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He’s Skinny & Ugly, But A Chick Magnet: Yeah, It’s Attraction Marketing
By Vaurn James Dated: Nov 15, 2009

People affectionately remember him as “Poindexter”, “Waldo” and sometimes as “Mick Jagger”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vaurn James’s Newsletter November 15, 2009 Publisher: Vaurn James ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He’s Skinny & Ugly, But A Chick Magnet: Yeah, It’s Attraction Marketing Do you remember in high school the NERD, the guy who couldn’t get a date even if he paid a girl to go with him to the prom? He was smart, disciplined, well mannered, respectful of others and honest, but when it came to connecting with women he couldn’t save his life because he lacked that self-confidence. People affectionately remember him as “Poindexter”, “Waldo” and sometimes as “Mick Jagger”. Now, fast forward 20-years later and the same NERD is a multi-millionaire celebrity, who has nothing, but HOT women on his arm and in his bed. Yeah, he’s still skinny and ugly, but in the immortal words of Scarface (Tony Montana) “Make Way for The Bad Guy” (figuratively speaking of course). Yes, he’s made it big, but how did he do it and how does he continue to attract women, money, power and fans, who will follow him? Again, Scarface said it so eloquently,” In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the woman”. In truth, the secret to Poindexter’s success is Attraction Marketing. Now, Attraction Marketing is the process of connecting with your Target Market by providing them content/information that has VALUE as indicated by addressing their needs and/or providing a solution to their problem. In essence, Attraction Marketing is about connecting with your prospects by Relationship Building and Problem Solving based upon their needs and not your own. Now, do you recognize how the NERD has achieved success despite, his disadvantages? People always gravitate or attracted to those who they perceive as Strong and bring Value to an environment, because they benefit by associating with them. Hence, the ugliest due can connect with the most attractive female because he bring “VALUE” to the relationship. Clearly, to become effective with Attraction Marketing you must do the following things: ·Increase your VALUE ·You must become the leader others are looking for ·Eliminate your negative mindset/self-limiting beliefs ·Develop relationships based upon the needs of your consumers ·Develop a Millionaire Mindset (success driven thought process) So, are you ready to focus your thoughts on Success as compared to Poverty? If yes, then, I invite you to

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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