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									Words for consideration Martin Scott
Jun 21, 2005

Today is the summer solstice, a time when many occultic agreements are made, a turning time in the nation. I am sending this email out trusting that it will be something of a resource at this time. I am aware that many prophetic words are given and it is not possible to read / weight them all. The first comes from a recent 24 hour prophetic roundtable. The word has been released as soon as possible and therefore I am aware that not all those present have had time to weigh it. We have been urged though to get it out at this time. I will leave it as sent out. The second is from Obii Pax-Harry for consideration again for this month. My understanding when dates of that nature are given it usually indicates a release from that time, rather than meaning in the month of June and only in the month of June. Word re: Three angels over the UK / London This is a word that came out of our meeting. Martin Scott, Sue Mitchell, Obii Pax-Harry and Wale Babatunde put their names to it. Please send it out to your connections if you agree with it, we must get it out to the Church. A number of people were called together to wait on the Lord in the light of 'several prophetic words about crisis coming to the land'. There had been a provocation as to where the UK prophets were in response to these words. It was in this context, as we met, that we discerned the appearance of three angels. The first was holding a sword ready for use but not in a totally threatening position; the second came with a surgical scalpel; the third came and sat down in order to record the agreements (that we would come to) so that corresponding angelic activity might take place to put into motion what had been agreed. It is a time for prophetic agreements to be made that will accelerate the church into a new day. This will mean greater disturbance but we cannot afford at this time to fall back into old comfort zones. Often with swords sunlight can be reflecting on them making them look even more threatening. This was not the case with this sword however, but with the scalpel. So the scalpel was being 'brandished' and appeared threatening, urgent and somewhat frightening. These three angels are here until the end of the year to work with the prophetic in the nation, but also have a very specific mandate with respect to London. The sword is over the nation / the capital; the scalpel is over the church in the land; and the 'recorder' is here to record the agreements. (A note: angels are fellow servants with us of the one Lord, and are to work with the body of Christ to hasten us toward the future day. Agreement on earth can release them to fulfil their assignment - hence the 'recording' of what was being agreed on.) The Lord is offering a season of great mercy and even protection to the nation, on the basis that the church will willingly submit in this season to the scalpel. If there is no submitting to the scalpel then the sword will come over London. If the church can awaken, submit to the deep incisions of the Lord then the capital can be kept safe for a season. During this season two things must happen. (But first a word about the length of the season. We discern that the Lord is both speaking of a six month and a three year season. There is a sixmonth season during which the church needs to make a response, and dependent on this response will determine if there is a three year season for the land to experience the mercy of

God. The three year period then is dependent on the shifts within the church over these next six months.) Two things then must happen: 1) the church has to prepare for what is to come to the city - London in particular and also cities it the land. The church has to understand that judgment can be either redemptive or fatal. Through intercession and positioning we can enable judgments to become redemptive. We cannot now afford to come into old agreements in order to avoid judgment, but rather must allow the deep incisions in the church to take place which must change our manner of prayer and expectation to a future shape rather than a past expectation. So the church must be chastened so that we are ready to allow for God to exercise a measure of judgment in the land. and 2) to pray for the conviction of God to come upon the city during this period of grace. We must pray for hearts to be softened, for pride to be subdued. On a wider front the strong encouragement is from the Lord for prophetic ministries, watchpersons and intercessors to come to agreements during these next six months. These agreements are not be based around calling for the avoidance of judgment, but for the church to come under the scalpel of the Lord, and of the nation being prepared to receive the judgment of the Lord redemptively. It is not too vital that we determine if we are a prophetic ministry, a watchperson or an intercessor, but it is vital that we participate at whatever level we can in calling for this shift in season. Any pause over the nation must be matched by an equal acceleration of time within the body. So let us willingly submit to the chastening of the Lord, and to know that in these next six months when the church is shaken yet again that this is an unfolding of the purposes of the Lord. In closing then it seemed to us that we were to make agreements along the following lines:     for the scalpel of the Lord to come deliberately and decisively to church, to cut away areas that have been festering through wrong alignments, false loyalties, and desires for current security and peace that will sacrifice our future. for the church to gain an understanding that the avoidance of judgment can prove to be a false and unproductive mercy - that judgment can indeed prove to be merciful. for the hearts of those in power and in positions of control in the nation to be softened, ready to receive any forthcoming judgment in a redemptive manner. for any future striking of the city / cities / nation in a physical or economic sense to be with minimal loss of life but maximum redemptive effect.

Vision of an ancient scroll (from Obii Pax-Harry) During June 2003 (17th & 18th) I saw a scroll appear over Birmingham (Wednesday 17 ). On the following day (Thursday 18th) I saw the same scroll but this time it stood over the nation. I use the word 'nation' loosely meaning England and more than likely Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the Islands. The scroll was quite old looking. We are in a season for understanding of the contents of the ancient scroll, “The entrance and unfolding of Your words give light; their unfolding gives understanding (discernment and comprehension) to the simple (Ps 119:130 AMP). I believe time has come for 'understanding' of that which has already been recorded concerning the church, land, people, government etc in Britain. During a prophetic gathering held recently, a senior prophet discerned the presence of three Angels each bearing specific assignments. The third Angel‟s assignment was to “record” agreements that were made between the prophets at

the gathering, and God. I believe this Angel was also recording the prophets‟ ability to lay down personal agendas, to assume national responsibilities regarding previous „agreements‟ (prophetic decrees) made by men such as John Wesley, awaiting interpretation and application. May 2005 was a month for surprises, and now June 2005 is a month for UNDERSTANDING. Are you willing to receive interpretation of what has been recorded concerning you…your destiny? This is a month to pray and receive the grace for understanding of prophecies previously spoken concerning you, old cycles in your life, generational bondages, curses, covenants and family line inheritance. Simply pray for this grace and believe God by faith for clarity over previously „misty‟ (unclear) issues in your life, community, and nation. Obii Pax-Harry

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