently attached fakes. Hey, you stole Scotty’s watch, you bastard! Tartan is Anderson Modern. ;) Rust-colored smooth leather men's slippers (leather sole). Maroon socks.


Geek Cred Cufflinks Watch Blanket

Dark colored, not bow tie. Take an extra trip or two to find maroon. Have a tie clip. none none none Cast has one, I believe. You can use this. You have some. With darkish socks. You must have these. Required. This *is* Rocky Horror! You have one.

Maroon tie with diagonal stripes. Painted on is fine. If you paint your tie, see below. Tie clip. Pens and pencils in pocket. None. On right wrist If you find a better blanket, go for it. Plaid, blue, red, yellow, black and white Some sort of brown slippers


Black undies Fishnet stockings** Black garter belt

Not too big a weave that They have a few sequins it stands out, not too small on them. that it’s invisible. With crinkly metallic red With six straps (add one

Transvestite Soup (

C o stu m e S t a nd ard s – Dr. S cott
straps. This ribbon is *easy* to find around Xmastime. Don’t pass it up! This is an easy great piece to get. You have them. If you have big feet, try online or look at Venus. Ask the other guys where they got theirs. We have one. Light brown teddy bear. Variations are OK if it’s for a gag, not OK for laziness. (George Bush doll in honor of July 4th, for ex.) Long ballpoint. Black even better. Paint or marker on plain white paper; crumpled. Kept in inner right hand pocket. in between regular straps)

Black high heeled pumps.


PROP: Wheelchair PROP: Bear

We have one. Some sort of stuffed animal.

PROP: Pen PROP: Note from Eddie

none A plain piece of paper, or something equally not quite right. You must have something halfway suitable. Newspaper or toilet paper is not OK.

You have one. But ours still takes up room, so please don’t bother. :) Bear has red bow around neck, black plastic nose, and black button eyes. Arms and legs are separately stuffed pieces. Like those bears that have moveable arms and legs. Yeah, do black and sleek. It goes in a functional pocket. You copied Eddie’s handwriting. ;)

*You could wear all this under your plaid blanket from your first entrance. Just take off jacket and pants, trade slippers for pumps. ** Costume tip from James: pantyhose-type footies worn under your fishnets, like the kind used to try on shoes, will prevent your feet from going through holes in the toes of the fishnets. Which is très owie. A shoe store might just give you a few pairs. Stripes are *backwards* from most ties. As you’re wearing it, from your upper left to lower right. You can sew this relatively easily, again, internet is your friend, esp. If you’re going for bare minimum, you might not want to go to all this trouble. Just get close. But here’s how the stripes go:  A gray stripe is visible on the top of the knot.  Just below knot: thin white, maroon, orange.

Transvestite Soup (

C o stu m e S t a nd ard s – Dr. S cott
 Just below collar tips: thin white, thin maroon, wide gray stripe.  Mid-chest: white, maroon, red/orange, maroon, thin orange, thin maroon, wide gray. Rectangular metallic tie clip below the wide gray stripe that extends halfway across the tie.  Above the navel: white, maroon, orange/red. (courtesy Anal Retentive Rocky at You might as well look at the movie and do it right. Painting is *entirely* OK, even for high-level costume, if it’s done carefully. Tape for the edges might be your friend. This document may be used by Transvestite Soup until the end of time, and may be passed along to other casts at their request. For either use, credit must be given to Diana McCleery, with the acknowledgement that much fact-checking, and anything directly quoted, was done at Anal Retentive Rocky at (at the time of writing. kthnx

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