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END OF YEAR PREPARATION - OCTOBER: Payroll & Personnel must meet early in the month to coordinate the following processes . . . Personnel begins Auto Fringe Process – for receipt the first Friday of the month. Review and update Company Vehicle Mileage request for year end Auto Fringe Payroll [S:\FORMOFF\PRVECML]. Allow two weeks for Department Heads to process. Print rough draft Auto Fringe report [X,M,4,P,P] and delete terminated employees from prior tax year by zeroing Auto Fringe amount in "M" screen. Scan for employees with single digit roundtrip mileage. As each year’s rate changes, so must their W-2 amount. Then reprint a final copy for each Dept. Head. Print Drivers License Status report [X,M,2,By Depts. (no need to print any Indirect or Sales)] Dept. Heads will review and verify distance of assigned drivers commuting from home to their respective Yards. This report reflects all employees assigned commute vehicles in any part of the year. Mid-year additions and termination amounts are adjusted upon the change in employment status event. Personnel begins Year-end C&D ID Card Review – for receipt the first Friday of the month. Update and print Year-end C&D ID Card Review [S:\FORMOFF\PRYEIDCD] memo. Allow two weeks for Operations Managers/Department Heads to process. Print both Employee Photo Identification Procedure and form from C&D Website’s University – Company Forms section. Print Company ID Card List [X,M,11] for each Department (Area specific "EC"), to Ops. Mngrs. (Dept. heads when necessary). Attach the procedure, form and instruction memo as a package. Managers will review the list of their employees needing cards for the first time or cards due to expire. They then have the documents necessary to coordinate a photo session and provide Corporate with the materials necessary for ID card creation. Personnel begins W-2 Process – for receipt the second Friday of the month. Review and update Year-end Employee Info. Verification memo [S:\FORMOFF\PRYEEVRF] to serve as cover sheet to Employee Full Record Lists for W-2's. By Yard, select Ops. Mngrs. (over AMs) and include Tree Care Dist. Mngrs. (consider LI & WM covered by the Ops. Mngrs.). Allow eight weeks for Operations Managers/Department Heads to process. Print Employee Full Record Lists for each Yard [X,P,1,L,Y,Y,N,N,Mailcode,D,Blank,Blank,Y,N] to verify employee information (SS#, address, number of dependants, etc.). Required by Federal law, it is used for generating W-2s, Bonus checks, etc. Dept. Heads will designate interviewers to verify the personal information. Print Personal Physician Designation Form for annual review as required by State law [S:\FORMOFF\PHYSICIANDESIGNATIONFORM]. Attach memo after lists.

Personnel begins Bonus Process – for receipt the third Friday of the month. Review and update Bonus Worksheet memo for distribution to Dept. Heads. [S:\FORMOFF\PRBNGFT]. Allow six weeks for Department Heads to process. Print Job Positions Share Range Table in Bonus Program from C&D Website’s Company Procedures section. Make sure new positions are registered there and in the Bonus Levels Management Database. Print Bonus Worksheet [X,P,5,K,Y, 1. Alt_U,U (Updates # of shares to default highest available from Levels Mgmnt. file) 2. Alt_U,C,Y,0 (Calculates prior years Bonus $’s to 0, accept “51% . . .YTD hours”) 3. Alt_U,1,N (Resets Co. Goal to No) 4. Alt_U,2,N (Resets single Mail Code to No - either do this for each Mail Code or manually enter “N” in the “D” Column – manual entry for most yards works best; run program for largest yards.) 5. Alt_P,Beginning date of Bonus Year (will provide Dennis Formula of “51%” YTD hrs. worked)]. One report will print. Separate by Department of responsibility. Combine as package and distribute to assigned Officers/Dept. Heads for updates and confirmation of assigned Bonus Levels and Shares. Retain the separate Dept. Heads pages to add to returned worksheets. Payroll's Standard Time Stuffer – for receipt the Friday preceding the time change. Update and print Standard Time paycheck memo [S:\FORMOFF\PRSTNDTM].

