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Front Royal Moose Lodge 829 Newsletter - October 2008


									Front Royal Moose Lodge 829 Newsletter - October 2008
Governor’s Message
Dear Members, Well the summer is finally over and we had our final blast of heat at the annual lodge picnic. Speaking of the picnic, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I don’t think members realize how much work and money goes into an event like this. The thank you list is as long as the membership roster but I will try and if I miss someone I’m sorry. First is Karen and Debbie our kitchen entrepreneurs who spend many weeks of planning, ordering, not to mention the many hours of cooking to ensure that everyone is fed. And then our own SHENANDOAH SHORES fire fighters John Steven and his soon to be wife Michele Walker, owners of FAT BROTHERS CATERING provided the delicious pig at no charge to the lodge. This was truly an act of kindness above and beyond on their part. If you see John and Michele in the club say thank you. Charlie Miller did his always behind the scenes job of keeping trash cans empty and providing help where needed. Jessie and Fran did their usual good job of providing activities for the children. It seems to get better every year. What can I say about the WOTM this year. They were a tremendous help all day from early morning to closing. They were all over the place, the kitchen, the pavilion, just helping out where ever needed. Dixie even kissed the pig with me. This is a tradition usually reserved for the Governor but this is a first for the Senior Regent, so keep it going ladies. Debbie remarked to me how much she appreciated the help from the women this year. Thanks ladies from all of us. Jim Wilson and the boy scouts did their yearly good job of getting the pavilion ready, setting up the tables, cleaning the horseshoe pits and trimming the grass around the area. Jeff Smith had the grounds looking like a golf course as usual. And, we need to thank Robert Settle for keeping the beer cans empty so we didn’t have to bring full cans back down to the club. Overall, it was a great picnic except for the heat and my heartfelt thanks to all of you mentioned above. I know I probably missed someone but you know who you are and most likely the members know too. I will be out of action on injured reserve for a few weeks in the near future and the lodge will be in the very capable hands of your junior governor Ken Cooley. Ken is on top of everything and I know he will do a great job. Remember to continue to sign members. We are doing a good job so far but we still need a bunch more. I would like to see us at 80/90 percent of quota when I get back. ` FYI, the total cost of the picnic was $5,918.59 according to your administrator. To me this shows how much the board of officers care for you the members and are willing to go all out so that you have a great time to remember all year. Fraternally Yours, Jim McDonnell, Governor

Women of the Moose News
OCTOBER - AN EXCITING MONTH October 4 - District 5, VMA Youth Awareness Congress - open to 9th,10th, 11th and 12th grades, giving them a chance to win a $!2,000 scholarship. Kay Morrison, Youth Awareness Coordinator for the state of Virginia will conduct this important session beginning at 8:30 am. Four outstanding students from Virginia will be selected to attend the International Congress in Hampton, VA in May 2009, and each will receive a $1,000 scholarship from the Virginia Moose Association. Please note Due to SAT Tests at Warren County and Skyline High Schools, there will be a second congress on November 22. Need more information contact Ken Cooley or me. October 13 -Christmas in October Chapter Night - we will have a monetary walk to provide gifts, photo Christmas cards, and decorations for the resident halls at this meeting with refreshments to follow. If you are unable to attend this meeting and wish to contribute to this fund, please see Laura Shearer or Norma Capps in the social quarters on Friday night. When we talk about meetings, Baby Collegian, Teresa Rucker and Red Tassel Collegian Norma Capps, were honored to have visiting Collegians from South Norfolk, Timberville and Waynesboro along with our coworkers present at their special event. However, the star of the event, was one small girl namely Emily Alexander, who sang the national anthem. The pride on Teresa and Norma ‘s face couldn’t hold a candle to Grandma Fran’s as Emily performed. October 25 - Kids Halloween Party - 1:00 -3:00 pm - This is always a special time for our children under 12 years of age. We have games, fun and treats for all little spacemen, ghosts, witches, princesses, and clowns. Chairman “Fran” Payne team, promise' another great event. s MARK YOUR CALENDAR October 4- Student Congress - 8:30 am Registration October 5 Cook-Out for MooseRiders, Picnic shelter - Want to help, see “Fran” or me (Dixie) October 6 Audit Meeting October 13 Christmas in October October 25 Kids Halloween Party - 1:00-3:00 pm October 27 Business Meeting Co-workers come out and join us at 7:30 pm Looking Ahead - November 21 - Bake Sale in Social Quarters -we need you to bake a goodie. Please see me if you would like to donate a baked good. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY To all our gals and guys with birthdays or anniversaries in October CELEBRATE at the lodge with your family and friends, and remember your kids are welcome until 10:00 pm. SPEAKING OF KIDS we have a lovely playroom for kids - it is up to us as parents, to keep it that way. Please remember to take time to “pick-up and put away” before going home. Thanks!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Decorating Chairman, Jessica Alexander, Co-worker of the month.

