TO-TELL-OR-NOT-TO-TELL-… by sdaferv


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									TO TELL OR NOT TO TELL ….. ? Many years you spend ‘thrashed into silence’ through all the abuse, torture and violence So many times you wanted to yell … … to spill the pain, the fear, the hell Yet you dare not speak of your hidden existence due to pressure of adults, their power and persistence Every day you worry about what ‘telling’ will do and on when they may learn, how this they’ll view Relentless you battle between silence and telling you surrender to fear – of ‘higher powers’ yelling … … that you are wrong, unjustly accusing but you feel you are right – so very confusing So no matter the darkness in which you live you hand to people the power you ‘must’ give You dare not push buttons for fear of eruption Instead you give freedom for relentless corruption So you continue to endure all that they dish your need to tell becomes a flimsy wish Yours cuts and bruises continue to grown Your mind more tortured, but you must never show As a child you are naïve and take for word their reasoning for infliction, no matter how absurd You do not question, challenge how they act To do this is futile – you know this for fact As you grow you become more aware that how you’ve been treated is grossly unfair This is an understatement I have to say as such a high price you’ve had to pay Even though now you know – realize this to open up is still a hit or a miss Your body and mind still so violently shaken …. the drummed in fear you must never awaken For years to come you question this dilemma wondering if you ‘say’ you may be destroyed forever It still feels safer to stay underground in case a liar you are to be found



After much times passes with ‘new intrusion’ your mind is filled with more confusion People’s actions still reckless, continue to stab Re-enacting ‘mistreatment’ you once always had You want to fight back but still are wary for the repercussions remain deep, and still so scary Yet you know as an adult you must stand tall if from these actions you are again not to fall When the courage you feel is not really there do you stand up and speak … do you dare? Whatever has passed you must find the strength regardless of fear – you must go the length Nobody will hurt me anymore you say for this to happen the price they must pay Now that you’re grown you must find courage to tell despite many years of silenced hell So with much trepidation you dared to speak so wrongly accused you decide to break … … the injustice of treatment forced to bear from your silenced world, you must brave to tear Of those who know you, you felt would stand by your honesty, integrity, that you felt was sound That maybe finally, you would be believed … … that the troubled view of yourself may be relieved How stupid you were to rely on such … .. to feel confident on them to provide this crutch You thought you could trust that justice would be sought… … instead more pain upon you was brought So it goes to show that you can never trust what people decide upon you to thrust… … so never drop guard of what you really know because others have power to make that grow When you’ve tried your best and you still seem to fail maybe you should look back… make that trail… … were they right after all? – same as they feel now maybe time to surrender – take your bow



So the story ends in your initial fears… … that it is never really safe to let go your tears of the world so dark – people destructive.... … no point in hoping for anything constructive Stay buried, stay deep… its safer there stay hidden from people who are capable to tear… …the gusts from you already shattered…. … as it’s the opinion of others that have always mattered! Helen Kemp – Therapeutic Community - Aberdeen

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