END OF YEAR PREPARATION - NOVEMBER: Expect Company Accountant to email Auto Fringe & Payroll Tax updates. Ask about final week’s Payroll Tax “guesstimate” and W-2 procedure. Payroll's Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule – generate the Monday prior to the Holiday week. Notify email recipients of Payroll's requirements for the Thanksgiving Holiday week. Adjust prior year's email or copy Thanksgiving Week Annual Reminder [S:\FORMOFF\PRTHKGV]. Schedule individually with Yards that can deliver their work the prior Friday afternoon. Payroll's W.S.F. Process – generate the Thanksgiving Holiday week. With Payroll run Thanksgiving week, pay out Winter Savings Fund [X,P,4,P,same P/R Date,Y]. These separate checks must be created after all PREX payroll postings are added to SBT. Once created, it instructs to go to PREX to Convert (without Deductions) and Add. Confirm in SBT, Calculate taxes and Backup files. Immediately, return to the WSF menu and Zero Totals [X,P,4,Z,Y,Y,N,N,Y,Y]. This allows the deductions already in the current payroll to be updated (once checks are printed) to a newly emptied Deduction file for next year’s WSF. Print the Winter Savings memo [S:\FORMOFF\PRWSF] to accompany WSF checks.

END OF YEAR PREPARATION - DECEMBER: BONUS? If yes, confirm all Personnel updates have been made no later than the second week of December & see Corporate Office Manager for final totals by the third week of December. Holiday Luncheon Schedule – Dept. Heads/Ops. Mgrs. will notify Payroll and Customer Service of the schedule for luncheons and the payroll week schedule for crews and managers. Personnel receives Bonus Worksheets – by first Tuesday of December Payroll completes Bonus Process – run Bonus Payroll the week prior to the Holiday week (make arrangements to have Payroll Pouches hand delivered). Payroll's Christmas & New Year Holiday Schedule – generate the Monday prior to the Holiday week. Notify all email recipients of year-end holiday schedule showing next year's paperwork/paycheck due dates for weeks interrupted by a Company Holiday. Update prior year's email & attachment: Upcoming Year's Holiday Weeks [S:\FORMOFF\PRYEDTES]. Remind Web Developer to update Website’s Holiday Payroll Schedule and upcoming year’s W-4.

PAYROLL END OF YEAR PROCEDURES - initiate these procedures after all regular payrolls of year have been printed (will be adding accrual payout to existing batch). This allows for all final accrual updates to occur and replaces the regular Month & Quarter End procedures (in the PR Week document).

PT00 RUN P.T.O./SICK/VAC. REMAINING ACCRUED PAYOUT PAYROLL [__] PT01 Print Accrual Report for personnel having hours remaining at year end [X,M,15,V,Y] [__] PT02 Review and adjust for negative numbers and any large anomalies. [__] PT03 Run EOY Accrual Payout Payroll [X,P,10,Y,Y, Current PR Monday date, Y, Go to PREX, (DO NOT TOTAL)Convert (Exclude Deducts), Add to SBT] (Program won't overwrite with weekly Salary extensions to limit payment) [__] PT04 Calculate, Backup and Print Posting Register to compare with Accrual Report [__] PT05 Print Checks and add to last Payroll of the year [__] PT06 Balance and create transfer files for 401K and Direct Deposit [__] PT07 Create Check Register Detail [__] PT08 Release and Archive [__] PT09 Do not calculate P/R Taxes, see Auto Fringe

FS00 INITIAL END OF MONTH PROCEDURE [__] FS01 Print Accrual Report [X,P,10,M,C] [__] FS02 Run Accountant's Check Register [X,P,6,P,D,Current, disk only] [__] FS03 Print W.S.F. Employer Liability [X,P,4,L,Y,Y] Original to C&D [__] FS04 Print Labor Distribution Report [X,P,23,Y,Y,P then D] Original to C&D [__] FS05 Print Work Comp Report [X,P,3,O,Y] Fax to Accountant, Original to C&D

