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									To Move to edge of current data

Press CTRL + arrow key

between unlocked cells on protected sheet tab to beginning of row to beginning of sheet to bottom right of data to next worksheet Home Atrl + Home Ctrl + end Ctrl + Page down



F2 Edit Active Cell F3 Paste Name into formula f4 f5 f6 f7 f8 f9 repeat last action go to Move to next pane spelling extend a selection Calculate all sheets in

workbook f10 activate menu bar f11 Create a chart f12 save as
To Move downwards through selected columns Enter Upwards through selected columns Shift + enter to the right through selected rows Tab To the left through selected rows shift + tab Clockwise to next corner of selection Ctrl + period to right or left of non adjacent selections Press

shift+f2 shift+f3 formula shift+f4 next) shift+f6 shift+f8 shift+f9

edit a cell comment Paste function into Repeat last Find (find Move to previous pane Add to the selection Calculate worksheet

You can quickly accomplish tasks you perform frequently by using shortcut keys. For example, the pressing text CTRL+B the changes within

selected cell to bold, just as clicking the Bold button on the Formatting toolbar or selecting Bold from the Format, Cell, Font menu

Shift+f10 display shortcut menu shift+f11 Insert new worksheet shift+f12 save ALT + F1 Insert a chart sheet

To Complete a cell entry Cancel a cell entry Start a new line in the same cell

Press Enter esc ALT+ENTER

To Copy the selection Paste the selection Cut (Move) the selection

Press Ctrl + C Ctrl + V Ctrl + x delete ctrl + Ctrl + z Ctrl + 9 CTRL + shift + ( Ctrl + 0(zero) Ctrl + shift +)

To Display the format cells menu Apply general number format Apply currency format Apply percentage format apply date format Apply time format Apply number format

Press CTRL + 1 CTRL + shift + ~ CTRL + shift + $ ctrl + shift +% ctrl + # CTRL + shift + @ CTRL + shift + !

fill down Fill to the right Fill selected range with current entry


Clear contents of selection delete the selection undo last action Hide rows Unhide rows Hide Columns Unhide columns

(2 dec places & 1000 seperator)
Apply outline border Remove all borders Apply/remove bold Apply/Remove Italic Apply/Remove Underline Ctrl + shift + & Ctrl + shift + _ Ctrl + B Ctrl + I Ctrl + U

To Start a formula Insert Autosum formula Enter the date Enter the time Insert a hyperlink copy formula from above cell Display pick list

Press = Alt+= CTRL +semicolon CTRL + shift+ colon CTRL + K ctrl + ‘ Alt + down arrow select entire worksheet select a range: F8 in top left of range and select the bottom right cell To Display AutoFilter list for current column Alt + down arrow Close autoFilter list for current column Alt + up arrow Select next/previous item in AutoFilter list Arrow keys up or Down Arrow Press of range. Press f8 to turn selection lock off Extend selection by one cell To select current region around active cell CTRL + shift + * Shift + arrow Ctrl + shift + end Ctrl + A Extend selection to last cell in worksheet Press

To Print command Working in Print Preview: Move around page when zoomed in Move by one page

Press Ctrl + P

Page up or down

To top