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					The Treaty of Versailles, 1919
1. Area A on the map marks Alsace-Lorraine. Germany took this area from France in 1871. Should you … ? a) return it to France b) let Germany keep it 2. Area B on the map is the Rhineland. It is the place from which Germany can most easily attack France. Should you … ? a) let Germany keep it as before b) let Germany keep it but insist that she never puts any soldiers in this border area 3. Area C on the map is the Saarland. It is an important coal-mining part of Germany. Should you … ? a) let it be run by the League of Nations (a early type of United Nations) for fifteen years and allow France to have all its coal in those years b) give it to France forever 4. Area D on the map is part of Germany. Most people there are Germans but some are Poles. You want to make the new nation Poland, as strong as possible. Should you …? a) give this land to Poland and split Germany in two b) let Germany keep it 5. You guess that Germany and Austria may want to join to become one country. They share the same language and culture. Should you … ? a) forbid them to join as one nation b) allow them to join as one nation 6. Should you … ? a) allow Germany to keep a full army, navy and air force b) order Germany to cut down drastically on all her armed forces 7. Should you … ? a) let the League of Nations run Germany’s overseas colonies b) give Germany’s colonies to Britain and France 8. Should you … ? a) fine Germany a large sum of money to pay for the damage done in the war b) fine Germany a massive sum of money to pay for damage done in the war 9. Should you … ? a) leave any mention of guilt or blame for the war out of the treaty b) make Germany sign a War Guilt Clause accepting all blame for starting the war 10. Austria-Hungary has been united as one for many years. Should you … ? a) let them continue as one country b) force them to split into two countries 11. There are many national groups scattered around the old empire of AustriaHungary. Should you … ? a) create lots of small, new nations b) create one or two strong new nations, even if this means grouping different national groups together 12. The League of Nations is going to be set up to help nations solve problems by talking. Should you … ? a) let all nations join b) let all nations join except the ones who lost in the world war and Russia which has gone communist? 13. The League of Nations must be respected and have authority. Should you … ? a) let the League of Nations have an army made up of soldiers from all members b) let the League of Nations have no army at all

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