OH00 "S" CORP 2% OFFICER HEALTH INSURANCE PAYROLL (RUN AS A SEPARATE BATCH – Use last Sunday to Sunday date – PER ACCOUNTANT) [__] OH01 Set 2% Officer Personnel Files to Tax Exempt Status [F,1,EE#,E,"Exempt Y/N" -Yx11] [__] OH02 Post both an Other Taxable, [(TR) H-U-71300-0-$ (Amount provided by Accountant)] and a Misc. Deduction using their Health Deduct GL [(#4), 71300-0] to net to zero. Describe the deduct as "2% OFCR HLTH PY". Delete existing deductions. [__] OH03 Calculate, Backup & Print Posting Register [X,P,9,P,A] Fax to Accountant & CALL ACCOUNTANT BEFORE PROCEEDING [__] OH04 Print Health Insurance Payroll to "Text File" (Reset Check # to 0001) [D,3,Y,L,D,P/R Sunday Date,N,0001,Y,Text,N] [__] OH05 Return to Officer's Personnel Files and reset their Tax Exempt Status [F,1,EE#,E,"Exempt Y/N"-Nx11] [__] OH06 Print Types Report & Release Register, Create Check Register Detail (Rename to CR…OH.pdf)& email file to Accountant, Release and Archive AF00 AUTO FRINGE PROCEDURE (RUN AS A SEPARATE BATCH – Use last Sunday to Sunday date – PER ACCOUNTANT) [__] AF01 Confirm input round trip mileage for commuting employees [X,M,4,B] [__] AF02 Input Auto Fringe dollar amount if Officer(s) still driving company vehicles (confirm with accountant) [X,M,4,B] [__] AF03 Print Auto Fringe Report to verify employee's mileage & fax to Accountant [X,M,4,P] [__] AF04 Deactivate Supplemental Withholding, SWT & FWT Taxes [X,M,4,D,Y,Y] [__] AF05 Go to SBT EE Files & confirm Supplemental Withholdings are zeroed and taxes altered , (IE: Check Ron Sharek’s for verification)

[__] AF06 Create Auto Fringe Payroll [X,M,4,C,Y,Sunday (it calculates a 1 day P/R)] [__] AF07 Go to PREX & Convert Auto Fringe Payroll to SBT format (Exclude Deductions) [__] AF08 Add Auto Fringe to SBT Payroll Posting File [__] AF09 Go to SBT, confirm an entry, Sysflag & Reindex [__] AF10 Calculate & Backup (for month) Auto Fringe Payroll [__] AF11 Print Auto Fringe Checks to "Text File" (Reset Check # to 0001) ) [D,3,Y,L,D,PR Sunday Date,N,0001,Y,Text,N] [__] AF12 Print Types Report and Release Register for Auto Fringe Payroll & fax to Accountant [__] AF13 Create Check Register Detail (Rename to CR…AF.pdf) & email file to Accountant [__] AF14 Release BUT delete Auto Fringe Batch from the PRGLTR01 file [X,P,24,Remove,Select Batch #,F12] [__] AF15 Archive Auto Fringe payroll to quarterly posting file [__] AF16 Restore Supplemental Withholdings, SWT & FWT Taxes [X,M,4,R]


Print 1st, Historical, More & Deducts Screens for: Bahena, Casillas, Harter, 2Jones’, Lawrence, McKay, Moore, Sharek, Sheehy) POST TAXES - Were P/R Taxes forecasted? (Proceed according to Accountant’s direction) – (See PT09*) Otherwise - Post Taxes to Tax Deposit File, transmit taxes & give deposit reports to AP

FS00 END OF MONTH PROCEDURE, continued (DATE RANGE MUST NOW INCLUDE AUTO FRINGE PAYROLL) [__] FS06 Print EOM Payroll Register [X,P,13,Date Range,R,Y] [__] FS07 Print P/R Tax Expense Report [X,P,17,P,Y,Y] Original to C&D [__] FS08 Print Disk Text Files [X,P,7,Print Screen] to Accountant’s File

[__] FS09 Update to General Ledger: 1. Sum month's $'s for GL#10050 from weekly P/R Batch Releases (without Auto Fringe) 2. Sysflag SBT Accounting Files (Everyone must exit the system) 3. In Payroll, Reindex & Backup (Monthly) [U,1,Y,N] & [X,P,30,Y,Y,M] 4. In General Ledger, Confirm “Period” is current in upper left corner of screen A. Reindex G.L.[U,1,Choose Defaults] B. Print Pre-Closure Report [X,13,P,Y,Select closing Month & Year,N,Y] – balance #1’s sum with “Closure Amount”, highlight amounts & attach adding tape C. Update from Linked Programs [4,N,N,Y] D. Print Post-Closure Report [X,13,C,Y,Select closing Month & Year,Y] – balance amount in “GL Post-Close [PTDB]” with sum & highlight [__] FS10 In Payroll, Reindex & Backup (Monthly) [U,1,Y,N] & [X,P,30,Y,Y,M] [__] FS11 View Batches Ready for GL to confirm temp. file is empty [X,P,24,V]

