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									                                              AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES
        October 9, 2003                        Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees

GAME 2                                                     himself. I haven't got a reason for it other than the
                                                           fact that probably the finish line is down here and
Pre-Game Interview With:                                   he's just drinking it all in.
                                                                  Saturday at Fenway, Championship
                                                           Series, I'm not going to tell him it's not a big deal
               JOE TORRE                                   because it certainly is.

          Q. Are you surprised that Nelson has not                  Q. You've been through every kind of
quite gotten on track yet in the post-season, and          permutation of a post-season series, ahead,
would you consider using Contreras in the                  behind, but what is the feeling of having the
seventh or eighth in that role?                            potential to go down two at home?
       JOE TORRE: There's no question I would                     JOE TORRE: You don't like it. For sure
consider using Contreras. I think I would consider         you don't like it as I've told people in the past, it's a
using either one of them. I probably would rather          must-game tonight but if we lose I'll find a reason
stay with Nellie exclusively with right-handers if I       why it wasn't a must-game.
had a choice.            Last night he pitched to a               You play one game a night. I know that's
left-hander so it's not cut in stone.                      old stuff, but you certainly, if you start looking
       But Contreras, I certainly would use him in         ahead and worrying about it, all of a sudden you're
the same situation. I think when it presents itself,       getting out of yourself and we need to concentrate
we'll know which one we're going to go to. Yeah,           on what we need to do today. Hopefully we can
Nellie has been a little in and out. He struck out         score some runs and take the pressure off our
Nomar last night, but he's been inconsistent, but          starting pitcher. For the most part in the last series
his stuff is still quality.                                and this one we haven't been able to take the
                                                           pressure off our starters because we have not
         Q. With the match-up problems that your           been able to put a lot of numbers on the board. If
lefties might cause with Boston, do you give any           we are down two games going into Saturday with
thought to tinkering with your rotation, maybe             Pedro we certainly don't like it, but again we are
starting Pettitte in one and Wells in three?               going to show up and work hard and hopefully
        JOE TORRE:          Again, as far as I'm           have a good result.
concerned, I like the way we pitched through the
last round. And 1 to 4, you can line them up any                       Q. For the fan, can you just talk about
which way you want. We just decided to stay with           Pedro and Clemens, in Fenway, ALCS?
it that way. Plus the fact that if Moose pitched                    JOE TORRE: Yeah, it's happened before.
tonight that, would have been one more day of rest         I remember in '99, when it was staged as a tale of
he really didn't need to have.                             the tape, the two heavyweights, and I suspect that
                                                           it will be the same type of preparation.
         Q. You've talked in the past about having                  It's not much better than that. These two
to watch Roger's getting a little too worked up            guys, Roger has been the best through most of his
before a big game, is that something that you have         career, and Pedro is the best. I know he didn't win
to pay special attention to on Saturday with               as many games as other pitchers, but he certainly
everything else and adding on to that it's going to        is as consistent as any pitcher that you'd watched
be his last game forever at Fenway?                        in recent years.
       JOE TORRE: I gave up trying to do that
anymore. I thought his last regular season day at                  Q. Following up on your other point about
Fenway was very memorable, the way the fans                the offense and not being able to put pressure on
responded to him walking off the field. I thought it       the pitcher did you give any consideration to
was great.                                                 changing your lineup?
       But it will be a different type of crowd, I think          JOE TORRE:      No, I didn't. Yesterday, I
on Saturday, for sure. Roger for some reason the           can't count yesterday, and the game before
last handful of starts, maybe more than that, he's         yesterday, we scored a bunch of runs. So I can't
been a lot better as far as emotionally. He's been         overreact to Tim Wakefield, and that's no slam at
ready to pitch. He seems very comfortable with             him. He knows what I mean, because he's a