roving plaque home. You all are wonderful! To all our volunteers for making our annual picnic a great day. Special thanks to every one who brought a dish or dessert. We had one complaint, Governor Jim forgot to “turn the heat down”. Sponsors for your continued support by inviting your friends and neighbors to join our chapter. make us number one again! That’s how its done, no matter what I or anyone else does, its YOU, the SPONSOR who gets the honors for us to be NUMBER ONE. A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU from a bunch of “older more mature” Collegians to Ben Auterback and Bert White for having the room set-up for College Day. To quote their exact words, “Bert and Ben, have our undying love and gratitude.” Fraternally yours, Dixie McClary, Senior Regent

THANKS To all of you, especially our MooseRiders who attended the meeting in Woodstock, making it possible for both, the lodge and chapter to bring the District Five

Administrator’s Message
Hope everyone had a great time at the picnic. As usual there were lots of things for the kids and I have heard wonderful things about the staff, the WOTM and all our volunteers who helped. Thanks to everyone for making it so enjoyable. A big thank you to John Stephen and Michele Walker of “Fat Brothers Catering” for donating the great barbecue. Our next big event is October 4th when we will host a Youth Awareness Congress for students in grades 9-12. If you would like to find out more just ask our Youth Awareness Chairman Ken Cooley or Senior Regent Dixie McClary about all the details. It’s a great chance for the students to earn a chance at some pretty nice scholarship money. All students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to attend. It starts at 8:30am. Don’t forget about the kids Halloween party set for October 25th 1-3pm here in the lodge hall. Fran and Jessie always do a great job making the kids happy. We will be having the adults costume contest that night in the Social Quarters with cash prizes going out to the 1st -3rd place winners. Have a great month. Fraternally yours, Ben Auterback, Administrator

Bulletin Board
Parents please do not let your children play in the parking lot. It is very dangerous, especially after dark and please observe them when they are in the lodge. o Support Mooseheart Schools. Mooseheart elementary and middle schools need our help. The WOTM chapter is supporting Mooseheart schools by saving BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION coupons from hundreds of General Mills’ products and Campbell Soups. Chapter members and wives of lodge members are asked to help with this project. You may turn the coupons in to any chapter officer or place them in the WOTM collection box in the social quarters to the attention of Krystal Wines. o From the Membership Chairman. Members, I need your help to make this year successful for our lodge. Our quota for this year is 134. We are off to a great start but we cannot slow down now. Tell your friends, co-workers and neighbors about our wonderful fraternity and the great benefits of membership. If we could get just one new member from all our current members, we would be in great shape. Please help me as much as you can. Bob Settle, Membership Chairman o Picnic Pictures. A few pictures taken at the recent annual picnic have been placed on the lodge website. To view, go to and click on Pictures. Anyone having any pictures they would like posted, please forward them to Newsletters via E-mail and On the Web. Many thanks to all members who have asked to be placed on the newsletter E-mail list. Some members just stated they would view the newsletter on the lodge website and did not require an E-mail copy. The list is slowly growing and thank you again. Please notify us at if you change your E-mail address. o Aluminum Cans. Boy Scout Troop 829 recycles aluminum cans. The scouts save cans and crush them each week. If you have any aluminum cans, you can place them in the dumpster area at the rear of the lodge. The scouts pick them up several times a week. o New Lodge URL. The lodge website has a new address. The address has been changed to

Front Royal Moose Lodge 829, Board of Officers 2008-2009
Governor Junior Governor Prelate Treasurer Junior Past Governor First Year Trustee Second Year Trustee Third Year Trustee Sergeant at Arms Administrator Jim McDonnell Ken Cooley Robert Settle Dean Hershberg Bert White Jim Bollman Tommy Lawson Carl Hannigan Ray Fultz Jr. Ben Auterback

Women of the Moose-Front Royal Chapter 1194 Officers 2008-2009
Senior Regent Junior Regent Chaplain Junior Graduate Regent Secretary/Treasurer Recorder Dixie McClary Fran Payne Donna Hershberg Virginia Cooley Cynthia Putnam Norma Capps

Social Quarters Hours of Operation
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday Sunday Evening Meals (Thursday thru Saturday) 11:00 A. M. - 10:00 P. M. 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P. M. 11:00 A. M. - 1:00 A. M. Noon - 8:00 P. M. 5:00 P. M. to 8:00 P. M.

Boy Scout Troop 829 News
During September the troop commenced the Personal Management Merit Badge. This badge is a requirement for the Eagle Scout rank and is held over a thirteen (13) week period. The badge covers such topics as family finances, budgets, spending/savings plans, expenses, checking/savings accounts, loans, ATM’s, financial careers, debit cards, credit cards and other related topics. The troop held one service project for the lodge in September. This was to prepare the picnic area for the annual lodge picnic. The area was cleaned up, tables arranged and the horseshoe pits dug out and filled with new sand. A canopy was erected for the entertainment. During October the troop will be working on the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge and will attend the Fall Camporee at the VFW in Front Royal. Preparation for the camporee has begun as there will be many competitions between the various troops attending. Yours in Scouting, Jim Wilson, Scoutmaster Troop 829

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