FS00 END OF QUARTER PROCEDURE **MAKE SURE Kris Giomi/Khrysti Jones/George Saunders ARE AVAILABLE** [__] FS12 Print DE6 Quarterly Wage Report [X,P,17,D,C,Y,1st P/R Ending Date, Last Calendar Ending Date], call Accountant to run remotely. Wait for OK before copying files to SSBT & Work Station [__] FS13 Print Employee Tax Summary [A,6,Y,Y,Q] [__] FS14 Print State Quarterly Wages & Taxes [A,7,P,CA,N] [__] FS15 Print Tax Deposit Report [A,C,P,10/nn,Y] [__] FS16 Sysflag and Reindex Payroll Files [KJ/GS/KG] FS17 Set up 401k Eligibility File, to show closing year’s newly eligible employees who’s ELG DATE (January or July) is missing [X,4,Alt_F,G,Y,07/01/nn (catches both Jan. & Jul. eligibles for the year)] Add ELG DATES still needed for annual census [__] FS18 If Profit Sharing distribution will occur, update the PEN field with “Y” while posting the appropriate ELG DATE (this, IS their Employee File field for the Pension Plan Box on W-2's) [__] FS19 If NO Profit Sharing distribution will occur, print 401k Participation List for Active employees (now that all the necessary ELG DATES are updated) for posterity [X,4,Alt_P,P,Y,Active...] [__] FS20 Backup Payroll Files [X,P,30,Y] [__] FS21 Transfer the Auto Fringe Amount from GTW to the Employee File’s benefits field for W-2's [X,M,4,T] NEVER do this unless all month & quarter end reports are printed. [__] FS22 Copy Payroll Files (PR*.*) to Local Workstation Hard Disk (Pre-Closure)

[KG] FS23 Create Subdirectory O:\SSBT\PRnn (PR96) [KG] LD01 Copy the Local Drive's Employee File (Pre-Closure) to: O:\SSBT\PRnn (PR96). This .DBF is used to contain both the Employee and Payroll Posting files for the complete year [KG] FS24 Copy the PRQPST01 and PRHPST01 to the O:\SSBT\PRnn directory [KG] FS25 Strip prior year’s 4th Quarter data from PRHPST01 file [KG] FS26 From PRHPST01, append PRQPST01 records to the history file [Use PRHPST01 (Append from PRQPST01)] [KG] FS27 Update PRSUPER.PRG menu to include the new year (O:\SSBT\PR\PRSUPER.PRG) [AJ/KG] FS28 Create PREMPL01.* zip file from the File Server for Accountant prior to closure. Confirm with Accountant before proceeding [X,M,4,Z,P] Files will zip to: O:\SBT\ACNTANT\PROPEN.ZIP [__] FS29 Close Year in Payroll (First 3 Qtrs. are closed, now Close Year) [Y,N(will allow to correct the system date to the last Payroll end date)12/nn/nn,Y,Y,DESTRUCT,Y] THIS WILL ACTUALLY KEEP THE PRIOR YEAR'S 4TH QTR. IN THE NEW YEAR'S PRHPST01 [__] FS30 Sysflag and Reindex Payroll Files including Historical Files [AJ/KG] FS31 Create PREMPL01.* zip file from the File Server for Accountant post closure. Confirm with Accountant before proceeding: [X,M,4,Z,A] Files will zip to: O:\SBT\ACNTANT\PRCLOSE.ZIP [__] FS32 Print Federal Form 941 [A,D,Accept Default Tax Amounts,Quarter Beginning Month,B] fax to Accountant [__] FS33 Print Disk Text Files [X,P,7,Print Screen] to Accountant’s File