                        …when all is said, we’re done
                                                                      J[1]. Torre 10.09.03 Pre-Game
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knuckleball pitcher and I hate to overreact to not       getting him a game and seeing if we can catch
being able to hit a knuckleball. I don't care which      lightning at the bottom.
way you line them up.
       So we'll see what happens tonight. If I think              Q. You've faced Wakefield four times this
I want to change it, we'll do that for Saturday.         year in the regular season, three of the games
                                                         following, the Yankees scored three runs or less.
         Q. With Giambi, people have talked about               JOE TORRE: Why did you tell me that? I
him hurting. In your judgment how much has it            didn't know that. (Laughter.)
affected him and when would it get to a point
where you think it would be damaging to --                        Q. Is it a problem facing a pitcher after a
affecting him greatly, I should say?                     knuckleball pitcher; does it throw your timing off or
        JOE TORRE:         Damaging, I don't think       anything?
physically he can hurt himself. It's a knee thing               JOE TORRE: It depends on how good the
that he's had to deal with long before he came to        pitcher is the next day. I don't think the knuckleball
us.                                                      had anything to do with that. You welcome -- like
        But he's going to play every game. I don't       last night when Tim got out of the game, of course
know if I can say anything more clearer than that.       he walked two guys and then we hit some balls
You know, hopefully he catches on fire for us.           hard and that was the first time we had done that.
He's certainly capable and we always expect it of        Jorge did that and Nick the centerfielder.
him every time he gets in the batter's box. We                  I don't think there's anything that a
know he has struggled over the last month or so,         knuckleball does to you or a knuckleballer does to
but it doesn't keep me from expecting big things,        you that keeps you from hitting the next day. If we
and I have every confidence that we are going to         don't hit today, it's more Lowe's fault than
get it.                                                  yesterday.

         Q. Obviously Boston has a dangerous                      Q. With tomorrow's off-day, would you use
offense. Can you just look ahead one more time;          Rivera for a few innings tonight and does that
are they even more difficult to pitch against with all   bother you having to use him for two innings?
of those lefties going the opposite way in Fenway               JOE TORRE:          You don't like it but I
Park against the wall?                                   certainly wouldn't hesitate to do it, especially with
       JOE TORRE: Everywhere. They are very              the off-day. And even if there was no off-day,
tough because again, they don't strike out. They         tomorrow, needing to win this game in our mind, if
grind out the at-bats. We saw this the first time we     we got in that position, where the eighth inning
played them and they certainly have not let up. If       came and we had a narrow lead, I wouldn't
anything, they have gone beyond that, especially         hesitate to do that.
Ortiz who is really giving us fits this year.
       They are very difficult to pitch to because                Q. Is there a level of tension on the
they have no soft spot. You don't give your pitcher      Yankee manager now that has not been around
any time off when he goes through that lineup.           for the last couple of years? It just seems that
You know, it's something, that we can beat them,         you're darker than you've been.
we have beat them, and the way we do that, the                  JOE TORRE: I don't know. I don't feel it.
way we've had the most success at doing that, is         Yesterday I did. I waited three days for this game
being able to control the game and the only way          and I was jumpy yesterday. But today, I feel very
we can do that is with our pitcher, our starting         relaxed.
pitcher.                                                        You know, the manager, he does what he
                                                         thinks he has to do, and then you leave it to the
         Q. Can you just go through -- is it             players and you trust the players. You don't have
lowball/lowball match-up?                                to throw every pitch for them or take every swing
       JOE TORRE:       I wish I could give you a        with them.
slam dunk on that. I don't think Juan has had an                I don't feel any added tension other than the
at-bat against Derek and Karim is 1-for-5 this year      competition. From anywhere else, I certainly don't
with a home run. Derek has maybe given up some           feel any more pressure than I have in the past.
more home runs to left-handers than he has to                   FastScripts by ASAP Sports ...
right-handers. Right now it's splitting hairs. There
is not a whole lot of difference. There is just

                       …when all is said, we’re done
                                                                   J[1]. Torre 10.09.03 Pre-Game
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