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									EVA’S ESTHETICS Product List Tu’eL Skin Care
Vitamin Line – Dry Skin Vitamin Cleansing Oil Vitamin Cleaning Milk Herbalizer Vitamin Cream Vitamin Essential Oil Hydrating Mask Vitamin Travel Pack 4oz 4oz 4oz 2oz ½ oz 4oz 16oz 16oz 16oz 4oz 1 oz 16oz

Azulene Line – Combination / Oily Skin Azulene Cleansing Oil 4oz Azulene Cleansing Milk 4oz Azulene Cleansing Gel 4oz Herbalizer 4oz Azulene Essential Oil ½ oz Azulene Balancing Mask 4oz Azulene Travel Pack combo/oily Purifying Line –Acne: Purifying Cleansing Oil Purifying Cleaning Gel Herbalizer Purifying Essential Oil Purifying Clay Mask Purifying Travel Pack

16oz 16oz 16oz 16oz 1 oz 16oz

4oz 4oz 4oz ½ oz 4oz

16oz 16oz 16oz 1 oz 16oz

Chamomile Line – Dry/Reactive Skin Chamomile Cleansing Oil 4oz Chamomile Cleaning Milk 4oz Herbalizer 4oz Chamomile Cream 2oz Chamomile Essential Oil ½ oz Chamomile Travel Pack

16oz 16oz 16oz 4oz 1 oz

Regenerative Line – Mature Herbalizer 4oz Regeneration Cream 2oz Regenerative Mask 4oz Regeneration Essential Oil ½ oz Glorious Gold Eye & Lip 1 oz Platinum Line Hy-Drate Crystal C Absorb Glyco-A Gel Glyco-A Infusion Eye + Lotion Clear-It Peeling Cream Platinum Soothing Mask Hamamelis Tonic Disincrustation Solution Enzyme Peel Lipo-Gen 2000 Terra Vital

16oz 4oz 16oz 1 oz 4oz

2oz 1oz 1oz 2oz 2oz 2oz 4oz 4oz


2oz 13oz

8oz 4oz 4oz 4oz 16oz 4oz 4oz 16oz 16oz 16oz 16oz 16oz 4oz 5.9lb

Sun Products Sans-Sun Oil Free Sans-Sun Essential Protection Waterproof Oil Free Essential Protection

3oz 3oz 3oz 3oz

Skin Care Sets These are individual kits perfect to sell to your client or to check out the line for yourself. They contain Cleansing Milk or Gel, Cleansing Oil and Herbalizer, Hy-Drate and proper sun protection. Tester Kit A kit that allows you to purchase the line in a very streamlined manner to work on any skin type while learning the basics of the “Eva's Esthetics” concept of skin care. Ultimate Skin Care Package
This is the complete starter package that sets you up with all of your retail products, that comes with a free back bar and education. The Best!

Berins Wax Pricelist
Berins Wax Ease Blue Tin Blue Bag Jet Set Tin Jet Set Bag Blue Can O’Beads Blue Bag O’Beads Refill Jet Set Can O’Beads Jet Set Bag O’Beads Wax Supplies Non-Woven Strips Large Spatula Small Spatula Disposable Spatulas Pre-Depilatory Oil Post Wax Essential Oil Wax Collars Wax Off Lavender Antiseptic Lotion Needle Nose Tweezers Slanted Tweezers Disposable G-Strings Table Paper Platinum Soothing Mask Platinum Soothing Mask Clear-It Breakout Lotion Clear-It Breakout Lotion Body Polish Kit Spilo Single Warmer DVD’s Speed Wax 30 minutes Whole Ball of Wax Wax Set-Up Includes: 2 Spilo Single Warmers with lids, 4 Ease Tins, 3 Blue Pellets, and 1 each of the following: Wax Tin, 250 pack Non-Woven Strips, 2 Large Plastic Spatulas, disposable spatulas, Pre-Depilatory Jasmine Oil, Lavender Lotion, 100 Wax Collars, Wax Off, Post Wax Essential Oil, Clear-It Lotion, Platinum Soothing Mask and your choice of educational material: 450 gm 450 gm 500 gm 450 gm 500 gm 10 lbs 10 lbs 10 lbs 10 lbs

250 count each each 100 count 500ml 1 ounce 100 count 16 ounce 500ml each each 12 Pack 1 roll 4 ounce 16 ounce 2 ounce 4 ounce kit

Starter Kit Includes: One tin each of Berins Ease and Berins Blue, Disposable Spatulas, large plastic spatula, 100 Non-Woven Strips, 500ml Pre-Depilatory Oil, 500ml Lavender Antiseptic Lotion, Clear It Lotion, and Post Wax Essential Oil and your choice of education material.

Native Botanicals
A botanical spa line suitable for the individual esthetician or spa technician all the way to a complete destination spa. There are 3 different families or pre-blends: River is a stress-relieving formulation with Cypress, Wild Bulgarian, Lavender, Marjoram and Vetiver. Sun provides the perfect sanctuary for tired, stiff and aching muscles with Ginger, Coriander, Eucalyptus, Birch and Bay Leaf. Mountain with Grapefruit, Cypress, Wild Bulgarian, Lavender and Clary Sage is uplifting with citrus top-notes to reduce anxiety and lift the spirit. Each family contains the following: Botanical Bath and Shower Gel Bath and Massage Oil Botanical Body Lotion Pre-Blended Mineral Bath Salts Body Balm (60% Shea Butter) 8oz 8oz 8oz 22oz 6oz Gallon Gallon Gallon 11 lb. 1 lb.

Purchase one of each retail size of an entire family Also available: 4 wonderful Lip Balms in a ½ oz container Tangerine, Lime, Peppermint and Lavender Body Care by Eva's Esthetics Products that are geared towards detoxification and cellulite reduction. Reduction Cream Wrapping Cream 4oz 16oz


De-Tox Bath Gel Hydrating Body Tonic Relaxing Essential Oil Stimulating Body Mask Pumice Gloves Terra Vital Hydrating Mask

8oz 8oz 1oz 16oz pair 13oz 4oz

16oz 16oz

5.9 lb. 16oz

Bath & Body Kits Contains one each: 8oz De-Tox Bath Gel, Hydrating Body Tonic and Reduction Cream in a travel bag. Bath & Body Kit with pumice gloves Bath & Body Kit without gloves Showerless Spa DVD 60 minutes

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