PT00 P.T.O./SICK/VAC. REMAINING ACCRUED PAYOUT PAYROLL [AB] PT04 Allot 16 Hrs. to P.T.O.& SICK Accrued fields for eligible employees [X,P,10,A], If there are any part-time Admin. Employees, be sure to delete their PTO (they are not eligible), as well as Salaried Managers who have not yet worked 3 months

WS00 WINTER SAVINGS UPDATE [AB] WS01 Zero WSF PTD & YTD totals if updating after the first payroll run for new year [X,P,4,Z] [AB] WS02 Year End Balance Forward [X,P,4,B,Y] Update from Historical SSBT area on File Server "O:\SSBT\PR_ _\" (should be prompt provided) [AB] WS03 Print WSF YTD Totals Report to confirm transfer [X,P,4,T]

UT00 UPDATE TAX FILES FOR NEW YEAR [__] UT01 If necessary, load State Tax program [PRCATX.PRG] from Accountant on File Server ?\SBT\PRG\ (Discussed with accountant when AF figure & Payroll Tax Memo received) [__] UT02 Update SBT Tax File (FWT - Use Internet Circular E for Federal Tax "Table 7 - Annual") See Accountant's email for: FICA, ERFICA, ERFUTA, SDICA (Reference previous year’s Print Screens) [F,2,Tax Type,S,U,S,C,1-6 changes,Q] [__] UT03 Get SUTACA from December EDD DE2088 by combining the Company's UI Contribution Rate with ETT Rate [__] UT04 Print screens of Federal & State Tax updates and keep with Fed/CA withholding tables and other tax documents for posterity behind Accountant’s file [__] UT05 Email Accountant that Tax Files have been updated. If not already loaded, remind Accountant the SWT may still need to be updated. (State Withholding Tax may be handled by PRCATX.PRG) [__] UT06 Print and fax Tax File Deduction rates [X,P,17,F] and wait for Accountant's O.K. prior to running 1st payroll of new year [__] UT07 Update limit for 401K deferral - amount provided by Jordan & Andrews email (If not received, see Benefits Administrator)

W200 PRINT W2s FROM FILE SERVER COMPANY ACCOUNTANT WILL RUN AND SHIP ALL COPIES OF W-2'S CALL TO COORDINATE DELIVERY DATE [__] W201 Update rate and Print Auto Fringe Benefit Memo [S:\FORMOFF\PRAFBMEM] To be added to Auto Fringe Benefit recipient’s W-2 envelopes [GS] W202 Company accountant may provide program via AOL to print W2s [GS] W203 Print all versions on blank (8½ x 11) paper [GS] W204 Print W2s - Department - Last Name Order for Employees [GS] W205 Print W2s - Last Name Order for Company

PS00 PROFIT SHARING/401K YEAR END MATCH [__] PS01 Contact Accountant to confirm true amount available for 401k Year End Match [__] PS02 Create EOY Match [X,4,U,Y,Y,Co. Match(.750000),Y,Select Prior Year,Y,Y] [__] PS03 Print Screen the EXPMSAVE file in O:\SBT\PR401K through Explorer

[__] PS04 Transfer the EOY Match via ING's Web Site [INGRETIREMENTPLANS.COM/SPONSOR, Sponsor Access, KJones13, Keikosan1, Processing Center, Contribution Submission, Internet File Transfer, Start, Payroll Data Map, Browse O:\SBT\PR401K\PHD691.FIX, Upload File, Submit, Print, Exit, (X)]

BS00 EMPLOYEE BENEFIT STATEMENTS perform mid-year to allow for PS data [__] BS01 Update prior year's Profit Sharing contributions received from third party administrator (about June/July) [X,P,5,S,Select Year, manually delete prior year's entries] [__] BS02 Print Employee Benefit Statement [X,M,10,Prior Yr.,725,...] on white paper for President's file, match totals to W2s [__] BS03 Print Employee Benefit Statements and Vacation/Bonus Pay Detail on parchment paper, in department/last name order, add explanative detail (found on Dennis' computer only) and Vacation Accrual Schedule [__] BS04 Print individual statement labels, merge in Word and apply to envelopes batched for yard distribution by Ops Managers [__] BS05 Include Employee Department Lists to Ops Managers for each yard after printing the distribution instructions (EmplBeneStmntIns.Doc) at the bottom of each

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