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									NEWS RELEASE ‘Know The Code’ Gets Shortlisted For National Award
Rachael Powell – Communication Officer 01803 841577 29 November 2009

„Know The Code‟ has been shortlisted for the Responsible Drinks Retailing Awards 2006 which is due to take place on Tuesday 21st November 2006 at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London. Know The Code, a campaign to promote safe and responsible drinking in Torbay, has been recognised as best practice by the Responsible Drinks Retailing Scheme (RDRS) for its outstanding work with the licensing trade and off licences. The awards are in their third year following a successful launch in 2004. They recognise those who are going out of their way to make sure alcohol is consumed in an appropriate and responsible way - thus reducing the anti-social impact it can have in communities. Senior industry personnel from the likes of Diageo, Britvic, Off Licence News and the Morning Advertiser, MPs and local authorities will all be attending the award ceremony in London; receiving coverage in the Morning Advertiser, Off Licence News and on Sky‟s Pub Channel. Representatives from Safer Communities Torbay and Torbay‟s Youth Offending Team will be travelling up to London in the hope they receive a prestigious RDR award. Kirsty Passmore, Community Safety Manager for Safer Communities Torbay said: “We are really pleased to be short listed and for the campaign to be recognised in this way. It is so important to recognise the significant role the licensing trade play in promoting responsible drinking and I would like to thank all of the Licensees and Off Licences in Torbay who have supported Know The Code”. Since Know The Code was launched in July 2005, Safer Communities Torbay and its partner agencies have been promoting the campaign to young people, parents, adults/role models and the licensing trade. Everything from carrier bags in Off Licences to posters and t-shirts in Torbay‟s pubs and clubs have been used to raise awareness of the campaign. Fred Pethard, Torbay‟s Youth Offending Service Manager added: “It was important to get the support of the licensing trade before rolling out the campaign; hence Safer Communities Torbay presented draft designs to the Licensing Vitulars Association in Torquay and Brixham. Having taken their comments into consideration throughout the campaign‟s inception, the licensing trade in Torbay took the campaign on board whole-heartedly. “Local licensees have supported the campaign in many ways such as supplying staff, equipment and nonalcoholic beverages all free of charge at events. They have also been extremely supportive by championing the campaign and further promoting know the code on screens, staff uniforms and handing out leaflets. We

Working with you for you

will continue to work with the licensing trade to identify other ways to promote safe and responsible drinking in Torbay”.

NOTES TO EDITORS: 1. To arrange interviews please contact Amy Leach in the Safer Communities Office on 01803 841440. For more information also visit our website: 2. Safer Communities Torbay is a partnership between Torbay Council, Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, Torbay Care Trust, Devon & Cornwall Probation Service, Devon Fire & Rescue Service, Torbay Voluntary Service and other local agencies. 3. RDRS is an initiative to educate and unify the on and off trade on responsible drinks retailing allied to the Government's Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy. 4. Safer Communities Torbay carried out a survey in January 2006 to ascertain the impact of the Know The Code campaign on people‟s attitude to alcohol. 67.8% of respondents thought the campaign was good/excellent and nearly a quarter said it had changed their attitude towards drinking.

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